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The Night Owl

Well, they can't all be like last night, can they?  Not a lot happened in the house game wise tonight.  There were a few amusing moments though.

When I turned on the feeds this afternoon the first thing I saw was GinaMarie having the beginning of what would prove to be a very...VERY long meltdown.  It lasted all of the afternoon and into the night. When asked by the girls what was wrong she immediately went into explanations of "I don't have my clothes or tanning lotion here and don't feel like myself".  She continued to cry and pout and hang out alone and go to her room and carry on.  She then turned it into a big "I'm going home" show.  Now some people might actually think that she was having a real spoiled brat meltdown about clothes, I however did not believe this for a minute.  GinaMarie has been heavily crushing on Nick (who is not interested, but playing "slightly" interested the best he can in order to remain in with the BlondeTourage alliance).  He doesn't give her all that much attention and it's been making her a little nuts.  She is also very vocal about how jealous she is of Jessie coming anywhere near Nick. 

So tonight, right at the perfect moment for this to happen, Jessie decided she would play a little game called "I'm going to follow Nick everywhere and do everything with him until he tells me why he doesn't like me".  I'm not making that up or kidding. She was completely blunt about the fact that she was doing that. This made Nick possibly the most uncomfortable I've seen him in the house yet, but also sent GinaMarie to a whole new level of attention need.



After Nick was finally able to shake Jessie off by telling her that it's all in her head and that he likes her just fine, he went to the hammock to try and have a chat with Andy.  That lasted all of 5 minutes before GinaMarie decided to come and announce to him that she is leaving the show.  Tears and snot and words etc.. came from her while Andy begged her not to go.  Nick FINALLY gave in and walked her into the house to give her a talking to. It took all of 5 minutes for her to tell him "he hung out with Jessie all day" (she followed him for 10 minutes). And that she is on her period and doesn't have her good makeup.  As soon as he gave her some attention she was back up for anything and totally back in the game. Color me NOT remotely shocked.  Run, Nick, run...we have a fatal attraction situation possibly more serious than last years bunny boiler.  I think the most amusing part of this whole situation was the eruption on my twitter timeline of Nick love for being the most patient person in the world for tolerating all this nonsense.  I have to admit, it's great game play, but I'm not sure I could do it.



Unfortunately after this tidbit of entertainment, the HGs decided to play movie charades.  I realize charades is a fun game for THEM to play, but for me it's just plain boring.  If they are not fighting, or gaming, or at least being funny, I'm just not that entertained.  There were a few funny moments though like when Andy got up to do his movie and before he could start the charade, people started shouting "Rugrats!" "Chuckie!" "Problem Child!" etc...   Then when Nick went to do his, Jeremy yelled out "The Machinist" and Judd yelled "Anorexia!" (which I don't think is actually a movie).



After charades broke up, for a while the feeds were out.  Not like fish, they were just black screen.  A few hours later when they came back McCrae and Amanda were having a chat about general stuff and rehashing a little bit of game stuff.  Later on Jessie came and talked to McCrae about being nervous about Weds. 



Possibly the most amusing thing that happened all night was the breaking up of Aaryn and David.  Aaryn took David outside and had one of the most ridiculous conversations I've ever heard about how she can't be with him because he thinks he is just attractive and going to be famous. She said he just tells her how much he likes her all the time but doesn't tell her anything about him other than that he is hot. David campaigned harder to remain her boyfriend than he has to stay in the house, but to no avail.  Aaryn says they will still be aligned and be friends, but no more sexy stuff.



There were many other discussions and a few silly games that went on, but nothing really worth writing about. Since nothing much is going on, I'm calling it an early night.   For now I'm just sitting in wait for a really REALLY entertaining eviction night.  I seriously cannot wait.  If this blindside really works the feeds are going to go CRAZY!!  Until tomorrow night...

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