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Ash's First Thoughts On The Cast (always subject to change)

My first impressions of the cast this year were taken in as I did sound clips for the first Big Brother Gossip Show.  So, not only did I listen to all their interviews, but I heard some of their verbal ticks and more annoying attributes over..and over....and over again.  I am getting dismayed though.   I am actually really excited about the cast this year.  With the exception of Rachel's sister being added to the mix, I think we have a decent cast of people and I'm so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that none of them have played the game before!!

Every year I decide who I think I am going to like and who I am already just sure I will hate and never be able to watch, but I am almost always utterly and completely wrong. So, that's why it's fun to write up initial impressions and look back at what you thought vs what you actually think.  So, without further adieu, here are my initial thoughts:

Elissa:  I'm starting with Elissa so I can just go ahead and get her out of the way.  I'm sure I am a bit biased since I cannot stand her sister, but I really just don't have anything nice to say about her at this point.  I think her time in the house will be spent impersonating Rachel and talking about "when my sister was in the house" blah blah blah...   In the interviews I watched with her that was basically all I heard.  But honestly, my real problem with Elissa is that she is the equivalent of a vet returning in the eyes of both the voting public and the BB powers that be.  I can easily see her being voted the first MVP based upon Rachel fans.  I can also see a lot of ways in which the game could be manipulated for her.  And let us not forget that there will likely be at least one if not multiple episodes involving Rachel getting to make an appearance since her sister is in. *shudders*   I just don't like it.  But now that I have her out of the way, let's move on to more positive people.

Spencer:  Spencer was almost instantly one of my favorites.  I say it hesitantly because I almost always like the self professed superfans and most of the time they let me down on game play.  I do like this guy as of now though.  He seems really well balanced, he understands the game, he really is a fan, and he doesn't seem to have any ridiculous delusions of grandeur.  Do I think he is perfect? Absolutely not.  But I do find him promising.

Aaryn:  I only remember a few things about this girl. One of them being the interesting spelling of her name. What I do remember hearing from her consistently is that she wants to play an honest game and not give in on her morals.  I'm afraid if she sticks to this, she will likely be one of the most boring HGs this year.  It's Big Brother.  You are trying to win half a million dollars.  Come on now.  She also compares herself to Jordan several times in her interviews, which for those of you who know my opinions is an automatic "cringe" moment for me.  And she made reference to wanting to play an "honest game like Jillian from Big Brother Canada" (she could not have possibly seen the show if that was her perception). However, the good news is I think a lot of players say what they "think" they need to say in these interviews and sometimes it really turns out that they are nothing like their self described perceptions of themselves once they are in the house.  This is what I am hoping for Aaryn.

Amanda:  I like Amanda.  Her WLBB interview fell a little flat IMO, but in her other interviews she seemed to be confident, witty, and a bit manipulative.  I think she will be interesting to watch in the house as she says she doesn't get along with girls who are "jealous of her" and as she has a job in realistate, I think she may be able to manipulate people quite well.  I hope she doesn't disappoint.

Andy:  I also really like Andy.  I watched all of his interviews and didn't really find anything not to like about any of them.  He seems very intelligent, well spoken, and well rounded.  I think he has a great understanding of the game and what he is getting himself into, and I really hope he does well and goes far.  He is one that I like not based on what kind of drama and feed entertainment he might bring, but based more on just wanting to see him do well.  He is an early favorite of mine.

David:  What could I possibly say about David that his hair doesn't say about him already?  He speaks like a "surfer dude".  He has an EXTREMELY high opinion of himself, and has already confessed to us that he does not shower.  I hate this guy already, but I'm very curious to see how he will interact with the other HGs since he seems to believe he is God's gift to women and a fierce physical competitor that will take the competitions by storm.  I think David may be in for a rude awakening from the other HGs, but I can't say I'm not looking forward to seeing their reactions.  I also think he will be one of the players that gets mocked and imitated often by other HGs, and that's always entertaining for me. He may actually be a physical threat, so we could see him stick around for a little while, but I'm kind of hoping to see this one go pre-jury.  I'm fairly certain I will be more than over him by then.

Candice:  All I remember about Candice is that she is always open for and looking for love, and that she is open to having a showmance.  I really don't recall her sayng much of anything about gameplay and thus far I just don't care anything about this girl.  As I am not a fan of the showmance, and certainly not of people going into the house looking for one, I just have no use for this girl unless she pops out with some major game once she is in there.

GinaMarie:  I really really want to like GinaMarie.  She seems fun and energetic and even humorous at times.  However, there is her laugh to contend with.  Perhaps she was nervous in her interviews and she isn't really like that in real life, but she laughs after EVERYTHING she says, and it's a laugh that puts Rachel to shame, folks.  She is also a self confessed loud person which usually ends up really bugging me, and I just have this feeling she will be an open mouthed smacking chip chomper.  She also says "definitely" in pretty much every sentence she udders.  I'm really hoping I will be able to overcome all her verbal and vocal offences though, because I do think she will be fun to watch from a personality perspective.

Helen:  The proverbial jury is still out for Helen where I am concerned.  I like her, and I think she is smart and could be a good mental gamer...there is a "but" though.  BUT, she is older than most of the rest of the cast, she is a homemaker with a family, and I'm just afraid that she will not fit into an alliance or group quickly enough to stick around.  I am also hoping she is not going to be competition useless as former HGs such as Kathy were.  I like Helen and I want her to be good. I'm just not sure if she will be yet.  That reamains to be seen.

Jeremy:  I would be hard pressed to give Jeremy higher praise than he has already given himself.  According to Jeremy he was "blessed by the gods, is a tall drink of water, and has no downfalls".  For those of you that watched BB Canada, I feel like this is a Tom Plant all over again.  He could also be compared to Jessie in some ways as well.  I absolutely HATE him, but I can't say I don't look forward to watching him on the feeds.  I think he is going to make things interesting.  He, like David, made statements about wanting alliances with men who also enjoy working out and then having their showmance alliance on the side.  I feel like this guy is a joke, but he is sound clip gold so far.  Keep it up, Jeremy. I need good material.

Howard:  I seriously think someone fell asleep and accidentally cast this guy.  I sure hope he was just nervous in his cast interviews, because I got NOTHING from him and had to keep splashing myself in the face with cold water just to stay awake.  As an insomniac, it's very hard to put me to sleep, but I think I may have found the cure in this guy.  I do remember him talking about his faith in God being the most important thing to him, but that's about all I got out of his interview.  I really hope this guy is more lively and interesting on the feeds otherwise I will have to avoid him at all cost.

Kaitlin:  Speaking of boring...  I had about the same reaction to Kaitlin's interviews as I did to Howard's.  However she is a very pretty girl from Minneapolis, Minn, so I feel certain Scott probably really likes this girl already. I can't say I dislike her.  I'm hoping she perks up and has something to say or do once she is in the house.  If she doesn't, then I just hope she wears a lot of teeny bikini's for Scott's sake, because someone should be able to get some enjoyment from her.

Jessie: I figured since I was on a roll with the HGs I found really boring, I would go ahead and list my thought's about Jessie too.  She is another that I just don't know what I think about yet because I think she was too nervous to give us anything real in her cast interviews.  She did say she was over-emotional, and THAT can be a source of good drama and entertainment, so maybe she does show promise.  I didn't hear anything all that promising out of her as far as gameplay.

Judd:  I do believe I like Judd.  Maybe it's that he likes to go frog giggin and drinking for fun, or maybe it's his silly TN accent (before you think I'm being harsh, remember I'm from SC), or maybe it's just that he seems, at least on the surface, to be a decent guy, but I really like Judd. He seems to have a very decent understanding of the game and is a fan of it.  He SAYS he likes to stick up for the little guy and also won't be run over himself, and he just seems pretty likable in general IMHO.  So thus far, he is one of my favorites.  Early ideal alliance in my mind would be Judd, Helen, Andy, and Spencer.  I think between their knowledge f the game and the little bit of brawn Judd brings to the table, they may be able to trample over the obvious jock alliance that is going to form between Jeremy, David, and whichever girls they decide to make their playthings.

McCrae:  It's very hard for me to know anything about McCrae since he seems to be an alternate?  He only has a CBS interview and those interviews mostly consist of Jeff talking, so it was hard to get a feel for him.  However, I do know he is a self confessed superfan, and an avid member of HamsterWatch, so I feel that he will likely be an interesting one to watch.  He seems fun and energetic and up for almost anything, which is nice.  I like seeing a really positive voice going in.  I have high hopes for this kid and hope he does well.

Nick:  Thus far everything I've read about Nick has been extremely negative, and I can't disagree.  He is SO annoying.  But wait...just wait.  I actually kind of like this guy.  Sure I will probably end up hating him once he is in the house and I have to watch him constantly, but from his interviews, I actually enjoyed him.  While his verbal ticks and accent are highly annoying, I enjoy the fact that he seems to underneath it all, just be a really awkward skater kid trying very hard to find a reason to make himself seem amazing enough to be on the show. I know I will catch hell from my fellow bloggers for liking this guy since I am SURE they hate him already, but I kind of like him so far.  The fact that he thinks he is spiderman is almost endearing.

So there it is. Those are my thoughts.  As I've said every year and many many times before, I am almost ALWAYS wrong and I reserve the right to change my mind at any moment. But it's so much fun to try and decide who I THINK I am going to like based off initial impressions.  Overall, I am really excited this year which is something I haven't been about a BB cast in a long time.  I think these guys show promise and many of them are going to grow on me (some like a fungus).  What are your first impressions? Are you excited? Whether we like it or not, Weds. is almost here!!


Reader Comments (8)

As always, you are spot on. But, I do have to take you to task with Nick: What the hell? Come on, you really don't like him, do you? Oh please tell you don't!!! Please. Pretty Please. I promise not to make fun of your hair color this year if you promise to tell me the truth and say that you don't like him. Waiting...still waiting...okay fine. Whatever. Actually, I heard through the twitterverse that he is really not like his interview, that he was trying to play a character. Let's hope he knocks that crap off in the house. As you always say: what you see in the interviews is rarely what you get in the house. Let's hope that holds true on Nick. I also like @Hamsterwatch's fan, McCrae. Hopefully will be around for a while. Anyway, great overview Ash!!!
June 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGettingLost
Haha. Thanks for the complements. I do actually kind of like Nick for now. I know about the stuff about him playing a character and the stuff about him being a pain in the ass behind the scenes, but for NOW...and ONLY for now, I kind of like him. Not love him. Definitely not saying he is my favorite, but I like him. Maybe it's just to be different since everyone else hates him. I will likely hate him on the feeds. He is an annoying little asshole, isn't he?

Ps - You can't make fun of my hair color this year. It's simply black.
June 24, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh
You still have time before BB starts, go add some color =)
June 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGettingLost
Hey Ash are you in NSA and listening to my phone calls and reading my email?
Cause you pretty much summed up my thoughts and feelings on the HG. Except on Nick. But, he could be playing the Dan game and totally be exaggerating his faults and politically incorrectness to be cast. I do agree that he will be interesting to watch. I am liking McCrae and love it that he embraces his pizza delivery job. I like to root for the underdog, but I think he is also just playing up that role. The other 2 I am rooting for are Spencer and Amanda and possibly Andy and GinaMarie. The rest you already stated what I am thinking. Although I like that it is an all new cast, I too am disappointed that TPTB had to throw in a Reilly. Did they not learn from the Willie disaster? And there are so many really young HG, I would have liked some more mix up in the ages. Love them or hate them older HG add to the show like Jerry, Renny and Evel Dick are the first that come to mind. Looks like CBS is trying really hard to draw in the young viewers and pushing the showmances I don't watch for that crap. I watch for the gameplay. Looking forward to seeing them all in action perhaps some will surprise us and actually have game.
June 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKimG
I hope you are right about them surprising us with some game! I also agree that it would be nice to have some older people in the cast. I'm not sure Helen will fit in with these kids, and she is only 37. It's definitely a young cast this year.

Oh, and are not supposed to know about that bug I put on your phone line. ;)
June 25, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh
You called Helen a homemaker, but isn't she a political strategist?
June 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKristen
As much as you dislike Rachael, and Jordan makes you cringe, just dont forget. However, and whatever happened during the seasons - THEY BOTH WON.
June 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDivr
Kristen, you are right, Helen does work in politics. When I used the term "homemaker" I meant that she was very into family and her kids and husband etc.. Where as a good majority this year are unattached and looking for love. Homemaker may have been the incorrect term to use though.

Divr, I've def not forgotten they won their seasons. I had to tolerate watching them the whole time. Definitely doesn't make me like them any more. ;)
June 25, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh

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