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Why I'm Always Torn With Big Brother

Hi there, remember me?

I've been tweeting a ton and writing very little and for that my apologies to Scott and Ash who have been carrying the load here, along withe our friends that drop in from time to time.

For me the season so far has been extremely exciting and yet this morning I woke up to find out that (as of this instant as I write this and it may change any second) McCrae has decided to dump his alliance of movers and is full on with Amanda in working to keep Elissa.  Not what I had expected to say the least.

The logic for McCrae is still smart as it was the first week - keep the sure thing in the house and you are guarenteed NOT to get nominated by her and she will in theory put up at least one person you are willing to vote out.

My issue is just the 'unfair' advantage this is giving Elissa. I don't care that she is Rachel's sister, that is no reason to give her any advantage.  Willy Hanz didn't get special treatment from Big Brother for being Russel's brother and Bandon's uncle - and believe it or not Russel Hantz is a bit more well known that Rachel in the Reality TV world.

It's apparent to me that the reason the MVP was created this season was to help Elissa in her quest to stay in the house, as this is something the producers would like since for some crazy reason the people that watch Big Brother on television loooooved Rachel in Big Brother 13.

So far Elissa really had not done anything in the house other than to nominate David (voted out), Jeremy (saved himself with POV) and now Nick.  Guess who is most likely going hom tonight when all signs had pointed to Elissa up to 18 hours ago?  Oh I've already told you that McCrae is jumping ship to continue riding the Elissa MVP train thus sealing Nick's fate.

In the long run I'll be ok.  That is as long as Elissa eventually either steps up her game big time and starts to play, or gets voted out along with any other non-factor players (which Nick has actually kinda been so far but he had potential).

As much as I am miffed at what I perceived as a produced elimination of Nick tonight, the drama it will cause is going to be monumental.  Jeremy has been warned by Spencer and Howard that things are going on - yet he seems confident that no one is messing with his Moving Crew and at this rate he will blindly walk into the buzz saw that is Amanda.  Yes - it is Amanda that is orchestrating this - Helen may have started the ball rolling but Amanda took charge yesterday and gave it the kick it needed to get over the hump.

Thats whats tearing me up - the production created drama will keep me from being too digusted - and most of the TV viewing audience will be suckered into thinking it all just happened that way and somehow Elissa was the mastermind of it all.

So sit back and enjoy the show tonight and the live feeds after, it will be the highlight of the season so far and not something to miss.

No matter who wins HoH, Elissa will again be MVP (Should be Amanda if this happens) and so will yet again have the ability to choose someone to go up - and possibly out - next Thursday.  After tonight she will be 2 for 2 in MVP noms going home.  Kinda makes you feel like the HoH isn't much more than an immunity idol so far this season eh?


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Reader Comments (4)

This is spot on IndyMike my feelings exactly. Big brother is as scripted as professional wrestling
July 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Well I wouldn't go THAT far. The HGs are not sitting around discussing their moves. They are being manipulated (in my opinion) but the producers when needed to suit their needs but the winner has not been predetermined.
July 11, 2013 | Registered CommenterIndyMike
I love the MVP idea. The concept should make the game exciting. Instead the Brenchel fans keep voting for Rachel part duex. I do like that some of the HG's recognize if they keep her she will continue to be the target but also the MVP and they can neutralize the HOH picks with her. The other side is just morons that are power happy. It happens every year, the cool kids get power hungry and are so use to getting their asses kissed they don't realize people are telling them what they want to hear but instead are playing the game against them. Jeremy is a dope and reminds me of Russell and Jesse from previous years. Bullies that think they are the cool guys. It seems that Jeremy also wants to mate with every woman in there and thinks he can if he wanted to. Like every season there are HG's that annoy and others you like . Myself I am starting to think Andy can go far if he keeps playing both sides. they are all so concerned about others that they think they can count on him. At some point that will change but maybe not till it's too late.
July 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIrishcurse
While I am no fan of the "cool kids", I also cringe whenever I hear people declare themselves the "good people". That trio that sits in the have-not room crying (and prancing) do just as much bashing as the young twits. I just can't imagine going down to the end with the likes of Andy and Helen. That's even worse than Ian and Dan.
July 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott

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