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Big Brother Season 15, Episode 7 Recap

A word of warning to the few who read these recaps. I’ve been in a foul mood all day. Like “screw this world” kind of foul. It will be a miracle if this marathon set of simple words even makes it to the web page, as the laptop could easily be tossed at my television.

Why the anger? Until last night, this eviction looked to be my highlight of the year. The production “plant” was all set to go, and had done absolutely nothing to save herself. It looked like the eviction was going to be a formality, and then maybe this MVP silliness could become a fun feature for the year.

Then a tiny political strategist (supposedly) got into the act. From day one, she had been the person campaigning for Botox Baby, even though she was sitting right next to her on the block. All of her prancercizing seemed to do little good, though, until suddenly out of the blue a young real estate woman took over.

Now it appears that tonight will be my worst nightmare. Unless there were some last-minute reconsideration of the plans, a certain stupidly named alliance will be finished. Which is kind of cool, except that a moron will have been saved and a couple of non-stop babblers will suddenly believe they have some power.

I’m jumping ahead a bit, here, so let’s get right into the show. Like every episode, we kick off where we left off last night, with the replacement of Jeremy with Nick as the third nominee. Jeremy is still confident that Elissa is going home, while Elissa drawwls about how Nick is such a huge threat. Nick doesn’t believe he is in danger. Then we get an overly long, overly dramatic explanation from Helen.

Amanda is then shown talking to Candice, asking about what they should do this week. Candice wants to ensure that a man goes, and Amanda reminds her that her vote is really important. She heads into the have-not room to tell Elissa that she thinks they have the numbers. Helen enters the room, which means that the conversation goes on way too long. Helen is getting suspicious of Spencer, and this vote will show if he’s with them or not.

Now Andy is talking with Helen, who says if Nick doesn’t “go home this week, we can’t win this game”. Andy counters that at this point, that side of the house isn’t going after them. Helen reminds him that as long as Elissa is around, she will be a target. They just have to be ready for the rage of Jeremy, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie.

Now we see Elissa crawling into bed with Jessie (wait, what?), and she tells her how important it is to get such a competitor out of the house. Jessie says that for the whole time she has been dead set on getting her out, but with Elissa now giving her attention she’s reconsidering.

Jessie then heads into the have-not room to talk to Helen. Yeah, it’s a recap of what they already said, and how the biggest, greatest alliance of all time will protect her. Until they don’t, actually.

Everybody is now sitting outside, and Howard heads inside to talk to Nick. He’s worried about the Amanda/McCrae relationship, especially since Amanda is so smart and strong. Spencer wanders in, and Howard leaves. They continue to talk about Amanda, and how they don’t believe McCrae will get her to vote as the Movers want them to.

They pull McCrae aside, and inform him that Amanda is going to figure out the Movers. He tells them “I need you guys to trust me”. He affirms he’s 100% with them, and will cut her out if he needs to. Sure you will.

McCrae goes back to Amanda, who says they have to keep Elissa. Amanda is already getting the vibes that McCrae isn’t telling her something. “I think it just makes sense to keep her here”, she says. McCrae says this week sucks, as he either has to cut loose the Movers or Amanda.

Julie now talks to the house, and the first question goes to Jeremy about not being worried about being nominated. “I was ready.” She then asks about showmances, including those who want to be in one. Yes, that question then goes to Jessie. She’s asked about why there are so many relationships, and she babbles some nonsensical garbage. Julie then reminds everybody that they’re watched and heard 24 hours a day. Amanda is asked if she keeps that in mind, and she says that after awhile you forget about it “all the time”. Aaryn is also asked, and claims that she’s just a “very open person. Everybody who is here knows a lot about me, and so does America now.”

Julie’s response? “Yes, we all do.” With a nice side of sarcasm. This was my highlight of the show. Julie reminds the nominees that one of them will be leaving, and she’ll be back with them later.

With that opening, Julie talks about how some of the comments have stirred up controversy for the show. This is a setup for footage from the house, starting with Candice complaining about things Arryn says in her presence. Howard talks about the white fish/black fish joke she had said earlier, and we get a replay of it. “You can’t play the game like that”, says Howard, who adds in the diary room he’s sensitive about it since he’s from the south. “You feel like there’s a personal vendetta, and that game play could be derailed because of it.”

Amanda replies that she doesn’t think that Aaryn is intentional in those comments. Just ignorant. In the diary room, Amanda says that she is sensitive to these remarks, and heads into the HOH to tell her that people are talking about these comments. Aaryn’s reply? “That’s the most obnoxious, annoying things I’ve ever heard.” Amanda goes on, and Aaryn carries on that she doesn’t care. “I really just think that’s the most immature thing ever. They call me Barbie and all sorts of shit about me being blonde all the time. What’s the difference?”

Oh boy, amanda is pissed. “That really shows her character.” The segment ends with a angry “stay with us” from Julie.

After commercials, it’s eviction time. Elissa goes first, and I don’t really understand anything she says. Actually, she acts like she just won an Emmy or something. “I am a target, but Nick’s the bigger threat.” Nick is up next, and he talks about how much he loves everybody. Helen is last, and she goes on about how she’s a huge Big Brother fan. She throws out a line against Jeremy, too.

The voting now starts with Jeremy, who votes to evict Elissa, as does Kaitlin. Andy, though, happily votes to evict Nick. GinaMarie is next, and votes against Elissa. Judd’s vote goes against Nick, as does Spencer and Jessie. Howard votes against Elissa, though, but McCrae’s big stand is with his girl as he votes to evict Nick! Amanda does the same and Candice. Nick is out 7-4!

Too bad there is a delay before the votes are read, but after commercials Julie reads the results. His eyes widen in shock, and GinaMarie covers her face. Nick hugs Aaryn, and then GinaMarie breaks down before Nick walks out the door.

Before his interview with Julie, we see GinaMarie continue to wail, as Howard consoles her. The rest of the house says nothing. Even after going into another room, we hear her wailing.

Julie asks Nick what is going through his mind, and he says that he believes it’s all Spencer’s fault. The audience doesn’t agree, and Julie asks why he thinks Spencer is controlling the house. He says he thinks everybody trusted him. Julie says that is the case, and if he’s mad about it. Nick says he’s not, and Juie confides that McCrae didn’t vote for him. Nick admits that the Moving Company was a “fake” game, and as you go through the time in the house you develop real game. He’s then asked if the Moving Company is done, and he says that since Amanda has figured it out it probably is over. They just couldn’t keep it secret.

We get the goodbye messages, and McCrae says he had to do it for his game. Jeremy says he doesn’t understand why Nick is gone, and he’s not happy to live another week with this “Phenbot”. Speaking of that creature, she slurs a goodbye to him and other stuff I can’t understand. Helen gives him some platitudes, and says she played a big part in his departure. GinaMarie ends it with how much she likes him. Julie ends it by saying he should have kissed Jessie. “She would have given you a vote!”

So it is now HOH competition time, and we start with a package of footage from last night. The HG’s were awakened a few times during the night with “clues” for tonight’s competition...and certain people didn’t really participate.

Heading to the backyard, it’s a true/false question competition based on the “deliveries” from last night. A wrong answer eliminates you. Judd and Jeremy are out on the first question. So much for that “photoshop memory”, Jeremy! GinaMarie, Andy, Amanda, Spencer and Elissa are out on the second question. Candice goes out next, and everybody left answers the next couple of questions correctly. It’s time for the tie-breaker question, which is the number of “BB Cola” cans “delivered” last night. The answer is 168, and all but McCrae give that answer. The second tie-breaker is how long it took Jeremy to win the second veto competition. Helen is the closest, and is the new HOH...which means we get her super-awkward dance. (BTW, Kaitlin was in second place.) What a different week that would have made!

So that’s it. Nick is gone, and Helen is HOH! America knows that Aaryn doesn’t give a fuck about being labelled a racist, and GinaMarie is considering suicide? Are you happy with these results? Are you glad the Movers are out of business? Or that slurring Elissa is still around? Tell us what you think!


Reader Comments (13)

I loved tonight's episode. I was stoked that Nick's devilish ass went home despite him having a thing for gina marie. Although that's weird is how America thought he was gay. I'm glad Mcrae and Spencer turned on Nick. Shows his ass right. Glad Helen got HOH.
July 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBB#15 FAN
I agree with you on this plant and MVP crap. How can house change power off one side had the power no matter if they are hoh. Bad on bb15 part.
July 11, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterthe dude
Amazing how the cool kids lose power ( which they always do) and they act like babies. I am guessing they will talk about quitting and how much better of players they are. Jeremy will try to bully people . He is too stupid to realize he is on the wrong side of the house. Every person voted out is so personal. They seem to forget that its a game. Julie had a great exit interview. Now gotta deal with the beautiful people pouting non stop and saying how it's somehow unfair that anyone else wins something other than them. They will bitch about fair play and sportsman ship in a game that lying and backstabbing is how you win. They loved laughing when they were in power and the others squirmed but now somehow its wrong if it happens to them.
July 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIrishcurse
I'm looking forward to an all female finale.
July 11, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermichelle
Hate to disagree with you, but i could Not Be More Thrilled. Watching Jeremy &Aaryns reactions made my day, made my night, made my week, month, summer and YEAR!!!!It was Christmas in July for me. I even think its hilarious that some viewers like yourself are upset about it. No matter what your personal feelings for Elissa happen to be, from a
game view point, Nick WAS the bigger threat, and if Elissa continues the way she is playing HER game, she will be out soon anyway, so unless you just really were rooting for Nick big time, I fail to see why you are so angry, unless you just really hate Elissa for Rachel being her sister. The outcome definitely made the showore interesting drama wise, so lighten up, buttercup, and enjoy the ride!!!
July 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKelly Osburn
Hate to disagree with you, but i could Not Be More Thrilled. Watching Jeremy &Aaryns reactions made my day, made my night, made my week, month, summer and YEAR!!!!It was Christmas in July for me. I even think its hilarious that some viewers like yourself are upset about it. No matter what your personal feelings for Elissa happen to be, from a
game view point, Nick WAS the bigger threat, and if Elissa continues the way she is playing HER game, she will be out soon anyway, so unless you just really were rooting for Nick big time, I fail to see why you are so angry, unless you just really hate Elissa for Rachel being her sister. The outcome definitely made the showore interesting drama wise, so lighten up, buttercup, and enjoy the ride!!!
July 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKelly Osburn
Can u keep all your personal bullshit about elissa to yourself and try to be somewhat impartial when reporting the events of the game? You sound like an idiot. Obviously Elissa is doing something right to not get evicted two weeks in a row so stop hating and do your job!!!!!
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered Commentergrace
I'm glad to hear someone say what many of us are thinking. Elissa is a plant who is going to be saved every week by the MVP. She is not doing well because she is such a great player she is a production favorite. She can't even read the same thing in the diary room each week and make it sound natural. It's made the season dull.
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCallasin
Wow - you are really mean towards Elissa - sorta bordering on racism and bullying yourself !!
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterellen
Okay so I am super stoked Nick went home! He was so arrogant and I couldn't stand that! As for Elissa, I like her. Not because she's Rachel's sister because I could not stand Rachel! Ugh! Now she was annoying! But Elissa seems to be the opposite of her sister and I like that. In my opinion her game is good because she is trustworthy with a few people instead of just saying she is and then stabbing them in the back. Don't get me wrong, I know that in the end, it must be done, but not this early on. I am so so happy Helen won HoH! She deserves it. She is playing a great game! I hope that she puts up Aaryn for making her a have not for the week for the second time and Jeremy because "he's a strong player" but in reality because he's just as annoyingly arrogant as Nick and MVP should put up Howard...but they won't because he has them fooled. That's why he should go up because he is a strong player and a very good one at that! The girls want the guys gone anyways :) But we will see as the week plays out!
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRee
I hate to have to repeat myself but it seems the Brenchel Army can't handle any criticism. If it wasn't for the MVP, I wouldn't care that Elissa is in there. The MVP is tainted because of her. IN MY OPINION.

This isn't a "news" site. It's a blog. I have no obligation to root for any individual person, or not state my opinion. There are plenty of other (in my opinion boring) sites that do just that. If you were to read my pieces without your Elissa blinders, though, I think you'd find that there's NOBODY that doesn't receive some criticism or sarcastic one-liners.

Yes, I would have rather that Nick stayed last night. Not that I was crazy about him, although I think he had the potential to be a good player. I wanted to even the playing field, and make the MVP mean something. I want Jeremy to get that the public doesn't share his opinion of himself. I want the tears from Aryan when she doesn't get the multiple MVP's she thinks she'll win. And I want those that actually did play a good game to win it. Amanda deserves it this week for uncovering the boy's alliance, and ultimately doing more to save Elissa than Helen is getting credit for.

Now, can we please save words like "abuse" and "racist" to those that truly deserve it? Like the Blondtourage? Criticism is not abuse. Racial slurs are.
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
sorry Scott I offended you - I take it all back !!
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterellen
Ha Ellen! :)
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott

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