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Danielle, Danielle, Danielle... The Night Owl

That's pretty much all you guys need to know about tonight "DANIELLE".  It's allllll about Danielle ALLLLL the time!

As you all probably know, the veto ceremony happened earlier today and Danielle was put on the block up against Jenn.  She knows she is completely safe, as does the rest of the house save for her block buddy Jenn who I am sure is smart enough to have it figured out by now. 

This however has not been enough to stop Danielle from creating a million new stories, diseases, and oher reasons to feel sorry for her while she is on the block.  If you all didn't know, Danielle now has cancer in her now admittedly fake boobs, but have no fear....the cancer is only growing on the implant so they said she could stop her radiation and play Big Brother.  After BB she will have to go back to chemo though to shrink it and then they will take out her implant and replace it with a cancer free one.  I'm not even going to bother to bang my head on the desk tonight ...she just isn't worth it.

Cancer also isn't enough for Danielle.  She is really really pissed off that Jenn is acting "happy" and talking to Dan when she SHOULD in Danielle's opinion be miserable on the block next to her.  Danielle went on and on to Shane and Dan both tonight about how much Jenn was bothering her by being happy go lucky and how no one could understand how horrible the day was for her (Danielle) and how it was just getting worse and worse knowing she is on the block...even though she is in no danger.

Every one of the so called Quack Pack has spent almost the entire night in Skid Row trying to comfort Danielle and cheer her up while Jenn plays cornhole in the backyard by herself and alternately sits at the hot tub.  She tried to be friendly, to hang out, to talk a little bit of game, to talk votes with people, but they were all pretty much unresponsive except for Dan who just nodded a lot and did the Dan thing where he doesn't tell you anything but listens to what you are saying.

Shane and Danielle did have a conversation about Dan and Ian while Dan and Ian were playing chess.  The conversation was basically just Shane reassuring Danielle that she was his final 2 and that they were taking each other to the end.  They also talked about not liking that Jenn was talking to Dan or that Dan and Ian talk and about how they might need to cut one of them soon (well duh..those are the only 2 left outside of you two after tomorrow).  Whatever...

I'm giving up on these people  tonight unless something extreme happens.  Not going to hold my breath.  Tomorrow night there will be no feeds and no blog as they will be taping the live show for Weds night.  I think we all know what is going to happen and who is going to be evicted. Bleh...  Until Weds night, I bid you all ado.

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