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The Night Owl

It was another pretty non-eventful night in the BB house.   Jeremy did try to campaign to Helen and Elissa for quite a while. Helen's HOH-itis was in full swing and even though she never intended to consider his offers, she still made him promise her a million things to keep him.  He isn't staying though.



Helen also had a bad case of verbal diarrhea and outed her alliance members and who she was protecting to Jeremy while talking to him.  Jeremy went downstairs and mentioned all she had said to Amanda, McCrae, and Judd.  Amanda freaked out about Helen outing them. Later on in the night, after some wine, Helen drunkenly lied her ass off about it and said that she did not tell him any of the people she was protecting.



That was pretty much all the game that happened.  For the rest of the night there were just random conversations and a little hilarity here and there as well as a few tiffs.  GinaMarie attacked Aaryn when Aaryn said that she knew Nick went to Yale.  Judd followed Andy for a while imitating everything he did  and making it hard for Andy to talk at normal speed or quite as much.  He also did this to GinaMarie for a while. 



Amanda and McCrae did their normal amount of making out and isolating to the cockpit as well as random gametalks about the future. Kaitlin and Jeremy also did their fair share of making out and laying on top of each other.

Much later in the night while the rest of the house was gathered up in the HOH with Helen, Spencer and Jeremy tag teamed Aaryn with a bunch of questions about her sex life: "You like it in the butt, don't you?" "You like to swallow instead of spit, don't you"  "You're teeth are perfect for having a dick in your mouth."  etc..  I would almost feel sorry for her except that it's Aaryn.  I also think she may have enjoyed it, and I see her rubbing this conversation in Kaitlin's face very soon.

That's pretty much it.  They are all winding down and I don't forsee much else happening tonight.  As always you can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...

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