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A quickie - Nominations - MVP and Thursday Night Fight TImeline

Hey there,

So as most know there was a whole lot of action in the house Thursday night and I went back and jotted some quick notes with flashback times for those that want to go see most of the action.

But before we get to that - Nominations were today and we expected Aaryn and Howard to go up but at the last minute Helen went with Aaryn and Kaitlin (was Helen incluenced by the DR NOT to nominated Howard? perhaps...).  Elissa seems to have won MVP yet again although McCrae is trying to pretend he did to throw people off.  Elissa was going to put up Howard as the MVP nom but now it sounds like it may be someone else - we will find out tomorrow.

With that - here is the timeline for the action on Thursday 7/11:

10:09pm Cam 3/4 Jessie says "this is my bed" - starts to get quizzed/grilled/attacked by Kaitlin & Aaryn for breaking their alliance.

10:11pm Cam 3/4 Judd enters takes Jesse out - Aaryn calls Judd Jessie's "5th chance at showmance" Mostly fallout from this for the next 10 min around the house

The 'nice people' hung out in one bedroom laughing and joking eventually

10:40pm Cam 3/4 Aaryn flips Candices bed.

10:41pm All 4 Cams Helen gets HoH room

10:44pm Cam 1/2 Helen reads HoH letter (3/4 Hgs watch)

10:47pm Cam 3/4 Gina leaves HoH & goes back to bed. Jesse runs to reclaim her bed.

10:48pm Cam 3/4 Kaitlin comes in and lays on "Jessie's" bed much to Jessie's protesting. Candice enters and finds her bed has been flipped

10:49pm Cam 3/4 Jeremy enters and climbs in bed with Jessie - again to her protests.

10:53pm Cam 3/4 Candice and Aaryn get into it over the bed flip.

10:54pm Cam 1/2 Crazy happy dance in HoH room meanwhile Howard carries Candice out of bedroom as she Gina are face to face arguing.

11:02pm Cam 1/2 GinaMarie apologizes to Candice.

11:05pm Cam 1/2 Candice crying in Have Not Room to Howard

11:09pm Cam 3/4 Amanda enters the bedroom and starts getting into it with Aaryn & Kaitlin.

11:10pm Cam 3/4 Amanda says that BB is showing Aaryn as "Very Racist" - explains that BB is asking lots of Q's in the DR.  Aaryn can't believe it.

11:20pm Cam 1/2 Howard and Candice pray in the Have Not room.

11:23pm Cam 3/4 Jessie leaves back room with Judd - he calls Kaitlin (& Aaryn?) 'trash'

11:26pm Cam 3/4 Howard having issues in Have Not room - crying - praying

11:27pm Cam 3/4 Howard tells Kaitlin to 'get out' when she starts to enter Have Not.

11:30pm Cam 3/4 Candice gets comfort from Elissa, Andy and Helen in the HoH bathroom.

11:33pm Cam 3/4 Helen tried to calm Candice - Candice addresses Aaryn's parents via the feeds telling them they raised a terrible child.

11:34pm Cam 1/2 Spencer tells Judd that Jessie was the oddball vote (it was actually Howard of course)

11:46pm Helen PEP talk "go fight and win it ....... good people are going to win this game"   hugging Candice "being a minority is tough in this world" 

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