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Who Will It Be? ..The Night Owl

Interesting goings on in the BB house tonight.  When we started off recording our last Big Brother Gossip show of the season, the second part of the final HOH was underway.  When we finished recording, almost immediately, the feeds came back.  The 2 players literally look like they have been dropped down a chimney. They are covered in black soot.  There was no morphomatic this year..this was somwthing different where they had to climb a ladder and put house guests plates in some kind of order from what I understand.  Ian won!!

Now, remember yesterday when Dan told Danielle that if Ian won the second round they would have to make a big scene to throw things back in their favor?  Well all that happened exactly as planned.  Dan intentionally celebrated Ian's win too loudly so that Danielle could hear it.  Danielle started screaming at Ian just like she was supposed to. She told him if he won and took Dan that she would taint the entire Jury against him and neither she, Shane, or Ashely would ever vote for him in a million years.  She says she will tell Ashley every mean thing he ever said about her (I don't think Ian was ever that mean about Ashley...she would have been better off saying Jenn about that one). Anyway, she goes on to tell Ian that Dan is the devil and call Ian a liar.  She says he was lying to her when he said he would take her to the final 2. (Ian never actually said he would take Danielle to the final 2..he just listened when she promised to take HIM.).. anyway...this goes on or a while which was part one of their plan.

Scene 2, act 1.. Dan goes to Ian and tells him that Danielle is being such a baby. Tells himt hat he really wants to cut her himself and that he wants that final HOH so that he can cut her.  He goes on about this for a while to Ian.  This was supposed to be the part in the plan where Ian told Dan he trusts him and would throw him the final HOH and let him cut Danielle so that Dan could actually cut Ian....however, lucky for us, Ian is not that stupid. 

Ian tells Dan that he doesn't care about Danielle's jury vote or if she tries to tank the jury.  He says he won't throw the final HOH and that he would be okay with second place if that's what it came down to, but that while Danielle was a nice girl, he isn't taking her to F2, and he isn't going to throw the final HOH to Dan just so that Dan can be the one to cut her.

During the discusssion between Dan and Ian, Danielle is in the DR.  Now Ian gets called to the DR and Danielle comes out.  She heads for the s hower and is sobbing as usual.  Dan gives her a hug and she sobs some more and mutters something that no one can hear.  Dan tells her if she needs anything to let him know.  BB tells her to please put on her microphone, and as Danielle almost always does, she screams back at them that "she isn't going to put on her mic right now..she wants to take a shower."..

Well at this point I was starting to think that Ian's only hope was to win the final HOH, because clearly even though he isnt' going to throw it, if Dan gets it, he is taking Danielle.   Then Dan decides to have a chat with the cameras while Danielle showers and sobs and Ian is in the DR.

Dan tells the camera "My best move now is to throw the HOH to Ian and let him take me to the end because if I win, my conscience won't let me cut Danielle.  What should I do?  Throwing the final HOH is insane, but it's just so insane that it just might work."  Dan stares at the memory wall for a while and talks  some more about his best bet being to throw it to Ian. 

Danielle gets out of the shower and goes to her bed with the lights on and cries ...for hours..literally.  While Danielle is off crying, Ian and Dan celebrate quietly in various places in the house.  They talk about Danielle's attitude, Jury votes, What they would do with the money etc..  They continuously check to see if Danielle has turned the light off yet so they can go to bed without things seeming uncomfortable.   Eventually Danielle finally turns the light out and Dan decides to go to bed.  Ian stays up pacing and tells Dan that he wants to stay awake because he really wants the hammock....which he did finally get.  He is squeaky squwawking away on  it right now.

Now the finale and the final HOH is a ways away, and anything could happen between now and then, but for now I am kind of hopeful that Danielle might actually not make it to the final 2.  I am hoping Dan does throw the HOH to Ian and let him take him to the final 2.  As far as game play goes, I feel like the 2 of them are much more deserving than Danielle to win.  We shall see how things play out as Danielle continues to victimize herself all over the house and plead for sympathy.  I think her doing that could be the ONE thing that might get Dan to decide to fight for HOH to take her tot he final 2...but I'm hoping it doesn't work.  We shall see what happens!!  G'night!

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