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The Night Owl

Well, I was hoping today/tonight would be a lot more eventful than it was. Shane won a luxury prize when he won veto. It turned out to be a trip out of the house for the day.  It turned out to be a trip to go and meet/see a show by all the gymnastics olympic gold medal winners.  He was allowed to take someone with him and he chose Danielle.

Early on in the day when Danielle found out that she was going to be able to go with Shane both Dan and Jenn told her to work on Shane and try to convince him not to use the veto on himself.  While they were gone there really wasn't a lot of game talk at all.  Dan, Jenn, and Ian hung out in the backyard a lot.  They talked about poitics, 9/11, and music.  They got BB to say a few zingers about Jodi and Willie, and that was pretty much the extent of the day.

When Shane and Danielle returned, Danielle of course had to go and claim she was having anxiety and panic about being back in the house so that everyone would focus on her.  They did.  Once she and Dan were alone she told Dan that she had talked to Shane, but that he felt like he was in more danger than her and so he had to use the veto on himself.  After seeing Danielle's DR sessions last night on the show about not wanting Shane to go yet I would be willing to put money on the fact that she probably didn't talk to him about it at all.

At this point everyone seems resigned to the fact that Danielle is going up and Jenn is going home. No one is really fighting it or even saying much about it other than Danielle who is in a constant state of whining about going up on the block again even though she knows she is in no danger.

There was a pretty hefty booze delivery after Shane and Danielle returned, but no one got wasted andt he alcohol didn't really add any entertainment. After describing their day out for a few hours, Danielle diagnosed Shane's fingers as infected (they're not) and wrapped them in medical tape and then everyone went to bed. 

That's pretty much it folks.  Veto ceremony should be sometime this morning.  I don't know if we will get any fireworks off Jenn when Dan doesn't go up or not. I'm doubting it. I think she knows the deal at this point.  That's all I got. G'night.

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