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The Night Owl 

So tonight was double eviction.  As I am sure you all saw, the pee fingered eardrum splitting chef Joe walked out the door following his curly carrot topped block mate. 

About an hour after the live show the feeds went to trivia so they house guests could play the next HOH.  When they returned just in time for BBAD, Ian was the new HOH to the dismay of every other person in the house who was planning on getting Ian out.  Ian of course is completely under the Dan spell and has no idea that he was in any danger tonight or that he would have been in any danger if he didn't win HOH. 

Ian paced back and forth for a long time in Skid Row going ove his options for nominations while Jenn and Danielle spoke in the arcade room about wanting Shane out and how they wanted Ian to go, but now he will be almost impossible to get rid of.  After a bit, Dan joined Ian in Skid Row to throw his idea out for nominations.  Ian bought it hook, line, and sinker when Dan told him that the best bet would be to put Shane on the block next to Jenn because he says "Danielle won't take Shane down because she knows I would go up."  Ian says "Yeah, I can't risk losing you.  It will have to be Shane and Jenn with Danielle as a replacement if one of them comes off the block".  *slams head on desk*  Ladies and gentlemen I give you the supposed smart person this year....sigh..

Everyone sits around for a wh ile and Dan has his HOH basket reveal from winning the HOH during the DE.  They all talk about how emotionally exhausted they are as they wait for Ian's HOH reveal.  They talk about past house guests they miss and also about those that they don't miss so much.

Finally it's time for Ian's HOH reveal.  He got mostly the same things he got last week...remember he has only NOT been HOH for a few hours, but he also got a duck this week.  Ian has commented to Dan that he wants to quack at Jenn all week and then after the veto if she doesn't win it h e wants to sit her down and jus tell her she got got by the Quack Pack.  Dan of course immediately ousted this idea.

After Ian's HOH reveal was finished, Dan of course hung around to chat with Ian for a few minutes.  They ran through a few scenarios and agreed that the best bet is to put up Shane and Jenn.  Ian thinks Jenn is going home and the QP is staying together if Jenn doesn't win veto.  I however think Dan has other plans.  I am pretty sure Dan and Danielle are going to vote out Shane if they get the chance and Shane doesn't pull himself off the block.  They were talking a lot this past week about getting rid of Shane right after Ian, but getting Ian out didn't work for them.  I think they are more interested in taking Jenn to the final 3 because they think they can beat her instead of sticking with the QP. 

I expect to see Shane and Jenn put up on the block today.  The biggest factor this week is obviously going to be the veto though.  If Dani or Ian or Dan win it nominations will likely stay the same and I think Shane will go home.  If Shane wins the veto, Danielle will go up next to Jenn and Jenn will most likely go home.  If Jenn wins veto Danielle will go up next to Shane and Shane will go home.  That's how I see it playing out.  What do you all think?

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