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The Night Owl

Tonight was a little slow in the BB house.  At exactly 5:15 Judd was released from his solitary confinement.  I'm pretty sure he is the only HG to have ever stayed the full 24 hours in SC.  Overall he did very well with it (much better than Helen has been doing with her no talking and stay in bed after 8pm curfew), and afterword there was pizza and booze.   It only took about 15 minutes of him being out of SC for Amanda to pull him aside and start in with her ranting about wanting Howard out.  At this point I'm not even sure what she thinks she is doing.  I mean Judd can't nominate Howard and she knows it.  He also can't vote.  I'm thinking her paranoid brain is sinking her game.



Speaking of Amanda, it was McCrae's birthday all day today, so there was a small party.  The party really consisted of the HGs singing happy birthday to him and then helping him have a date where he proposed to Amanda.  That's right, that's what happened.  The other night they exchanged the "L" word for the first time, and now they are "BB engaged" and their wedding is supposed to happen sometime this week.  As I am opposed to all things BB showmance or wedding related, I will not be attending.



Once out of confinement and with the party over with, Judd started to put his original plan into action trying to turn Kaitlin back into the target since he sees her as the bigger threat.  He explained to a few people that she has won a comp and gone to tie breaker in 3 comps as well as being a lot more nice and socially savvy than Aaryn making her able to make deals with people in the house.  Most said they were on board.  Elissa bulked at it a little bit, so he just dropped a few hints to her and then mostly left it alone saying "we have to wait and see who the third nom is in the morning before we decide anything anyway.".



After that there was a lull in game talk and everyone just kind of joked around and had a good time for a while.  Amanda and McCrae showed off the makeshift ring he had given her and talked about planning the wedding.  Elissa did weird Elissa things, and Judd played a joke on GinaMarie that went badly.  In an attempt to make her laugh he decided to dress up as the "ghost of Nick" and tell her he was back in the house.  GinaMarie had a meltdown and started bawling which prompted Judd to feel really bad and have a long discussion with her in the hammock about life in general.  They also game talked a little and he kind of secured that she would vote how he wanted her to.



Once GinaMarie was comforted, Judd went up to the HOH room and was followed up by Howard, Spencer, Aaryn, and Kaitlin.  Amanda, McCrae, and Andy isolated to the Cockpit where Amanda continued to push for a Howard eviction.  McCrae told her she really needed to cool it because there was nothing she could do and people were starting to think she was "shady", but she would not be stopped.  She and Andy had a very very long click whisper conversation about how "Howard MUST go NOW.". This obsession is starting to get almost scary.



Aside from that, most everything was just boring old chit chat about movies etc...  Spencer did find time at some point in the night to catch a roach and scare the crap out of Aaryn and Kaitlin.  All in all a mostly boring and generic night in the house.

I'm really excited to see who the 3rd nominee is going to be this morning.  I was so shocked that Elissa was actually voted as the original 3rd nom, that I can only speculate who it might be today.  It COULD be that people actually voted for GinaMarie or Spencer based on all the controversy, or it could be someone who has a much larger presence on the show like Amanda.  Either way, I am just super curious.  I am hoping there will be some hard gaming tomorrow night after we find out who it is.  That's pretty much it, guys.  As always you can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...



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