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Just A Little Bit...The Night Owl

A LITTLE...and I do mean just a little bit more game talk went on tonight than has in previous nights.  Nothing to get super excited over, but at this point I will take what I can get..

Don't get me wrong.  There was still a whole lot of this:

But there was a little bit of whispering in corners too.  Very early in the night when I turned on the feeds Frank was having a discussion with Danielle.  He asked her if she was ready to roll the four of them and she said yes.  He then said that he hates the idea of going out 7th and would like to make it closer to the final four.  Danielle asked him about all the nomination marks and HOH marks on his water bottle and asked if he was going to keep the bottle forever. He told her he didn't know, that maybe if he somehow won he could put "Win : 1"  along with the rest of the tallies and keep the bottle.  He told her that he had worked really hard the last 3 years trying to make it on to BB and he would hate to leave.  She said "What about ME?! I gave up a lot too!".  But then the conversation went back to being completely cordial.

Here is how she retold the conversation to Dan and Shane a few hours later: "I'm so worked up I can't handle it! I was so rude to him! I am SO mad I am literally shaking! He called me a liar and said that I am playing a bad game! He said he has won already and is planning on putting a W on his water bottle when it happens!  I can't even go out there with a smile on my face now because I am so mad! I am going to go OFF on him!!"  I'm not kidding...  The original convo happened at about 8:06 bb time and her retell started around 10:15.

Frank didn't do a whole lot more campaigning.  Joe and Ian actually talked game a lot while they played pool and sat at the hammock.  Joe talked about how he still believes that Wil caused Janelle's demise and that he thinks Wil is the one who made up lies about janelle and who told Danielle that JoJo said the "fat stuff" about her. *slams head against desk*...this guy...old Eagle Eye and his freaking iced tea and his stories and his pee ridden food.  Oh Joe,  you are so delusional.  He tells Ian that Frank has been coming to him and consoling him about going home because Frank is sure he is staying.  I didn't actually see that happen and I'm not sure it did.  It's I would take it with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, in Skid Row, Danielle and Shane start discussing the fact that they really need to get rid of Ian during the next eviction while he can't play for HOH.  They agree that a lot of the coming HOH comps are going to be mental and that they don't know if they can beat him and would rather get him out now and hang on to Jenn and Joe.  Joe joins the conversation and the retelling of the Frank story begins again.

Dan spent the first half of the night playing cards with Danielle.  He chatted with Ian and played chess with him for a while. Then I guess he got bored and decided to expel Wil's picture fromt he memory wall (by accident of course..but he broke it.).

Later on in the night Dan joined Jenn outside to talk a little bit of game with her about Frank and about moving forward etc.. The conversation quickly turned to them making fun of Ian though.  Jenn told the story about Ian telling her to request certain foods for him in the DR on his H OH win night even though she was on slop and how then he threw her on the block even after he got his damn perogies. Dan finds this hysterical and the two of them go on for a while about Ian's tendency to be completely inconsiderate to people without realizing it.  They also talked lot about how sensitive Danielle is and how she spends so much of her time worrying about boys and how she looks and what people are thinking of her.

While Jenn is outside talking to Dan, Danielle...who is SO SO SO mad at Frank that she can't be near him was having a perfectly cordial and content conversation with him in the bathroom as she prepared herself for bed.

At this point Frank is still going home and most of the house is still planning on blindsiding him, but I think he is actually catching on to the fact that he really might be going.  I don't think he has caught on to the fact that Dan is the one doing most of the working to get him out, and he has not made much noise yet, but the fact that he is campaigning hard now and acting really unsure kind of lets you know that he knows something could be amiss. The DR has also been dropping him hints that he has been ignoring up until now.

I am hoping that tomorrow will bring a serious wake up from Frank where he makes a LOT of noise and we see some interesting game go down.  I am doubting it, but it's what I am hoping for.  That's pretty much it for the night.  There were a LOT of lulls, but at least we are back to just a little bit of gaming.  Let's hope for an exciting DE this Thursday that causes some interesting drama after the show!

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