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Big Brother Gossip Show #305: Twitter Triumph

It began as a sluggish week, but the excitement level went up after our hero J-U-Double-D won HOH. Tonight's show went through everything that happened after his victory, including our successful online victory against the dreaded Reilly sister. 

Of course, that victory was shortlived, and we hang our heads in shame. We admit our defeat, though, and laugh at the silliness that ensued. Download this now! I said now! You're also not going to want to miss the debut of the new opening theme!

You can grab this at the usual online sources, or through Scott's The Ledge iPhone/android app. Or...


Thanks to those that listened live, and also for the contributions of Colette and Mike. I also can't forget our Ash for her wonderful work as Audio Producer!

Reader Comments (2)

OMG you three are so funny together. You never fail to crack me up. I like the way you cover all the main points about what is currently going on in the house, specifically a lot of stuff that's pissing me off. I've been off the rails ranting ever since Elissa won POV and you guys covered some details that I didn't even know about. Her smirk all the time is making me tear my hair out. I'm on the East coast but I want to go there and personally yank her out of there. Bite your tongue Scott for saying Rachel will show up next week. I've been dreading this happening since I first heard about Elissa being on the show. I've said before that production thinks that if one Reilly is good for the show, two Reillys will be fantastic and the TV fans will love it. I know in my bones this is going to happen and I'll lose my cookies when it does. Enough from me. Can't wait to hear your next show. Keep up the good work. I love a good snarky show and you three don't disappoint.
July 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLumina
If you listen - please comment via itunes or here - we appreciate any and ALL feedback. Our feelings won't be hurt if you hated it. And if you loved it - it really won't make our massive egos any larger :)
July 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterindymike

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