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The Last Night Owl

Well guys, this is it. This is the last Night Owl I will be posting for Big Brother 14.  Unfortunately because it is the end of the season and the last night before finale, there is not a lot to wow you with or get your attention. 

Over the course of the night Dan and Danielle played cards. Danielle whined, and Ian hammocked.  While Ian was swinging two and fro he was muttering a lot about Jury votes and about Danielle and Dan.  It was almost enough to make me think that he was considering taking Danielle to the end if he won the final HOH, but to be honest, I really don't think he will follow through with that. He did make several references to not necessarily believing that Dan wouldn't cut him and Take Danielle. 

Everyone went to bed relatively early, but then Dan got back up and went to the backyard to practice his speech to the Jury.  He did it over and over timing himself as he did it and making various changes.  The one thing that was consistent in every speech was that he was going to drag Ian through the mud about not being the actual creator of the Quack Pack and how it wasn't a real alliance to begin with, and also making references to how he had stabbed a lot of people in the back but never made personal attacks on them unlike Ian who does like to talk badly about people not in their alliance. 

All of this speech leads me to believe that Dan is definitely planning, at this point at least, to throw the final comp to Ian so that Ian will cut Danielle for him and take him to the end.  He doesn't seem to have a speech planned out for sitting next to Danielle, so that tells me he doesn't think she will be there.  She is included in his speech, but as a plea for a vote, not as the person sitting next to him. 

I will most likely post a  blog about my feelings on the overall season including  some of my favorite and least favorite moments and screencaps after the whole thing is over, but as for now, I am done done done! FREE AT LAST!!! lol  I will be watching and tweeting the finale and BY interviews tomorrow night, but outside of that, and my final thoughts blog, this is farwell until next season.  Thanks so much to all of you who have read and commented on my silly blogs all season as rough cut and ridiculous as they are.  You guys are awesome! See you next year!!!

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