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The Night Owl

What a HUGE day in the BB house!! This morning started out with the draw for veto players and the MVP nomination ceremony.  When the feeds came back we learned that Amanda had been nominated by America as the MVP nomination. Ohh the glorious fireworks that followed.  There was much scrambling all over the house by everyone except for Howard, Spencer, and Candice who all sat back quietly and just listened.

Amanda freaked out a little of course as did McCrae. Judd (lacking some nicotine in his diet at the time) actually freaked out more than Amanda or McCrae, and the Howard and Candice bashing and speculation began..  "He has a magic power!" "He has the Coup De Tat!"  "He is DEFINITELY MVP!"  "He is sitting there trying to pull at people's heart strings to stay in the house!".  This actually went on for HOURS until time for the veto comp to actually begin.  At one  point in the afternoon both Judd and Amanda had civilized conversations with Howard asking him if he had the MVP or any kind of "special power".  He tried to explain himself to both of them, but neither really believed him much.



When the feeds returned after the competition we learned that Spencer had actually won the veto.  The players were actually Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer, Howard, Candice, and Jessie.  Spencer had a short conversation with Judd in which he told him "look, Howard is actually on your side".  This seemed to calm him down a bit from the rant he had been on for most of the day.

Candice went to Jessie and rather aggressively asked her about the vote and if she still wanted to get Amanda out.  Jessie told her she would be going with the house and more she would be voting however Helen told her to vote.  Candice knows that she will be the replacement nominee for Spencer, but she is trying to save she and Howard both.  Jessie then  went and told Judd about the conversation because she was worried it would get back to Amanda that she had wanted her out of the house and told Candice as much.  Judd later had a conversation with Jessie telling her that if they needed to make a big move this week to just let him know.  He said that he would consider keeping Howard if Howard wold campaign for himself, but that since Candice was doing it for him, he didn't want to do it. 

While Jessie was having this conversation with Candice, Helen was in the storage room questioning Elissa about whether or not this would be the week to get Amanda out or not.  They both agreed that it might be the time because they don't know how they would get her back on the block again, but they also flip flopped back and forth saying it would probably be better to do it a different week.



Helen later had a conversation with Candice in which Candice asked her as a friend and an alliance member to please try to help her save herlself and Howard and make a deal with she, Howard, and Spencer.  Helen kept saying she would see what she could do, but that the votes were not there.  She told Candice that Andy hates Howard and that there is no way Judd would vote to keep him.  She claimed to not be aligned with Amanda and McCrae.  Candice told her that it looked to her like she WAS aligned with them since she was so worried about keeping Amanda and Aaryn happy rather than keeping she and Howard both in the house.  This prompted Helen to storm out of the room and go on a rampage.



Helen started her rampage by going outside with her glass of wine in hand and telling everyone she needed a cigarette after that conversation.  So she had one.  After she was done smoking she pulled Jessie into the cockpit and told her that this is NOT the week to get Amanda out.  She told her that she had been "bullied" by Candice and "threatened" by her and that she flatly told her NO, I want Howard OUT of this house this week.  This actually isn't true at all...Helen told Candice she would do everything she could to get Jessie's vote and try to keep Howard in.  Anyway, she didn't stop with Jessie.  Helen THEN went  up to the HOH room and dragged jessie along so they could tell Amanda what a "bully" and crazy person Candice is.  Helen really reveled in all the tales she told about how horribly Candice had treated her and how threatened she felt. 



While Judd and Howard played pool outside and Candice and Elissa talked in the cockpit, the rest of the house gathered in the HOH room around Helen to have a good old fashioned "bash Candice" session where they all said really nasty things about her.  The charge was mostly led by Helen and GinaMarie who can't stand to be near Candice.



While the HOH crew were bashing Candice, she was downstairs with Howard crying to Elissa about how she felt betrayed by Helen in discovering that Helen was more loyal to Amanda than her.  She felt hurt that Aaryn was still in the house and she had actually helped Helen keep her, but now Helen wouldn't help Candice in return.



Somehow, Elissa being Elissa, managed to take the conversation about Candice and how she was feeling off to crazy train land.  She got very offended out of nowhere and started talking about the "super unfair disadvantage of MVP" that she came into the house with and how much it had hurt her.  She went off about this for a while, but I really didn't understand any of it.  She also went off about how Howard wasn't in the room while Candice was crying and how her husband would NEVER do that.  I mean I know I don't like any or the Reilly's and I don't enjoy having Elissa in the house, but on a serious note, I actually think she might be seriously insane.  Certifiable...



After this talk, Howard and Candice came together to talk a little about their separate conversations. Candice told Howard about Elissa's feelings on how she had been crying and he wasn't in there.  Howard then made an attempt to try to explain to Elissa that he felt that Candice would be okay since Elissa was in the room with her.  Elissa got super dismissive with him and told him she thinks it's weird and "doesn't understand because she doesn't have anything to do with anything in the game, so why are they talking".  After she left, Candice and Howard continued to discuss all that was going on with the campaign and all the ways it was not working.



While Candice and Howard were talking, Elissa went to Amanda and McCrae to vent about how she was "borderline offended" by Candice crying in her presence and talking to her along with Howard because she and Howard are not friends...  I can't make this stuff up, she really talks like this you guys.  Amanda of course being on a campaign herself to stay, told Elissa "oh yeah, she is using you." as if Amanda has NEVER used Elissa for her MVP power.

The house is winding down a little bit now...even though drunk Helen just told Judd, Amanda, McCrae, and Andy that Candice threatened her that she was going to take all of them down if Helen didn't make them vote to keep Howard.  Helen is seriously out of control. Someone PLEASE give that woman her curfew back before she sinks the season.  Candic

This should be an interesting week.  I would put money on Amanda staying and Howard going. I'm positive it will go that way, but watching them all mob mentality together against Candice and Howard is interesting, if not a little disturbing.  It's a hell of a lot better than a boring week of just knowing Howard is going without anyone squirming.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...

Oh, and PS - Spencer spent a lot of the night talking shit about McCrae and has now been kissing his ass in the hammock for about an hour, but that didn't seem overly important.

Reader Comments (9)

You seem like an asshole.
July 28, 2013 | Unregistered Commenteryour mom
Thank you fir the post ash. I look forward to it every morning.
July 28, 2013 | Unregistered Commentergeorge3295
Why would "your mom" say that?
July 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterThomas
As usual, house guests will be embarrassed by the way they acted once they get out, especially Helen. I can't seem to find a house guest who I really like and want to win. Most of them are plain nasty.
July 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPT
First let me say I've enjoyed your blog and podcasts for a few years now. I wish Ash was still on the podcast because she sometimes offered a different point of view from Collette which made the show more entertaining In my opinion. What I most valued about your show is that you and Mike seemed to give equal criticism to all HG's and I was appreciative of that even when the criticism went towards my favorites. This year your entire cast is against Ellissa. I understand why in respect to Ellissa having an unfair advantage to win MVP. I'm writing today because it shocked me that you said (paraphrasing) 'in your opinion Elissa's rant was worst than any thing the mean girls have said'. Do you really feel this way? Do you think Elissa treated Amanda worst than how Ayran and GM treated and treats Candice? Do you think Amanda's tirade on Candice was equally bad if not worst than Ellissa's?Please note: Originally I was an Amanda fan, but not anymore. Elissa grew on me when she stuck up for herself regarding being used as MVP but I am not an Elissa fan. Im for Team Howard and Candice because the entire house is against them. This is not a plea for my favs I just really want clarification on the questions asked. Thanks.
July 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCc
Hi CC, you're asking some questions I struggle with everyday. Every one of these individuals are highly flawed people, so my opinions vary from day to day. Do I like Amanda? Yes. Do I love her or think she's infallible? Hell no. What bothers me about Elissa (besides the advantage she's given by being Rachel's sister) is the hypocrisy. She is the ultimate mean girl. She may not say say things that will get her fired from jobs, but she is definitely the girl who looks down on anybody not in her social clique. I just don't like people who sit on their throne and proclaim themselves as a "good person", and then says that she's too good for these people. She's also one of those who takes any line of criticism as an attack of "bullying", the most overused term of this season. Plus, she's awful at this game. (Again, a criticism of her is not a compliment to anybody else.) She's clearly there because she was recruited to be the twist, and just wants to earn her paycheck the easiest way possible. Which is fine for her, but not any kind of inducement for me to compliment her.
July 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Excellent job as usual Ash. I so enjoy your blog every morning before I go to work. IMO all the BBGossip bloggers do any excellent job on treating all the hamsters the same when it comes to what is going on in the house. What amazes me is how FANS get all tied up in knots when their favs are acting out and the bloggers or tweeters call them out on it or bring to the attention of those that don't have the feeds!!!!!
Get real readers, isn't this why we watch the tv show as well as the feeds?
I know that is why I watch ;~}
July 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterShirly
Thanks for your response Scott,
I agree about the hypocrisy of Elissa. I also believe the term should be applied to Amanda and Helen as well. Amanda and Helen in my opinion have threatened people the worst and turned it around to say they were attacked/ bullied. I try my best to be impartial towards all the HG's. I have my own criticism of my favs (they should have won something) etc... but it pains me that no one in the house believes Howard has the same right to play the game as others do (lie, scheme align). After last nights discussion of blame Candy for the racism I'm pretty sure I'm done with this season. As a black female and a human being I'm truly hurt. Thanks again for your response and allowing me to give my opinion. BTW I sent the pic of the Ramones hatπŸ‘
July 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCc
That's a great pic, CC. Don't give up yet! Or at least keep listening to us!
July 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott

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