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I've had to shut off social media for the time being, as the circular discussions are driving me nuts. Just to be clear, I'm as shocked and offended by the various racial and sexual slurs uttered by over half the house as everybody else. 

But I can no longer handle the chatter.

Every one of those unfortunate comments is being rehashed and rehashed. We all know what was said! We all agree that it's horrible!

There's no coverup, though. The incidents (except for maybe one case of loose lips) all happened after Saturday's veto meeting. Sunday's show was already in the can at that point, and it also didn't fit Tuesday's timeline. Tonight is the night that it would be shown, during that opening segment that is usually present to make you believe the eviction is a tossup.

I predict some of it will be shown, and it is due to those that heard them on Sunday and Monday. It was those people that led to news outlets such as NPR, HuffPo, and other publications to report on the incidents. It was those people that are ultimately responsibel for Rachel Reilly's self-serving interview with TMZ earlier today.

Without it hitting the media, CBS could have easily swept the story under the rug. They're now forced to deal with it, and I'd be shocked if they didn't. If they do ignore it, then you can scream about conspiracies.

Until then, I'd like a couple of hours of other topics. Can you help a fella out?

Reader Comments (4)

I am tired of the pc police. Do they think nobody says this stuff? CBS wants people in the house that interact and not simply get along.If they wanted them all to get along they would have the shrink screen them for similarities. I don't think you could find enough HG's that are pc enough to last 90 days. People bitch about any mention of religion too. It is sickening. I am as offended by the pc police as I am people being fake shocked by what these people say. Is what some of them say offensive? yes, but isn't there a atheist out there offended by any mention of religion too? Where do you stop with this garbage? I would think how they act and what they say will affect them in the game.Tthe other HG's will eventually sniff out the idiots and boot them. How else are viewers suppose to like or dislike these people? Enough with the fake outrage.
July 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIrishcurse
I think it's so silly that people talk about the "pc police," as if to imply that there's something wrong with encouraging people to not be offensive scumbags. It's 2013. If you were raised by wolves and don't know that it's unacceptable under any circumstances to speak derogatorily about someone because of their gender/sexual orientation/race, then the rest of society is going to teach you. If you don't want "PC police," then learn to keep your mouth shut. If you can't do that, or think you're above having to respect other people, you'll be brought back down to reality. Actions have consequences.

Personally, I'm with you, Scott. I'd much rather wait and see how CBS handles this in the next few episodes, than assume they're trying to sweep it under the rug because all the nasty comments came from the resident "cute and blonde" this year. Right now, it's just serving as linkbait for everyone, so the story will undoubtedly be covered by people who don't regularly watch the show. Unplugging temporarily was probably the best move, alas... I'm too addicted to my twitter to let it go. LOL
July 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAnnie
I think Twitter would be more tolerable if CBS hadn't encouraged their fans to use the #BB15 hashtag. In previous seasons, the TV only crowd used #CBSBigBrother or something like that.

I agree. I'm sick of hearing about it. I almost wish CBS wouldn't address tonight if for no other reason than the eviction night show already as so much fluff that you don't really get to see much post veto-ceremony scrambling.
July 3, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterpsychodrew
Sick of the term "pc Police"? What exactly can you do about what was said? You gonna write CBS and tell them you aren't going to watch or buy their advertisers products? The people in that show will pay for what was said. The fake outrage is pathetic. Did it make you lose sleep? You think people out there don't talk like that? Are you ok with people lying to you? You ok with people going behind your back and talking bad about you but still acting all friendly? Well they do that in the game too. In fact the ones that do that the best go the farthest.. This is a game. The fallout from the HG's actions will be felt by them when they get out. They don't care what you think. The people they have to deal with is where they find out how offensive they were. In this case GM just lost her job and her comments are now permanently on her resume.

Just to get this straight, you watch a show where cheating , lying and backstabbing is the rule. You watch the live feeds to see it. You choose villains and hero's watching. You visit this site. Now because someone on there said something you think is bad ( which it is) you want something done. Have you watched the previous seasons? They had people that were homophobes and they had racists. You might not have recognized it as such because they weren't all white. You still watch the show though. I just can't stand the fake outrage. If it was as offensive as you claim you would stop watching.
July 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIrishcurse

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