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The Night Owl

After last night's fireworks, tonight was the epitome of dull.  The HGs did get an hour with a practice HOH setup that consisted of a ramp and balls that fall down to a spinning circle containing buckets.  I imagine tomorrow the buckets will probably either be labeled with points, or will be replaced with holes.



While the HGs practiced, Judd continued his quest to try to find someone's "secret power" as he is still nervous about the "twist" and I think he is afraid of getting "coup de tat'd" out of his HOH.



Lots of various groups had talks over the course of the night with each one coming to the same conclusion that Kaitlin would be the one going home.  Up until tonight the only ones in the dark about it have been Spencer, Howard, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie.  Now the only ones who do not know are Kaitlin and GM.  Howard (rightfully so) thinks there is something suspicious about the fact that it matters so much to Amanda and McCrae that Kaitlin leaves instead of Aaryn when it is not supposed to matter. 

I can't decide if Elissa is extremely stupid, evil, or just batshit crazy, but after agreeing all day that the whole house including her woudl vote out Kaitlin, right before she went to bed she told Howard that the two of them should still vote out Aaryn (because she doesn't like Aaryn personally).  

Earlier in the night Elissa talked to Helen and agreed to vote out Kaitlin, but the two of them also agreed that it wouldn't be a bad thing for Howard, Spencer, or Candice to win HOH since they would try to take out Amanda and most of the rest of the house is on board to do that as well.



Other than those game talks, there was just a little silliness and small talk.  There was making out from the various couples, and a very graphic sex talk in the HOH in which Amanda described in explicit detail how to give the perfect blow job.

I wish there was more to tell, but when they are on lockdown and all mostly in agreement about who is going home, not a lot goes on.  It will be interesting to see who wins HOH tonight after Kaitlin leaves.  If Howard, Spencer, or Candice win, it will likely be Amanda and McCrae going up on the block.  If anyone else in the house wins, it will likely be Amanda's nominations of Spencer and Howard or Howard and Candice.  I am personally hoping for a Howard HOH just to shake up the house so that the large alliance of 9 will be scrambling for a little while instead of having another unified week. 

Thursday night's are usually exciting and somewhat game filled, so hopefully there will be much to tell tomorrow night.  As always you can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more live feed updates. Until tomorrow night...


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