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The Night Owl

Last minute emergency and I have to run this morning, so I can't get you guys a good blog out, but that's okay, not a lot happened. 

Here is what you need to know plus some pictures:

GinaMarie went up as the third nominee, but she slept most of the day/night and didn't really freak out.  No real entertainment there.

Everyone is on board for voting out Kaitlin right now, but that is subject to many flip flops in the next few days.  Judd convinced everyone very subtly to do so, and of course Amanda came and took the credit to Aaryn.  As much as I'm not a Helen fan, I will admit watching She and Judd work Elissa until she gave on keeping Aaryn was really interesting...despite my brain screaming "SHUT UP HELEN!" the whole time.

Amanda took over the HOH bedroom and bathtub again which seemed to finally start getting to Judd.  She then spent over half of her night obsessively talking about Howard and how awful and bad he is.  She also told a lot of lies about him to Judd and Andy and anyone else who would listen to her as she laid in the HOH bed.  I think it's official, she is more obsessed with Howard than GinaMarie is with Nick.

Helen spent some time talking to Candice and Jessie about how Amanda is going to have to go soon because she won't let McCrae play and she refuses to stop trying to game so hard.  The general consensus right now is that if she makes it to jury that will be bad news for everyone since she likes to push people around about what she wants.

McCrae tried to get Amanda to calm down and stop gaming so much and talking about Howard and Spencer so much, but she snapped on him and he stopped trying.

Candice and Howard spent some time together talking about life in the hammock.

Early in the night Elissa had a meltdown when someone suggested that America might have been the one to put her on the block.  Apparently she believes people are going to attack her children if they "hate her so much". *facepalm*  This meltdown came in the wake of her saying some very nasty things about some of the other HGs.

Spencer and Howard came up and talked to Judd for a while after Amanda was gone and they are also on board to get rid of Kaitlin even though Amanda and McCrae's main argument against them is that they are in an alliance with Kaitlin... lol?

For much of the night the feeds were just terribly boring. Sorry things are so short tonight.  There are more updates on my twitter @ashes2ashes13 . More tomorrow night...









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Reader Comments (1)

does amanda not realize that Howard has laid low the whole time. hasnt said shit about anyone and has prayed for others in the house. If anyone should win he should.

Gina Marie

all need to go. and spencer is a backstabbing bastard
July 23, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbig brother 15

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