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The Night Owl

Well I might as well just say it. Freaking Shane won the freaking veto and now Danielle is going on the freaking block and Jenn  is going home and the freaking quack pack is going to be the final four.....ugh!

I was really excited about the idea of one of the QP members leaving because I am a fan of things being shaken up, and to be honest, I just don't want all 4 QP members to make it.  I think that's boring.  I would rather see Jenn  plus 3 of the former QP as the final 4, but that is a mere fantasy at this point.

If Ian were playing smart he would realize that his best move in order to win the game would be to oust Dan or at least one of the QP members and drag Jenn to the finals with him.  But alas..instead of even thinking game, he has spent his entire night tooting his own horn, talking about how horrible at the game everyone NOT in the QP is and was, and promising Dan final 2 and that Danielle is going on the block but not going anywhere...sigh...

Dan did ask Danielle at one point if she thought they could convince Shane not to use the veto on himself.  I wish this were the case, but Danielle told him no way, and I agree....Shane isn't the brightest light, but I really don't see that happening. Dan dropped a few hints here and there later on in the night to Shane about how he wouldn't get voted out if he didn't use the veto on himself (yeah right).  Shane immediately responded that he didn't want Dan to pull a Marcellas on him so he wanted to pull himself off. Dan continued to hint at it and asked Shane if he would really be worried to not take himself off. Shane said "No, I think Marcellas was probably a floater and not in an alliance so that's why he went home. I think I would be fine.".  I still think Shane is going to use the veto on himself though.  If Dan managed to get him to leave himself on the block I would seriously want to sign the freaking check over to Dan myself.  I think that might be my favorite day of this entire BB season if that happened.  It's not that I hate Shane or anything..I just think that would be one of the most amusing things I have ever seen and it would be a hell of a lot more interesting to see Shane not use the veto on himself and then get voted out than to just see Jenn walk like everyone is expecting.

Jenn spent her night completely alone. First she laid by the hot tub for a while and then she went inside and went to bed.  I think the line was drawn and made super obvious and while I am hoping she will fight, her fight may be completely futile at this point.  If I were here I would work up some kind of plan to either rat Dan out about Ian being in danger during double eviction, or be telling everyone to take me to the final 2 since they could all beat me. DON'T LAY DOWN!!! FIGHT!!  Either way I feel terrible for her. She has no allies left and she has been very alone.  Danielle dropped her like a hot potato as soon as she realized Shane was coming down and she was most likely going up.  I haven't seen Dan talk to her yet either, but I imagine he will eventually.  I'm not sure Dan is completely sure that he wants to send Jenn out even now.

Something mildly interesting happened over the course of the night and I am not sure if it is just my wishful thinking, or if Dan really is dropping subtle hints, but this is basically how it went... While Jenn was asleep and Ian and Danielle were talking about how awesome they were, suddenly Dan started occasionally zinging Danielle and Ian...but mostly Danielle.  He was being half joking about it every time he did it, but it was just mean enough to raise my eyebrows a little.  I am wondering at this point if Dan is not considering trying to get Danielle voted out once she is up on the block.  He knows Shane won't vote her out, but he has Ian pretty much doing whatever he wants at this point, and all he would need to do would be to convince Ian to break the tie in his favor to send Danielle packing and off she would go.   I really doubt this is happening, but it's just something that I found interesting.  I was also told (I didn't hear it myself) that Dan apparently told Ian that Danielle was the only one that could beat either one of them at the end..again planting seeds for why Danielle would need to go.  It's a long shot in the dark, but at this point I have to hope for something.

Dan played chess with Ian for a while and they didn't really talk game much.  Mostly just Dan still confirming their final 2 and and then chatting with Ian about life in general..and as always, past seasons.  Again this could be step one of him getting in good with Ian to try and get Danielle out, but I could just be so hopeful for a non QP final 4 that I am seeing something that completely isn't there.

That's about all that happened. There really wasn't any game talk as far as the future other than Ian really wanting to out the QP to Jenn and Dan saying no that it would be too mean and Danielle saying "Noooo! She will make MY life MISERABLE if she knows."...

I'm not sure when the veto ceremony will take place...remember this is a weird week.  The ceremony might be today.  We shall see what happens.  Until tomorrow night....


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