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The Night Owl

Nothing happened all day other than the veto ceremony. As predicted, Dan took Jenn down and Ian put up Joe.  For a LONG time Ian hammocked and inside everyone else either slept or played cards. 

Around dinner time Joe decided to have a chat with the camera about how he was going to fight hard, campaign hard, cook for everyone, and help Danielle and Shane's romance so that he could get Frank out....for Janelle..oh please.

After this everyone went back to either sleeping, playing cards, or hammocking. 

There was a late night booze delivery.  Dan got the idea into his head that they all needed to give the booze to Shane and Danielle so that the romance would be helped along.

Danielle spent the rest of the night acting much more drunk than she actually way, asking for compliments, asking people what celebrity she looked like, demanding to know if she looks like Denice Richards (not even kidding), and in general being the annoying delusional brat that she is.

Shane, Dan, and Frank played cards with the supposedly drunk Danielle.  Ian continued to hammock.  I think he has been going on about 8 hours now.  Joe kind of moped around the hot tub and had random conversations here and there.  Jenn made small conversations with people and ate slop.

That was pretty much the night.  The lull has not lifted.  I hate DR interference, but at this point I am almost PRAYING that the DR will tell Frank he is leaving so that he will wake up and make some noise....or please let Joe lose his mind and go nuts campaigning. ANYTHING to break the boredom at this point!

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