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The Night Owl

Nothing happened.  I mean somewhere in the world I'm sure paint dried, and bugs flew, and birds sang...babies were born..  but in the BB house, not so much.

Very early in the night after the nominations of Frank and Jenn, we got trivia again and they pulled names for the veto comp.  Everyone is playing except Shane who is hosting. The house guests and most of us watching jumped to the natural conclusion that there would likely be a night time veto since normally they pull the names Saturday morning or afternoon.  So they all decidd to do this:

Everyone slept for a LONG time and through most of BBAD.  Finally it turned out that they were just restocking the house with all the "Jessie approved" food from the Pandora's Box punishment.  Danielle says they told her in the DR that there was no night time comp and no fast forward this week.  Now of course I doubt her credibility...I mean all the HGs have been speculating about FF weeks for weeks now and they never tell them anything, BUT, it appears there actually is no comp.

Once they all woke up with about an hour left of BBAD,  they did nothing but sit and play with Ian's new blocks and complain about havnig to eat healthy food for the rest of the week.  Danielle literally whined about this for several hours.  BB finally gave them some alcohol but even that didn't help.  Outside of Joe consistantly talking about Danielle's breasts and telling her she may have to put on a different shirt since he is drinking...nothing was out of the ordinary or even remotely interesting.

There was about 2 seconds of game talk between Dan and Danielle where Dan told her that his dream final 3 would be the 2 of them vs Jenn, but then they broke up the convo and Dan stayed alone to think while Danielle ran to Shane and invented new guys at home that love her and that have strange diseases.

That's about it.  I'm calling it a night.  They are all still awake, but they are just eating and playing with blocks.  I can only do so much boredom and there are at least a few of these nights every season.  I will jump on and update if anything gets interesting. 

I am expecting there will probably be an early veto comp in the morning since they drew names the night before.  Everything this week really depends on veto since if one fo the 2 noms come down Joe will most likely go up, and Ian and everyone else for the most part are still completely unclear on who they are wanting to vote out.  Sometimes they want to keep Frank and sometimes Jenn and sometimes they are hoping Joe goes up so they can vote him out.  It's all very up in the air.  We shall see what veto brings.

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