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The Night Owl

So I know my posts have been lacking a bit lately. Unfortunately this one won't be that much better, BUT, I promise to do better soon.

Not a whole lot of gaming happened in the house tonight anyway.  The HGs had their halfway through the season party. When the feeds came back there was a lot of complaining about how much alcohol Janelle had and also about some kind of food fight.  Apparently Joe also head butted the cake.

Janelle went around and had the same circular conversations with Dan and Britney and Shane and Joe that she has already had several times a day since she got put on the block.  Frank didn't do a very good job of pretending he didn't feel safe. He acted relaxed all night and casually conversated with people. 

Ashley, Wil, Jenn, and Danielle all put makeup on their faces to make them look like cats and after a lot of candy eating a ton of silliness ensued but nothing having much to do with the game.  Dan did come into the Boom Boom room and pick Wil's brain for a while about life in general. I think part of Dan's strategy is to find out as much as he can about how each person works so he will know what kind of moves they are going to make. That's just a guess.

Meanwhile, in the BY Ian and Britney discussed a final 2 deal between themselves, so if Ian is serious about it I guess he really is all in on the team vet side now.

Danielle ran around wondering if she was fat and talking about her past abusers etc..  Apparently she heard some more stuff about things Janelle supposedly said about her.  Nothing out of the norm for her.

As it stands now before I turn in there is a game of badminton going on in the BY between Wil, Jenn, and Frank while Dan and Danielle are off whispering in the arcade room. Everyone is still planning to vote Janelle out except for Joe. I am hoping for some explosions tomorrow after the eviction. I am thinkin HOH will be some kind of quiz since the BY is still open right now.  My hope is that Wil, Jenn, or Ashley will win HOH, but I know there is not much hope in that. Happy eviction day all!

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