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The Night Owl

Well it was kind of a crazy night in the BB house.  After Elissa was nominated by America and the house spun out in paranoia, the veto was played.  It was one of the "punishments for points" vetos and Elissa actually won it.  This again sparked mass paranoia through the house as to who the MVP might be and why they would nominate Elissa.  More importantly, who are they going to nominate in her place.  I want to know as well.  I was completely shocked (pleasantly I might add) that Elissa got nominated in the first place. Now I REALLY have no idea who will go up next.

Thank God for small veto favors as Helen received a curfew as her punishment and was not allowed to get out of bed or talk after 8pm. So no Helen speeches, lectures, or pep talks tonight.  She did however find time to do a lot of talking before her punishment began.  She decided she was on to Amanda's game and wasn't sure if Amanda was MVP or not, but either way, she was kind of done with her.  She ALMOST made a smart move by talking to Howard and Candice about it because they are already on the anti-Amanda/get her out next week bandwagon, but then she stupidly told Andy, adding on to it "If you tell ANYONE what I'm telling you, I will kill you.".  I guess her bluff will be called, because Andy of COURSE immediately ran and told Amanda and McCrae what Helen had said.

Coming in second in the veto was Judd who received a punishment of 24 hours of "alarm" solitary confinement in the Cockpit.  There is a large alarm clock inside that blasts a really loud alarm every 9 minutes until you hit the snooze button.  Thus far Judd has handled it well though, and hopefully this will give him time to think things through without Amanda or Andy in his ear.



After Judd was tucked away in his SC room, Amanda immediately claimed the HOH room for herself and McCrae and planted herself in the bed up there.  There was a small argument between she and Candice and Elissa when Elissa and Candice decided to question her about why she has been telling Aaryn she is safe and why she is telling everyone that Elissa is the POV and nominated herself.  After that fight died down, Amanda started bouncing more paranoid game off of McCrae and trying to listen through the HOH door to hear what people might be saying at the chess board outside.



After this things sort of died down for a little while.  After all the paranoia and playing the veto, it seemed like everyone was kind of settling in to boring old usually stuff, but then there was a booze delivery.  Today/midnight was the beginning of McCrae's 24th birthday, so Amanda wanted to do something special for him.  She dressed up with the help of the other girls and did a fun dominatrix routine for him, which of course McCrae enjoyed.



This whole thing actually went really well and was kind of fun to watch until Ellissa decided to turn on her passive aggressive bitch mode. From what I understand, Elissa drank a bottle of wine to herself and then took it upon herself to say that Amanda looked like a "Spearmint Rhino".  At first I thought Elissa was calling her fat, but it turns out that is a strip club in Vegas.  I'm still unclear on whether Amanda knew what she was actually saying about her since she said herself that she WANTED to look like a stripper.  Whatever the case may be, Amanda ended up crying in the bathroom about it, and then McCrae ended up in the bathroom with her while she cried about it, and that was the state of things for quite a while.



Once Elissa headed off to bed, McCrae and Amanda secluded themselves back up into the HOH room to do things of a sexual nature while Judd continued to sleep through the massive buzzing noise in his Solitary confinement.  Some of the girls and Spencer just hung out and were silly for a bit, and that was pretty much the end of it.



It's going to be a long day and night until Monday morning when the veto ceremony will reveal our 4th choice in a nomination, but the general consensus of the house at this point is that Aaryn is going no matter what.  Amanda is still pushing for Howard if they can get him out, but McCrae has told her to stop as every other person in the house wants Aaryn (or Amanda if they can get her) out. 

That's pretty much it for tonight.  As always you can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more live feed updates.  Until tomorrow night..

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Reader Comments (2)

Wow. What a great job recapping the night. I found your link on twitter and I'm so glad I did, as I love the way you sum it all up. Great job. Thanks!
July 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterHugopetty
Amanda has HOHitis without the HOH. I thought she'd win but she's self-destructing & doing stupid things. Darn fun to watch though.
July 21, 2013 | Unregistered Commenternil

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