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The Night Owl

So the feeds came back around midnight my time tonight.  When they returned we found that the new HOH Danielle had nominated Dan and Ian for eviction and then she won the veto.  All the power now lies in the zit popping, tall tale telling, insecure little bunny boiling freak's hands. 

For a long time there was a stand off of the three guys where they all followed Danielle around and no one would leave anyone else alone with her.  They talked about casting then ext all stars...again..and then talked a bunch of shit about the evicted house guests...again.  Danielle talked a lot of shit about every girl evicted so far now including Jenn.  I never actually saw Jenn do wrong by Danielle once...but apparently that's not how our fragile little victim sees it.  That's right, she holds all the power and is prettym uch guaranteed final two and she is STILL BITCHING and complaining and whining.  My goodness it must be hard to be poor little Danielle.

Finally, Dan and Ian went downstairs and left Shane alone with Danielle.  Danielle then started popping zits on Shanes back and revealing the real plan to him.  She told him she is taking Dan off the block and expecting him to vote out Ian.  She told him there is no way she would put him up if there was any chance that Dan would vote him out at all and that he is not going anywhere, but that she feels like Ian will vote for she or Shane to win if Dan is the one who votes  him out.

Meanwhile downstairs Ian is worried and asks Dan what he thinks his chances are of staying.  As usual Dan is very vague.  He tells Ian to trust him and that he didn't let Memphis get screwed over. Ian then dives into a conversation about how this HAS to be one of the best seasons of Big Brother ever and how much the viewers must love it. *rolls eyes*  I'm thinking Ian might be a little delusional on that one.

That's pretty much all that happened.  So here is what I think.  I think Dan is definitely coming off the block, and Shane is going up.  As far as Dan's vote? Who really knows.  I think his target is Ian, but Dan also has to realize that Shane would never take him to the final 2 and Danielle might not either....but Ian would.  So he may pull a fast one on Danielle and keep Ian.  If he keeps Ian against Danielle's will then Danille likely won't take him to the final 2 though. So, I actually don't know who is leaving.  If I had to guess right now I would say Ian, but you never know at this point.  One thing I do know is that the picture below is very possibly/likely the next winner of Big Brother.  How oh HOW did this happen?


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