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The Night Owl

A lot of last minute scrambling went on tonight and a little campaigning, but nothing that really changed anyone's minds or changed the outcome.

Frank continued to think he was safe most of the night.  He did try to campaign a little to Danielle, but mostly because Jenn kept telling him that he needed to campaign.  She knows that he is walking out the door and she kept trying to drop hints to him that it would be better to campaign and try to get Dani and Shane, but he wasn't picking up the hints and kept telling her "It's okay, I feel good about it. I think we are good.".  Oh Frank, your arrogance is going to send you packing.

Frank did talk to Ian for a little while.  He tried to talk to him about reasons to keep him if it came to a tie.  Ian listened and said they were very good points when Frank pointed out that he couldn't play HOH again and that he wanted to work with Ian.  Ultimately Ian didn't buy any of it and went down and told Joe everything that Frank said later and told Joe "No worries, even if it's a tie you are completely safe."

Danielle whined and went on and on about how Frank was torturing her and about how much she hates him in between laying in bed with Frank and playing cards with him and hanging out at the hot tub with him.  She also told a few new stories I haven't heard from her yet including "My mother is a professional diver" "My dog saved my life one time" "I've been bitten by both a small dog and a Chow Chow"  and a few other stories about guys that I am not sure exist.  She was kind of on a roll tonight.

Dan talked to Jenn a few times and tried to keep her pretty calm about the fact that they are voting out Frank since she wasn't really happy about it.  The rest of the night he mostly conversated with people over poker.  I'm sorry guys, I really don't watch the poker table when they are playing unless the conversation is just unavoidably good.  I hate watching them play cards. It just bores me to tears.

Joe followed up each pitch that Frank made by going to that group and making sure he reiterated the reasons he needed to stay.  He also told a story I haven't heard yet tonight....something about being at convention and falling off the treadmill there and breaking his finger so bad that "BONES WERE STICKING OUT OF BOTH SIDES OF MY FINGER". lol   I would love to know how that story actually went.  He says he still has no feeling in that finger and that it will take 6 months to heal. For the record, I've not seen any damage on his pee covered hands as of yet..

Everyone is still completely snowed by Dan.  He has a final 2 with everyone except Joe and Shane and for some reason no one is ratting him out and everyone is buying it.  I am kind of astounded by these people this year. 

That's pretty much the long and short of it.  Not a lot to tell. It's double eviction tonight and none of them seem to realize it, so perhaps this one will be really interesting since they have not prepared who is going to nominate who and who to vote for if it happens this time.  Last time was pretty scripted as to how they wanted it to go since the so called QP determined who they would nominate and went over scenarios the night prior.  This time as of yet they haven't talked about it much. 

I leave you with this picture since it is likely the last night we shall see Carrot Top gracing us with his curly carrot locks. g'night. Happy Eviction Day!!

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