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A Day In The Life Of: Aaryn

Today should be interesting, as I’m going to follow around America’s favorite racist. I should have done this profile earlier in the season, though, as she’s been almost forgotten the last few days. It’s now almost assumed that she will be nominated every week, but last week there was a much bigger fish to fry.

This week may be different, although there are some cracks in the foundation that may result in one of a handful of others that see Julie Chen on Thursday. It’s doubtful in my mind that this will actually happen, and it will ultimately depend on the next person down the list on America’s nominee voting.

It’s a lazy day in Big Brother, as the house had a late-night that saw Aaryn actually fight against some of the charges against her. Insanely fight, of course, but she seems to be perplexed why people want her gone. Like I said, she insanely debated the charges.

Anyway, it’s a quiet morning, except for the plop plop fizz fizz of Helen’s feet as she jogs around the house. Why somebody who is trying to sleep doesn’t get up and yell at her for being so inconsiderate is beyond me, but we don’t see Aaryn at all until after 12:30. In the meantime, Helen has gathered the troops into another gigantic alliance that will last until the next giant alliance. What’s strange is that she’s seen making small talk about Elissa, who is doing her usual passive/aggressive method of gaining knowledge she already knows. Aaryn doesn’t give her much as she continues to much down her cereal.

She putters around the kitchen or a bit before disappearing off camera. We do hear her a little bit later saying “good afternoon” to Judd, who is still stuck in solitary confinement. Instead, the cams either focus on Jessie cooking slop or Amanda and McCrae finally waking up (along with Helen blathering on for hours outside). This raises a question. Is CBS so fed up with Aaryn that they’re no longer giving us the tittilation of our little racist getting ready in the morning (I mean afternoon)? Is McCrae making a bed or Jessie stirring a pot more entertaining than watching a cute blonde girl go through her daily routine?

The camera does return to her as she sits silently in the living room. She does take Amanda aside and informs her that Elissa and Helen are spreading stories from last night. She’s pissed that she is now the person to blame for everything that ever happens in the house. Amanda doesn’t seem to care, though...for now.

Aaryn again disappears for a time, as there are more important things to show. Amanda versus Candice. Amanda versus Elissa. Helen’s interrogations and repeated descriptions of her curfew. At least various people show up to cheer up (or is it bother?) Judd during his solitary confinement.

She is then seen talking to McCrae about various topics, including the circumstances of her birth and her heart murmur. She then moves on to laundry as Helen continues to bore everybody with more of her chatter. She also suggests that Amanda and McCrae should clean up the HOH, but doesn’t get much of a reply.

As Helen holds court in the pool, Aaryn continues to work with the laundry before heading inside to sit around as Candice makes “slop balls”. There’s some babbling about self-help books, and “inflamed intestines”. Arryn claims to have once wanted to be a relationship counselor, but after reading a million books she realized that there is no correct answer. “It stirred me more away from relationships rather than being in them.” This explains a lot.

Ok, reverse my earlier complaint. We do get nonsense footage of Arryn fixing her hair, while GinaMarie is working on her extensions. Little is said by either of them. Kaitlin joins them, chowing down on some food like she’s a “Neandertall”, but the chat doesn’t improve. They complain how Candice is going around saying that they’ve all been talking trash about Elissa. “I’m jaded by it”, replies Aaryn. “I really don’t care anymore...I feel like I’ve been chastised to the point where I’m not fun anymore. I’m not even like me.”

The whining continues as Aaryn complains about how people portray themselves as victims. She does make a point, though, when she complains that Amanda ends up apologizing to the person, Elissa, who was making fun of her last night. GinaMarie finally tires of the conversation, and tells her she doesn’t give a fuck. They even snip at each a little before GinaMarie stomps off to have a bizarre conversation/confrontation with Elissa. While that goes down, Arryn plops herself on the floor to chat with Judd.

Once that ridiculous conversation is finished, GinaMarie reports everything that was said (or her version of it) to Amanda. Meanwhile, Aaryn is now having an argument with Kaitlin in the bathroom. Yes, it’s about that same conversation with Amanda last night. The MVP situation has EVERYBODY on edge, and Aaryn’s complaint is that the two of them are supposed to be friends, yet she went to Elissa to bitch about her. “It’s gameplay”, replies Kaitlin. They move their fight into the kitchen, where Amanda joins in. It’s really a silly she said/she said fight. “You’re playing into that whole word mistake thing”, Aaryn complains. Somebody explain what that means, please.

Kaitlin wanders off to complain about Arryn, which leaves GinaMarie to endure more of her whining. It’s really just the same stuff over and over, although it is funny when GinaMarie claims “I never talk shit. I don’t need to.” Really? Aaryn finally wanders off to report to Judd her latest complaints. “It’s killing me. It’s killing my game.” Poor Judd.

She’s then off camera for a time, as Howard and Candice play pool, while Kaitlin befriends the likes of Spencer, Helen, Andy, and Spencer. Yes, exciting.

I did then watch the CBS show with the feeds on in the background. The only thing of consequence that happened during that hour was that Judd was released from solitary confinement, and Aaryn was part of the welcoming committee that rewarded him with beer and pizza. She sits outside with him and a few others afterwards, and confides that she is finally learning how to stop talking. Finally, during the week you’re probably going home!

It’s now photo booth time, which is a good place for a break. It’s the same as always. They all participate, and it’s really boring as a viewer. Oh wait, they don’t. A couple of them do, and they most wander back to what they were already doing.

Aaryn wanders back outside, where Amanda and Judd are gossiping. Amanda’s rage is now against Kaitlin and her new alliance, which obviously is something that Aaryn is pleased to hear. Judd’s not really against this plan, or so he says.

Suddenly, she’s back in the bedroom with Kaitlin, but I can’t make out anything they’re whispering. GinaMarie barges in anyway, so Arryn decides to participate in the photo booth silliness.

A little later, she interrupts a very tense meeting in the HOH involving Spencer, McCrae, and Amanda. She exits pretty quickly and the talk carries on. She returns to Kaitlin and GinaMarie in the kitchen.

My patience is starting to wear thin as Arryn now gets in the hammock with GinaMarie and Kaitlin to continue her daily theme on mean people and lies. It’s the same stories over and over. Jessie breaks it up a bit by joining them, and the talk moves to slop and jewelry before she wanders off.

Thirty minutes later, she joins a number of people outside on the couch. Spencer is at his best, almost begging Jessie to take off her bra as he has a “secret alliance” with her nipples. Classy. The feeds don’t last long on this group, as Helen is again pontificating in the HOH, and Elissa is being her typical weird self in the kitchen. They do return to the group scene from time to time, and when it’s not minor items they’re discussing it does all go back to Elissa and how weird she is.

There is one major happening in the house this evening, and since it doesn’t involve Aaryn she’s hit and miss for quite some time. There’s a fake engagement between McCrae and Amanda, and GinaMarie shows her jealousy because she didn’t get such an event with Nick. Aaryn is one that attempts to talk her down, and there is also a funny moment where Aaryn compliments Elissa on a treat that she had made. Elissa ignores her.

After that, it’s a pretty calm night. Aaryn is more sociable than usual, and she even ends up in the same vicinity with people she normally spends little time with (Candice, etc.). There’s lots of homelife talk, but nothing really serious. The night ends with Aaryn sitting up in the HOH with Judd, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, and Spencer. The prime talk again is Elissa, and her strangeness.

So that’s it. A full day with the most hated woman in Big Brother history, and you know what? It wasn’t that much of a chore. She really has calmed down, and while she does have a tendency to whine, for the most part she’s no more self-absorbed than anybody else in the house.

Any thoughts on this piece? Should I have piled on with condemnation like every other Aaryn report? Tell us what you think.


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    Big Brother 16 Gossip - Big Brother Gossip - A Day In The Life Of: Aaryn

Reader Comments (12)

Why pick on aaryn? Is it because she's southern? Or is cute with blonde hair and blue eyes? Yes, she has said some things but most were from a comedian. And why is the main focus on aaryn when others such as gm elissa spencer kaitlyn and Amanda make far worse comments. Even tonight you didn't mention Amanda trying to bait aaryn by saying come on aaryn say something semi racist. So why is aaryn getting the brunt of everything. It's because of people like Howard and Candice pulling the race card even though Andy says worse to their faces. CBS should be ashamed of doing this to her when others are doing worse and I feel that you should do a piece on them if you can do one on aaryn.
July 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCt
Aaryn has changed her game. Things said by the others and maybe BB are sinking in. I really thought she had a chance to win it all. Now, not so much. She is just on the down low as much as she can be. She still has a lot to learn in life.
July 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterHoops
After watching the following video, quite frankly Aaryn in my eyes has become one of the lesser of the evils. No, I am not defending her, or necessarily rooting for her to go far in this game, but as someone whos only a year or two older then she, and who comes from a small community with an extremely small minority, her comments to me weren't so much hate filled as they where that of someone who comes from a sheltered life/environment where honestly, very few people even blink an eye at remarks like she made. Needless to say, for those who don't watch the live feeds, I'd suggest watching this video, and then ask yourself, is Aaryn Gries the root of all evil in the Big Brother house.
July 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterReginald Cameron
CT, I'm not sure if you know this but I have a series of articles where I follow a person all day long. Earlier posts have followed Jeremy, Elissa, Jessie, Nick, and that forgotten guy that hooked up with Aaryn :). The plan is to have a feature on eveyr person by the end of the season. Today was Aaryn's turn, and I don't think I was that hard on her. The previous sins of the others aren't listed because that's not what this post was about. Personally, I'm over the whole controversy, and hope that she does stay for awhile primarily because I don't want a house full of Helens.
July 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Just because she's learning to keep her mouth shut, ... Wait a minute, she's not keeping her mouth shut, she's just using it to spread lies and try to start conflict. Anyway, as the old saying goes, a leopard doesn't change its spots. She's on the ropes now and has gone into survival mode. As soon as that girl is on top or has a supportive audience, the racist remarks will start right back up.

And what really pisses me off is that after watching that racist little girl spread her hate and seeing how it hurt others, we're never going to see how it affects her once she gets out of the house. Sure, we know she lost her job and students at her college want her kicked out, but we'll never see her hurt in such a manner as those she hurt. I'd like to see that. She deserves to have people see that.

She has no self-awareness. She's going to spend the rest of her life saying, "I'm not a racist, they twisted my words."

I'm sorry you had to follow her for a day. You probably would have had more fun switching cameras.
July 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSugarLumps
The first comment said "why pick on Aaryn" and while I realize she's not the only guilty party, there's no denying that she's a bully. So what that she's laying low...she's on the block! There are other comments she makes that make her unlikeable besides her racist remarks. Like her many comments about how pretty she is and how others comdemn her for it. Really?? So she's cute, a lot of people are. What makes a person beautiful has little to do with outside appearances....she needs to learn that. Bottom line is, she's a snob and has no clue about how to play the BB game. Further, she has ALOT to learn about life and how to treat people. Being conceited will only carry a person for so long and how shallow it is to actually believe it will.
July 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIStillBelieve
Okay so kaitlyn and Jeremy and Jessie who have never seen the show no more than aaryn. No my friend you are mistaken to believe aaryn doesn't have game. And aaryn isn't the only one that make remarks like CBSs golden girl Elissa who was drunk and flipping off cameras. She can name all of production and their personal lives. She is a bully and the only reason is because she's riding rachaels coattails like a bitch. You're saying you don't like her because she's pretty and says it. Well she has a right to if she works for her body and not a jacked up plastic face. She's not fake she's telling it how it is but the only reason she's being portrayed like this is because she's pretty and fits the stereotype. And Howard is a bullshit liar pulling the race card when spencer his best friend says worse to his face without kidding.
July 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCt
Ct - throwing insults at Elissa isn't going to do much good here.

Aaryn is clueless as to her racism - but she has been pretty quiet the past couple weeks. But she is still going to be the punching bag for anything race related and she sorta set herself up for it.
July 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterindymike
I have to admit a bit of detachment from the casts in recent years. BB picks people who haven't seen the show and/or for their looks or filling the ethnic quotas (black: check, gay: check, connection to past player: check, young: check). Why no older, smarter players like Jack Owens (BB4, 58, ex-FBI)? Instead we get kids who are more clueless with each passing season. Yes, CBS, we know you want the hard bodies for the skin shots that you can't show much of on air anyway. It's really something that what drives the show is not good play, getting out of the plot rut, but racism, psychological problems, i.e. like watching a train wreck.

Oh well, not that anything will come of it, but at least my thoughts on why the show is dropping into the gutter.
July 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterlmb02
Jeff and Jordan have ruined the casting process. Since their hillbilly union, every season showmances are the priority in casting. Look at the pre-show interviews this year. Whether it was Jeff's official CBS vids or the various website vids, the FIRST question asked the majority of the time is whether they're interested in a showmance. Now any time there's even a hint of "love", CBS focuses on them. Even if they're fake, like last year's idiocy with Danielle. So you now end up with semi-pretty people thrown in there in the hopes they'll pair up. Or you get stunt castings that really have no desire to play the game, like Elissa.
July 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
the post left by ct sounds like it may be the PR firm her mother hired to rescue her from her bad behavior. Yes others have made bad comments but to minimize her's by comparison... no way. Although she did mimic a comedian in a couple of her racist remarks it was the way she did it that made it racist. She's a mean girl and there's no excuse for that.

I don't like the way people on the internet have all piled on to annihilate her but she does need a wake up call. So do others in that house. This is the worst cast BB has ever had. GinaMarie is gross and delusional. She's the one I'm worried about when she gets out of that house and sees what's waiting for her. I don't think she'll handle it too well... she seems very unstable.
July 24, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterme
No I'm not a pr rep. It's unfair to her because when Andy says black or Asian jokes no one thinks twice but if aaryn says I don't like that black shirt it turns into she's racist. Yes I did see her make some comments but a lot were out of context. If CBS says they don't condone this its funny because they have racial shows such as mike and Molly and 2 broke girls. I feel like aaryn has done wrong but not like they're portraying it and noone deserves that. And if they do it to her why not Gina Marie or Andy or spencer and Amanda is one of the worst ones. Even Elissa is hypocritical about it. And Jeff Schroeder made gay remarks but CBS edited out for him do why is aaryn the blame?
July 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCt

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