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Just Another Night...The Night Owl

So if you listened to the show last night, you already know all about the veto and results.  If you didn't listen, here is basically what happened:

Everyone played veto except for Shane who hosted.  It was the Otev competition *yawn*.  Dan won.  Apparently Jenn and Frank did really well, but Dan took them out in the end.  After the veto comp, Dan immediately went to work on Ian making sure that it was okay that he use the veto on Jenn.  He then went down and talked to Jenn about pulling her off and who she would want to vote out etc..   It looks like as of now he will be using the veto on her, Joe will be going up, and Frank will be going home.

after that...there was literally no game talk at all.  the house guests got alcohol tonight and I was hoping that would liven things up, but alas, it did not.  There were many hours wasted talking about whether or not Danielle and Shane were going to sleep in the same bed.  I'm not kidding.  Danielle just could not let the subject go.  She went on and on in her passive aggressive way "I can't sleep with someone who doesn't want to sleep with me ya'll.  If he says he wants to then we will.".  I lost count of how many times she brought this up and talked about it.  In between doing this, she rolled her hips, hula hooped, chased Shane around the backyard, did gymnastics, and just about anything else that would keep the attention on her and bore the ever living shit out of the rest of us.

Ian talked about pokemon for a while and tried to hula hoop.  He was actually really good with the hula hoop, but Danielle couldn't handle someone being able to do it since she can't, so every time he tried to do it she would literally cartwheel right into him.  I'm not kidding about that either. Flash back and watch it...or don''s not really worth it. 

Danielle and Joe told parallel lies to Frank about how Janelle was forever talking about how Frank was in love with her and how she thought he was obsessed with her etc..  I only ever heard Janelle even elude to Frank being attracted to her one time, so I think most of this was exaggeration, but it got Frank all riled up and he screamed about it at the top of his decibels for a good log while. 

Danielle called out Joe for wacking off in the have not room.  At first Joe denied it, but eventually gave in and said "I thought you guys were sleeping".  This then turned into a discussion about how he did it and how he cleaned up.  I will spare you the details.  lol  good ole Eagle Eye Joe.

It's 4am and that's all that has happened tonight.  Again, they are all still awake, but I am giving up on them for the night.  If anything crazy or interesting happens I will be sure to run back and update you all, but I don't see anything truly interesting happening again until maybe Monday when the POV is used.  Even then it might not be all that great since everyone is pretty much expecting it. We shall see...

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