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The Night Owl

Ladies and Gentlemen we are in a lull....a very dull, very boring, very very annoying lull. 

The only game talk I saw happening tonight was a short conversation between Dan and Jenn where he promised her he would do what he said and take her down and she promised to work with he and Danielle and told him that if ever she had the chance to nominate, he would be getting his key.  Joe is of course paranoid and eagle eyed, so he has been going around to everyone making sure they all tell him they don't thinkt he veto is being used.  He seems satisfied with the answers...even though it actually IS being used in all liklihood.

Outside of that, Frank yelled, smacked, said "preesh" a lot and talked about how he cheated on past relationships. 

Danielle was annoying, said "two-shay" a lot, said "OH EM GEEE" a lot, couldn't figure out how to get her hair and zipper off her mic so that it would stop clicking, and chased Shane around pushing him to pay attention to her.

Dan was mostly quiet as usual. He listened to everyone elses secrets and didn't give away his own.  He allowed Joe to think he probably wouldn't be using the veto, but also told him he was considering his options and wasn't sure yet.

Jenn made slop chips and occasional small talk with people.

Joe  yelled a lot, made tuna salad, and hung out at the hot tub and in earshot of most of the other house guests so he could keep an eye and ear out for veto talk.

Ian played pool, said "cash (caysh)" a lot, said "shanerz" a lot, rocked in the hammock a lot, and nodded and smiled when Joe tried to talk game with him and fill him in on information he thought he was privy to.

Shane walked around trying to get away from Danielle without much success.

And that's about it folks.  There were a few love fest talks around the hot tub about absolutely nothing important.  The even had alcohol tonight and not even that helped.  I hope maybe things will get shaken up a bit tomorrow after the veto ceremony.  I am still hoping, even though it's not likely, that Frank will wake up and realize he is being played and going home so that he will at least make some noise and fight it.  I don't care if he walks, I just want some freaking action.


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