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The Night Owl


Paranoia paranoia paranoia!!  That's basically what went down in the BB house tonight.

Earlier in the day, after much bludgeoning to his brain by Amanda and Andy, Judd switched up his nominations from Kaitlin and GinaMarie to Kaitlin and Aaryn.  I still have no idea what is actually happening in Judd's brain though because while he put up the two people Amanda wanted, he still does not seem to be going along with the BD Howard plan.  His story to each of the HGs has been inconsistent, but I am fairly certain he has SOME kind of plan he is trying to pull off.  He told Aaryn to make sure to act like she is pissed off at him, but to not worry because if he gets veto she is coming down.  Whether that means to put up Howard or not, I'm completely not sure at this point.  Judd is a really good bullshitter and it's hard to tell when he is being honest and when he isn't.  I do know he is unimpressed by McCrae letting Amanda push him around, and has made several statements about wanting to get her out, but he also knows it would be a huge move and he would likely not get the votes at this point in time.  He also mentioned the idea of getting Elissa out to a few people, but has the same problem when it comes to votes.  Then again, GinamMarie is on his last nerve and he could (although hopefully not as I think he is smarter than this) go personal and try to get her out.  Who knows at this point...



Shortly after the nominations the paranoia began.  First, Elissa stared asking Judd and a few others if they got MVP.  Then she started acting weirder and weirder and progressively weirder still.  She started timing people's DR sessions and following them around etc..  which prompted the people she was being weird about to discuss her being weird.  Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, Andy, and Judd all shuffled in and out of the cockpit discussing Elissa's weird behavior all night.  Eventually she was called into the DR, and when she got out she told Judd that she did not have MVP but was pretty sure there must be a twist since they didn't give it to her.  They both swore they did not have it.

Meanwhile, Howard came into the Cockpit, also known as Amanda and McCrae's office, and told them he would like to be in an alliance with them.  He laid all his cards on the table, rehashed the MC alliance and it's downfall, and told them where he was at in the game.  Unfortunately, all this did was fuel Amanda to be even more gungho and crazy at Judd about having to backdoor him. Later in the night Howard also had a similar conversation with Andy about trusting him and wanting an alliance.  This will likely seal Howard's fate if the are able to get him on the block since I am sure Andy will run to the rest of the "Goof Troop" and tell them that Howard was trying to make deals with him.



 Helen, Elissa, and Andy took up residence in the HOH room for most of the night (without Judd there). Candice came in and they all discussed "mom things", Candice's adoption, and many other non game related things.  I was bored out of my mind for most of it and didn't pay that much attention.



Amanda spent a good part of her night alternately making out with McCrae and confiding in Aaryn telling her ways to make sure that she stays in the house. She also covered about a million different scenarios as to what the twist might be.  She and McCrae have told both Kaitlin and Aaryn that they are completely safe and are going nowhere.  This totally goes against the fact that Judd wants to get a girl out this week instead of a guy.



These people have scrambled my brains tonight and it would take days to explain all the different conversations, scenarios, and paranoid delusions going on.  Just know that they are all freaking out, which is VERY entertaining for all of us watching.

The really cool thing about this, in my opinion anyway, is that we now have NO idea what is going to happen until we see who is nominated for MVP and who wins veto later today.  Obviously most of America dedicated their MVP votes to getting Aaryn on the block, but thanks to Judd, she is already there.  Who the runner up will be, none of us know.  It COULD be someone as boring as Spencer or GinaMarie going up because people actually threw them some votes.  However, it could also mean that people voted for someone who might REALLY lose it if they got put on the block.  If Amanda goes up, I see her really going nuts...especially if she believes that someone in the house secretly has the MVP and won't tell her about it.  I would also love to see Elissa go up and have none of them know how it happened.  Don't get me wrong, I don't see Elissa or Amanda going anywhere.  If they don't put Howard up somehow, I am relatively positive either Aaryn or Kaitlin will walk, but I will enjoy every minute of whoever goes up freaking out.   If it's someone like Spencer the freak-out will be much less as it will be expected.

There should be a lot to report tomorrow night after we find out who goes up and who wins veto. As always you can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates. Until tomorrow night...


Reader Comments (6)

Aaryn has no redeeming qualities to keep her in the game, and esp has no chance of winning. She's not a good game player and isn't even playing a game on her own at all. Until this week all she did was hang out on her bed as if at a slumber party, laughing it up and enjoying being naughty. She's had one too many belligerent interactions and fights, and incited others to do the same.
July 20, 2013 | Unregistered Commentergigicats
Amazing they don't rename the MVP "Ellissa's choice". I like the idea of the twist and if used correctly ( not telling anyone you have it) it could cause chaos in the house. Instead Ellissa expects it so much that she knows the timing of when they give it out. Glad Judd won the hoh because he has been like Switzerland in this game. Don't care who goes. Maybe GM because she is useless in this game.

BTW as usual, love the overnight updates. Thanks.
July 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIrishcurse
One question Ash: I noticed Julie did not go into details with Jeremy's exit interview like she did with David or Nick. Please tell me CBS is not planning to return a player into the game.

Hopefully they keep Amanda at least until Jury. She would be one that would respect game play and not vote on emotion. You wants those types in Jury; very persuasive with other Jury members.

BTW, love the updates.
July 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJeffg55
Gigigats, Irishcurse and Jeffg55 - agree with all y'all wrote. I'm thrilled that America gets to nominate houseguest for eviction now. I had opted that we would all get to choose Aaryn, so she would know how much America hates her. Oh well.

I feel bad watching Gina Marie as I think she has mental problems and is unraveling. (And these will only get worse when she learns of her firing.) When she was crying because she had no clothes and others offered to let her wear theirs, she let it slip that she just really didn't want to be in the house. She is homesick. And then when Nick left, this exacerbated her feeling of being alone and homesick. So I think Nick leaving the house is just "cover" for her really being homesick (and mentally fragile). But enough with the crying. I think there should be a big brother rule (that should have started in Amber's season) where if you cry for more than half the day, for at least three days in a row, that you get booted out of the house automatically.

As Helen, Amanda and Howard, all of whom I liked and now all of whom have disappointed (H&A for being too demanding, Howard for being lame with game play), I am leaning more and more to liking Jessie. She stood up for herself and didn't let herself be victim to the bullies, she annoyed Nick by following him one day, she is floating, but not for lack of trying to find a clan. I also like McCrae and worry that if they can't get Amanda, they'll come after him instead. So I need Amanda to leave soon also.
July 20, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn

Elissa. I really don't think America wanted to evict her, but thought they were voting for MVP still. Goes to show you just how reading comprehension has declined in our nation. Now she's on the block and if she doesn't get taken off through POV, I think there's a great chance she will be the one going home this week. If the producers' don't save her. But by the sounds of it, and the weird things she was saying to Judd earlier, she might have had a four-week contract with the show anyway, and her time is up anyway?

And now the houseguests are thinking she self-nominated herself as strategy to play the POV. Zeesh. If she gets evicted and America gets to keep nominating houseguests, they'll probably just conclude that Elissa is still making the nominations from outside the house.
July 20, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
My 10 votes went to Amanda this week lol. Mostly just to see her freak out and wonder who did it. But CBS seems to want to tell them everything I guess.
July 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRichard

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