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The Night Owl

For a few moments in time tonight, during the live show, I was super excited and thinking that things were about to be shaken up in the house.  I don't particularly like Spencer, and I am usually in general appalled by some of the things he says, BUT, he is one of only 4 people that could have won HOH and actually caused the alliance of 9 to scramble and shake in their boots a little.  His ball had fallen into the 34 slot which was the highest at the time and ALMOST the highest you could get....and then Aaryn got a perfect score.

Normally I would have said that Aaryn would be one of the ones to REALLY shake things up if she won HOH, but that 's not the case this week.  Aaryn staying in the house was originally concocted by Judd (because kaitlin was a bigger threat to him), but that did not stop Amanda from pouncing and making a deal with her along with Helen. The deal being that if she won HOH she would put up exactly who they wanted to..otherwise they would just send her home the next week.  So it took less than 5 minutes after the feeds returned for Amanda to have pulled Aaryn aside to say "HOWARD AND SPENCER, HOWARD AND SPENCER, HOWARD AND SPENCER!!!".  I've really never seen an obsession quite like it.  Unfortunately, unlike Judd who was not swayed to try and follow through with her plan, Aaryn is completely on board because she feels like she now has an alliance.  She is not remotely hip to the fact that she is bottom of the barrel and still disposable next week after she does what Amanda wants. 



Helen spent some time talking to Candice about what she thought was going to happen.  She promised to try to talk to Aaryn and see if she could get her to nominate Spencer and GinaMarie instead, but felt that it probably wouldn't happen.  Candice told her there was no way that would happen because Amanda was going to control this HOH.  Helen disagreed at the time, but later retuned to talk to Candice more and admitted that Candice was right and that Aaryn was going to nominate who Amanda wanted.  She then went on to say she was terrified that they were never going to be able to get Amanda out.  That makes me wonder if Helen will actually try to do something about it if by some small chance Amanda goes up for the MVP nomination this week.



The have-nots were able to eat at midnight, and they all got alcohol, so Judd, Andy, and Jessie spent most of their night celebrating mostly because they are safe this week.  Andy spent a lot of time with Amanda gushing about how PERFECT this week is because it will be easy now to get either Howard or Spencer out of the house. Spencer nervously went from group to group trying to fit in and talk to people, but it is painfully obvious now that he is on the outs.



Aaryn told GinaMarie about the deal she had made with the large alliance on the other side of the house and celebrated with her since they now feel that they are in a solid alliance instead of working alone and the whole house is focused on getting out the same 2 people. 



Candice spent a good amount of time talking to Howard about things they could say to Aaryn before nominations to try to sway her to not put him up.  I was actually surprised by what a great grasp Candice has on pretty much everything that is going on.  She knows who is aligned with who and exactly who their targets are etc..  It sucks that she is so bad at comps and doesn't have a very good social game, because she does actually have things figured out.  Her pitch she plans to give Aaryn is a pretty good one, but I definitely don't see it working since Aaryn is just over the moon right now to be aligned with Amanda, McCrae, and Helen.

Outside of the celebrating of the 9 and the talk between Howard and Candice and occasionally Spencer about trying to stay off the block, the rest of the night was just silliness and fun.  The creepy clown was back for Aaryn's HOH basket, so everyone took turns giving it voices and talking about it.  Jessie and GinaMarie got into an almost heated discussion about what defines a "showmance" when Jessie got offended that GM refers to she and Judd as one.  Andy ate every crunchy, crispy, loud smacky crinkly food he could find to cram into his weird Cabbage Patch doll mouth.  I so hope he becomes a have-not again tomorrow.  He is frying my nerves.  And that's basically it.

Depending on who the MVP nomination is, this may be a very very long boring week, or it could possibly get interesting.  If someone like GinaMarie goes up, no one will vote her out and Howard will go (or Spencer if Howard gets veto) and the 9 will all get what they want. *snore*...   If someone like Amanda goes up and people try to scramble to get her out, things could get interesting.  The same is true of Elissa if people actually try to get her out, but I don't see that happening at this point.  Helen and Andy will never vote against Elissa.  Amanda is so dead set on it being Howard that leaves, that she would never vote against Elissa which means McCrae wouldn't either, and Judd will do what his alliance wants to avoid becoming a target...which would be to vote out Howard or Spencer.

So, really, it just all depends on the MVP nom on Saturday.  I fully expect to see either Howard and Spencer, or Spencer and Candice put up on the block today after the food competition.  I just pray that something interesting happens to make it not such an easy week.  As always you can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night..

Reader Comments (4)

You missed the very uncomfortable things Howard did tonight also, like weirding out the cockpit crew of Andy, McCrae and Amanda. And then also physically restraining Candace sometime around 3:00 am bb time.
July 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterErika
If you really want to freak out the house, put Andy on the block as MVP. It would spice up the feeds and throw the house into major paranoia (like it isn't already). But I know that would never happen.

Based on the past few days, Elissa seems to be on everyone's last nerve. She would be the "safe" choice for eviction and would not make that many waves. And Aaryn would rid herself of her problem child in the house. I think even Helen would vote her out. Once she is out of the house, I would think the MVP would be restored to its original intention. The time to right to get her out. She is not HOH and cannot play in POV. It is a greased path to slide her out of the house.
July 26, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterjeffg55
@ Erika - I didn't miss the Howard and Candice stuff. It happened after 6am my time and the blog had already been posted. It really has nothing to do with Aaryn's nominations or anyone else though since no one except for the 2 of them know it happened. I probably should have posted a follow up about it happening, but sometimes I just don't have time to add in things that happen after the fact.
July 26, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh
Ok so I LOVE candice and have been wanting her to try to team up with people other than Howard. But I don't d see that happening until he leaves do this may actually be a good thing for her. I really hope Amana goes up as mvp. Then maybe we can have a house full of people making up there own decisions. I know that t social media mainly twitter has taken over allot of the Live updates but I do miss the old seasons with more blogs b and. More opinions on this site. Just my opinion.
July 26, 2013 | Unregistered Commentersara

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