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The Night Owl

Oh my, where to begin...  So I guess everyone saw the show.  Danielle pulled Dan off the block (sucker).  She put Shane up. Dan blindsided Danielle and evicted Shane. Danielle did this:

Then the feeds were cut for a long time.  When they came back everyone was mid endurance comp.  even after Dan told Danielle she was dead to him in the game, put her on the block, sent out her fake showmance in a big blindside, and whatever else he did to her in her sick little mind, he STILL was able to convince her to throw the first part of the final HOH to him. 

So at this point I am more blown away by Danielle than I hever have been by any other house guest.  During the HOH comp while Dan was trying to convince her to throw it, she talked about all the reasons she shouldn't.  She talked about not knowing if she could beat Ian at the 2nd round etc..  and yet...she STILL THREW IT TO HIM!!  This guarantees Dan that he can do whatever he wants now.  Both Danielle and Ian will take him to the final 2, so he no longer has to even try to win the final HOH unless he just really wants to be the one to make the decision.  He basically convinced her to give him a free pass to the final 2 as if he didn't have one already...

So Danielle goes inside, takes a shower and then begins to cry about Shane being gone.  "He was so afraid he would go out like Jeff and then he did" she sobs. 

When she is done crying by herself, she decides to go and have a cry at Dan in the bathroom while Ian is in the DR.  She tells Dan how she can't believe he would do that to her when she told him she is emotionally drained already.  He just doesn't know how she feels. She thinks that keeping Ian was more beneficial to his game than hers. *shocked face* I mean WHO plays big brother to win for themselves?!  I guess Dan was supposed to just keep playing for Danielle to  win and keep Shane so she could sit pretty.  It's not like it would be Danielle's own stupid STUPID mistake of taking Dan off the block and trusting him to keep Shane that put her in this predicament.

Dan tells her that he is taking her to the final 2 and that she must convince Ian that she will take him to the final 2 so that Ian will throw the second HOH to her (yeah right). 

Danielle tells Dan that she still trusts him and she doesn't hate him, but that she thinks that this week would have been much easier if he had just kept Shane.  She thinks that she is screwed if she doesn't win the final HOH.  Oh, and the best part "Mah Daddy will rip me a new one if I only come in third".  So I guess her abusive, alcoholic father who didn't want her to go on Big Brother in the first place will now abuse her if she doesn't win the whole thing.  This pity party for herself goes on for a really long time and there is actualy sobbing and whimpering.

Once they hear Ian come around the corner, Dan dashes off first to the arcade room, and then says that he is going to bed, and he does.   While Dan is in bed, Danielle parrots all the lies Dan told her to tell to Ian.  She tells him that all the people in the house told her what their answers were going to be to the final HOH  comp (they are always either strategic or personal answers).  She tells him that he needs to thrwo the second part of the HOH to her so that she can annihilate  Dan in the final round with all the answers she already knows, and then cut Dan and take Ian to the final 2. 

Ian listens and agrees that what Dan did was ugly.  He says he wasn't planning on hurting Shane or anything, but he never tells Danielle about his final 2 deal with Dan and he never says he will take her to the final 2.  He also never agrees to throw the HOH to her even though she keeps pushing the issue.

After they end their chat, Ian goes to the bathroom and Danielle runs off to the bedroom to tell Dan what a good little job she did of fooling Ian.  She tells him everything Ian supposedly said about him...and we all know how Danielle retells go, so lets just say it was less than accurate. 

Then they all went to bed.

What I think:

From the beginning of the season I've always just kind of looked at Danielle as a ridiculous, batshit crazy source of entertainment.  She has always gotten on my nerves, and I have never enjoyed her as a player.  I started out LOVING Ian and wanting him to win the whole thing but then fell out of love with him as he did things like refuse to get rid of Dan and evict people like Ashley.  I also started out determined to hate the idea of a vet making it to the end instead of a newbie final 2.  After this whole season has gone by, and with all of my ups and downs with each player, I honestly have to say that I think I would enjoy an Ian and Dan final 2 the most.  As far as game play goes, I think the 2 of them earned it more.  I hate admitting it because I so didn't want a vet in the end, but Dan has played really hard, and this is not The Real World, or The Bachleorette, or Lets Make's Big Brother and it's a game for $500K.  I think he has made some decent moves and been helped along by the fact that the rest of the house are mostly idiots. 

I think Ian is very young and tends to get entirely too full of himself.  When he wins things, his bravado is almost unbearable, but when it comes down to it, he has won competitions, has played fairly well socially managing not to make many enemies until they were walking out the door, and he LOVES Big Brother.  He has made some really stupid game moves under the influence of Dan, like the rest of the house guests, BUT, he did choose to break away from his own team and be in an alliance he believed in (as much as I hate the QP) and he has made a few moves..little as they are, on his own.  I wouldn't call anyone's showing this year "great", but he has done okay.

I don't want to see Danielle anywhere near any winnings.  Entertaining as she was to watch melt down and freak out and lie and be insane, I don't thinks he has done ANYTHING on her own.  I don't think she has made a single move or had a single conversation outside of what Dan wanted her to do, or what she thought might get Shane to desire her.  She keeps trusting Dan over and over and over again..and that's pretty much the definition of insanity folks...doing the same stupid thing over and over and expecting different results. She has won a few competitions, but only with permission from Dan to win them first. And let's just face it, half the time she is really hard to look at with all those scabs oozing all over her face where she keeps digging holes where zits used to be.

So that is where this sad sad season has left me.  I think I actually want Ian to wint he final HOH and take Dan with him.  I would also greatly enjoy Danielle's eviction face I think.  It's almost over guys. What do you all think?


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