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The Night Owl

A lot of discussion went on tonight, but not to any real outcome change...

Danielle whined and cried a lot all day and pushed Dan to tell her what to do to work on Ian more.  He told her a few things she could pressure him about and off she went.  She went and talked to Ian.  She told him again that she was going to tank the jury against him etc.. etc.. more of the same BS.  She seemed to think she was giong to help her case this way.  Really all she did was turn Ian more on her.  He gave her no info and mostly just nodded and refused to look her in the eye and then muttered a lot to himself about her in the hammock once she left him alone.

Danielle then cornered Dan in the bedroom which was an interesting conversation to watch.  I am not sure if he was just trying to separate himself from liking her because he knows he might be intentionally sending her out, or if he was just annoyed with her or just pushing her buttons, but the conversation was kind of mean spirited with a hint of Jest..just enough to make Danielle think he was joking.  Danielle did a lot of whining, begging him to be nice to her, shit talking about past female house guests that she is jealous of, begging more for him to be sweet to her, fishing for compliments, lying about what she said to Ian etc..  Dan instead of playing to her whims like he usually does insulted her right back.  When she would say "What if I made this move?" he would say "you couldn't make that move. You are not me.".  When she would pull out the fake cancer card he would ask her to stop it.  When she would pull out the whole "You are my family now Dan no matter how you feel about me" He told her to "stop fishing for compliments" She told him that she jumped up and down in her living room when she watched him win his season (which she never watched). He told her to stop lying and said he could tell when she was lying.  This conversation went on for quite a while, and each time he would cut her down, he would eventually tell her hew as just joking with her.

Eventually he left the bedroom and went to talk to Ian.  Ian talked a lot about how it annoys him that she keeps threatening him.  He talked about how he didn't act like a buzzkill when he was on the block and thought he was going home.  He told Dan again and again that he was def taking him to the final 2 and that there was no chance he would ever ever take Danielle and that she wasn't going to get inside his head.

As of now they are just talking about Survivor and bitter vs non bitter jury votes while Danielle sits alone in bed pouting.  It's going to be a long 2 days before we figure out what is actually going to happen.

Reader Comments (1)

You are SPOT ON w/ Dani in your blogs. She threatens Ian that she will tell the jury everything he has said. But I'm sorry, has he not talked shit about EVERYONE herself?!?! Including Brittany, who was supposed to be her best friend in the house. I am over her and have been ALL season. Anyone but fani deserves the money. She could win the most annoying house guest award though .
I try not to be mean, but she is the definition of a hypocrite.
September 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterResrie

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