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Barely A Need For The Night Owl

As per usual this time of the season, the feeds have been boring, boring, and more boring.  Not a lot has been happening at all...just the same old Danielle whining, Dan playng with her head, and Ian talking about Survivor seasons.

Dan did pull a small stunt at one point last night.  He went to the room and laid in bed and when Danielle came in, he did the old "I'm so depressed...I played a bad game, I will never win now" thing.  She bought it hook line and sinker and went on and on about him being the best game player ever and how she would make sure that everyone in jury voted for him no matter what if she left.  Of course she isn't smart enough to help her own game by encouraging Dan to actually win the final HOH and take her instead of promising him jury votes...but whatever..I'm good with her getting booted too.

The final 3 also found out they will all be on The Talk in the morning.  They spent a good portion of the night chatting about what they will wear on the show etc..   The rest of the night was literally Ian and  Dan going over every Survivor season and it's winners and it's jury and how bitter they are vs people who voted based on strategy.  This is obviously Dan still contemplating jury votes through Ian recapping Survivor and BB past seasons for him. 

There was a short Bible reading about The Red Dragon in which no one could define the word Diadem.  Danielle tried to define it via Harry Potter and Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem, but she got it wrong...she said it meant it was something you cherish.  That's Dani for ya.

If nothing new or interesting happens tomorrow night, maybe I will post a collage of all of my favorite screen caps of the various house guests over this past season. I literally have thousands I have never used. lol

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