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The Night Owl

There has been an insane amount of ass on hat crime this season so far. Between Candice being accused of "demoniacally" sitting on Aaryn's hat to the events of tonight, I really think these other HGs better hide their hats. (hide yo hats, hide yo wife)


If you don't know what I am talking about, during the CBS show tonight while the live feeds were still running, Jeremy decided it would be a good idea to wipe his bare butt crack with Elissa's NC hat.  The big discussion in the twitterverse tonight was "what would happen with Jeremy, and would he be forced to tell Elissa?".



At first it seemed like nothing was going to happen, but things over at CBS take time.  After being called to the DR at least 3 times, Jeremy emerged and pulled Elissa into the Cockpit room.  He told her that he "tapped her hat to his butt, but didn't dig it in there or anything" which is COMPLETELY false.   He then told her that he was really sorry and that CBS told him he had to make her aware that they were dry cleaning her hat and that if she didn't want that hat anymore he would have to buy her a new one out of his stipend.  His apology seemed less than sincere, but I'm personally just happy that she was told about the hat before she touched it or wore it since you can get some pretty gnarly germs from someone's dirty butt crack.   I may not like Elissa, but there are some things that just need to be known.



A little game talk went down here and there.  There was a short session between Nick and Spencer where they decided to tell Jeremy to throw a random vote to get out Elissa so that the votes would be more balanced.  Then there were several meetings in the HOH room of the fake alliance of Helen, McCrae, Spencer, Howard, Judd, Andy etc.. now calling themselves "The Outsiders".  They talked about who would win HOH and who they would put up.  They all want Aaryn out next as of now except for Amanda who is hell bent on getting Nick out.  They agreed that they are hoping for a "Majority Rules" HOH so that they can all pick the same answers and knock out the other side.


Amanda went on a total tirade about how she just HAS to get Nick out this week.  She is POSITIVE he is getting MVP instead of Elissa (pfffft) and that there is something secret about him because he doesn't talk game with her but he gets called to the diary room each day.  SO help me every time I try to like this girl she does something to really annoy me. Spencer tried to reel her in a bit saying that he didn't think there was any way that anyone but Elissa would get MVP as long as she is in the house (duh), but Amanda was having none of it.



Elissa cornered Nick several times trying to pin him down on his strategy and who he was going to vote for.  He gave her the same answer each time telling her that "he was voting with what the house said they were doing because he didn't want to make waves".  She asked him who the house told him they were voting out and he told her that he didn't want to play that game with her because it will turn into he said she said about the votes and will fall back on him.  He is of course voting David out, but she doesn't know that.  She did a little more questioning of some of the other HGs, but mostly she just stared and posed and talked really slowly in her Rachel voice.  I do have to give her a LITTLE bit of credit though.  When she talked to Jeremy about the hat incident, she didn't freak out or anything. She told him it was the least of her worries and that she was more concerned with how he attacks people and how he is going to be portrayed to "families" watching the show. It's REALLY difficult for me to give Elissa any credit, so I'm just going to move on now....



Outside of those small gaming sessions, there was mostly just the usual.  GinaMarie chasing Nick around..I mean SERIOUSLY chasing him around telling him about  what their wedding and engagement would be like.. plus freaking out because he talked to Jessie etc..   This girl is SO much more Fatal Attraction than I would have ever suspected.  Her biggest meltdown came over his decision to shave his facial hair into a "Reno 911 mustache".  Nick was thrilled with his new look and took on a new accent and hat to go with it, but GM bitched, complained, whined, and begged BB to make him shave it until they finally did (probably having more to do with looks continuity than her whining.)  I really REALLY don't know how much more I can take of GinaMarie.  I wanted to like her in the beginning. She seemed like she might be fun, but between her hateful words, her psycho stalker ways, and her desperations and constant crying the last few days, I'm just done with her in general. I am amazed by Nick's poker face and his ability to put up with her.



Aaryn was bitchy as usual about everyone and everything, but also found time to make up some really stupid annoying dance with GinaMarie where they shook their hair around and in general looked dumb.  She made out with David some.  There was also a small fight involving she and David and the former have nots as Aaryn is not willing to give up or change beds so that the have nots will have places to sleep.  She went on her usual mean girl bitchy tirade about it and in the end nothing changed and most of the Have Nots ended up still bed-less.



McCrae is still playing a really excellent game and managed to balance all his various fake alliances frequenting the HOH room as well as his real alliance (TMC) while still having a pretty good time.  He may actually be one of my all time favorite HOHs.  He has done an excellent job.  I love that he is playing very very smart, but hasn't let ego take over. He never did the "come kiss the ring" thing, and I dunno, I just really love this kid. I'm hoping he is in for the long run.



I am so so SO excited to see what happens when David gets voted out.  Even though Aaryn broke up with him, I still think the real members of the BlondeTourage are going to lose it and I cannot WAIT to see how the whole thing goes down.  Are you guys excited?!  Hopefully I should have a TON to write about tomorrow night!!  Happy Eviction Day!!


Reader Comments (4)

Happy Eviction Day!!!

I'm also looking forward to tonight. I'm going to be glued to the feeds to watch KKKAaryn's meltdown. I agree on McCrae. He is playing a smart game. My only beef is his stupid alliance, the Moving Company. Its good game play, but I can't stand Nick and Jeremy. And how they constantly congratulate one another for their awesomesauceness.

Thanks for the rundown!
July 3, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterpsychodrew
Thanks for the update. I think McRae displays some of the physical manifestations of a crack smoker. The way he moves his arms and pulls and strokes his hair reminds me of the behavior of a crack head. I agree that he has played a good HOH.
July 3, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterboptist 23
Thanks for the update. I think McRae displays some of the physical manifestations of a crack smoker. The way he moves his arms and pulls and strokes his hair reminds me of the behavior of a crack head. I agree that he has played a good HOH.
July 3, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterboptist 23
Jeremy is a spoiled silver spoon bully. A little rich kid who enjoys tormenting others. He is Evel Dick but without the strategy. I won't be upset when he gets evicted. Hopefully before jury.
July 3, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn

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