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The Night Owl

 Most of the night literally NOTHING happened.  They sat on couches, played cards, asked each other questions about their fans (Danielle of course), wrapped Ian completely in toilet paper, sat some more, ate...Then Ian went to bed.

After Ian went to bed, Dan and Danielle went upstairs to click whisper over the chess board.  Danielle is still hung up on Shane being gone and about thinking she can't beat Ian in the second HOH tomorrow/today.  She again starts yelling at Dan about how she has done SOO much in this game and done so much for him and how he doesn't care about her or he would have kept Shane.  Dan explains to her AGAIN for the millionth time that while he cares about her outside of the game, inside the game you are playing to get to the end any way you can and you have to leave your emotions at the door to do that. She argues some more and her eyebrows almost literally hit the ceiling. 

She continues to warble on and on about how she has never lied or done anything that would hurt anyone EVER, but that he just enjoys torturing her...blah...blah...blah..  Then, after she says for about the millionth time "You just have no idea how I feel or what you've done to me" Dan gets a little on edge with her and says "That's the difference between you and me. You're still walking around in Shane's sweatpants and caring about something that didn't even matter when I'm thinking about the game and the final 2".  This doesn't shut her up though...she continues to whimper and whine as if that will bring Shane back. He tells her that if she wants the "brass tacks" abouit the situation, he wanted to get rid of Shane in his first HOH so they could be sitting next to Jenn and about to have no problem winning, but she stopped him then and he has been kicking himself for listening to her about it so he had to take a stab at getting Shane out when he could.

They also talk on and on about how Danielle is going to stomp Ian in the second round of the HOH comp.  This is another redundant conversation they have had about 20 times in the last 24 hours. The more they talk on and on about it, the more I want Ian to kill Danielle at the second part of the comp and then win the final HOH so I can see the look on her face when she realizes her fate lies in his hands. 

I want 2 people who actually realize they are playing Big Brother to make it to the end.  It annoys me to think  that somenoe who is walking around mourning her lost showmance and whining about how Dan doesn't care about her feelings and how emotionally hurt she is might actually make it to be the winner. I mean seriously..if you want to be on a show where  people are going  to kiss your ass and showmance you up, go be on The Real World or one of the other 10 million reality shows out there where you are not fighting to win a bunch of money.

The Danielle vs Dan convo is still going on, but it's going in circles, so I feel no need to wait it out.  I will post more if anyting interesting actually comes up.  I leave you with a montage of Danielle's faces as she was bitching at Dan. This is the positive thing Danielle has done for me this far as screencapping goes, she is as golden as Shelly was with those faces.

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