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A Day In The Life Of: Howard

In case you’re new to this series of posts, I have been picking out individual players and reporting an entire day of their Big Brother life. My hope is that by the end of the season I have profiled each person of this task.

This week, I waited a little bit longer than usual as I wanted to see how MVP and POV would play out. Until then, it wasn’t clear who was truly in danger. Now that everything has settled and we have Amanda, Candice, and Howard on the block, it was time to make my choice. Candice had already been profiled way back in the first week, so it was between Howard and Amanda.

While there have been some (failed) efforts to actually go after Amanda, it’s pretty clear that she  is not heading out the door this Thursday. So today I follow Howard on what is probably the last Tuesday of his Big Brother stint.

The day starts late. Big Brother attempts to wake everybody up at 10 am, but Howard is nowhere to be seen. When we finally see him, he is still in bed, and Candice is joining him after a short term outside. Big Brother yells at the house a couple of times that it’s time to wake up. “I’m not sleeping”, replies Candice in her baby voice. “We’re just relaxing.” Howard never stirs, but Candice does continue to lie there wide awake, seemingly deep in thought.

At 11, they finally get up...and disappear from the cameras. Howard finally does get up to go grab his Bible out of the Have-Not room. He then crawls back in bed and pulls the sheet over his head. It’s short-lived, though, as he is then seen walking through the kitchen (to no response from Elissa and Helen). After a quick bathroom break, he’s back in bed.

I guess he doesn’t need to be up, as Spencer is doing his fighting for him. He starts a war of words with Amanda outside, claiming that he is not going after her but actually wants Candice to go home. Amanda doesn’t believe this, and Spencer actually tells her to “shut up”. Spencer says that Howard is ruining his own game by telling him that he wants Candice saved over him. Of course, we know that Spencer is lying, and has actually been trying to create a coup of sorts that will save both Howard and Candice.

Finally, a few minutes before two, he heads back into the kitchen to make something to eat. Elissa is in there, talking about Pandora. She thinks that Aaryn is currently getting one, and pesters him a bit that he would know if that was true. “You know. You know.” He then heads back into the bedroom, where a resting Spencer whispers to him about the powwow with Amanda. He’s supposed to “adamantly deny” talking to him, and that the “save Candice” plan is still on. Spencer is also worried about whether they’ll be able to actually get Andy and Judd’s votes (the two who they had collaborated with last night).

Howard disappears again. Being that he has been up for a full hour, it must be naptime. Aaryn has brought out the HOH camera, but both him and Spencer skip this silliness. Can’t say I blame him.

Oh wait, there he is on the treadmill. And here comes Candice, who has also been filled in on what went down earlier today. She wants a house meeting, and she wants it now!

The meeting commences with Candice screaming at Spencer about what he had said earlier. “That’s a very Christian approach”, replies Spencer. Candice bellows that he must stop being a liar. “If you want Howie to stay, keep Howie. If you want me, keep me. You better hang on to that wall next week, or you will be going home.” Candice announces that the “Keeping It Real With Candice Show” is now over, and storms off.

But it’s not over yet. Howard is now sitting on the grass, talking about self-evicting. “$500,000 is not going to make me vile and vindictive. I can’t play the two-faced game.” He wants his family to be proud of him. “I can’t even chill and hang out”, he complains. He thanks individual people, and says that he would rather that the two girls stay. He’s done talking game.

Still, it’s not over, as Amanda has questions. “If you want to self-evict, (why) did you say three days ago that Candice was a cancer on your game?” Howard responds, but doesn’t answer the question, so Amanda asks again. This time he denies it. Amanda brings up the secret plan, and Howard says that he just wishes people would vote as they truly want instead of letting a couple of people control the house.

With the meeting finally over, everybody falls back into small groups to talk about what just happened. For a time, Howard is not on cam, but a rolling shot of the backyard shows him back on the bike. Spencer walks by and he whispers that this confrontation “was out of nowhere”, and he had no idea that Candice was going to do that.

Howard and Candice eventually are shown embracing in the kitchen, and they retire to the cockpit room. He gives her a pep talk, saying she needs to become friendly with the rest of hte house. “You enabled yourself as real and honest. I’m proud of you.” He apologizes for losing sight of her as a real friend, and that she can make a real run to win this season. She asks if he really thought she was a cancer on his game. “Don’t lie. It’s going to be seen on TV.” Howard says no, and the pep talk continues for awhile before evolving into chatter about previous relationships. After a half hour, the cameras move to other people.

Another half hour later, a weird little incident happens. The camera follows Andy going into the kitchen, and you can see Howard whispering to Amanda. He abruptly leaves, and she then claims that Howard boasted that “when we get out of here, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you”. She swears to an unbelieving Andy that he said that, and eventually heads into the diary room to complain.

Meanwhile, he has headed back outside, and is sitting with his feet in the whirlpool talking to Candice. His mic is off, though, and you can’t hear what he’s saying above the sounds of the whirlpool. Candice is heard telling a long story about an episode of Oprah.

Eventually, he wanders off to talk to Spencer talking about somebody watching him (Andy?) last night. Spencer wishes that Candice hadn’t gone off earlier, as Spencer was lying about who he wanted out. “The information (about the plan) got back to her, and she went batshit crazy.” Spencer adds that he wishes the house wasn’t full of children so they could rally the troops. Howard babbles something about how he can tell people are guilty when they don’t want to talk to him. They make a promise to play pool later, and he Howard wanders off to work out again.

Helen eventually comes out, and the pair play a (mostly) wordless game of pool.

A bit later, Howard is talking about a female relative, and how great she is. “She’s going to love me!”, Candice yells out of nowhere. Uh, I’d says it’s doubtful you meet her. He hangs out with her as she prepares some tea, primarily talking about how she wants to “get fucked up with complete strangers” back home. “You can come party, too.” She says that he’ll have to sleep on the sofa when he comes to visit, but he says there’s no way he’s not sharing her bed.

For another hour, Howard is off cam. In fact, the majority of the time the four cams were on Spencer, Aaryn, and GinaMarie in the HOH. When he returned on the feeds, he was sitting by the hot tub with Candice, Jessie and Helen. For the most part, they listen to Helen rehash the sins of the already-convicted, and how they never understood how “America” will look at them.

The talk disintegrates into the usual nothingness that revolves around Candice, including her preferences in penis size. Yes, really. Howard is pretty quiet, and after Helen walks in to use the bathroom she asks him what’s wrong. He doesn’t really reply. Instead, he just talks about some Alicia Keys song. Others come out to play some volleyball for awhile. Exciting, right?

For the rest of the night, Howard is almost non-existent. While Aaryn attempts to rally the troops to actually save him (and evict Candice), Howard only occasionally seen on camera. Oh look, he’s eating ice cream. Wait, there he is on the hammock with Candice. Finally, around 3:30 am, we get our last glimpse as he’s again talking scriptures with Candice. He’s not going to campaign. Whatever happens, happens. He’s done.

And so are we. Is he really “done”? Is Aaryn’s work another futile hope of individual thought that will be swept aside by the next morning? Tell us what you think!


Reader Comments (21)

I have not seen any comments about this over the last week, though it's possible I'm missing something. Isn't anybody bothered by the fact that if Howard goes this week it will be on Aaryn's HOH? Considering all the racist stuff she's said (I know she's not the only one but seems she was the worst offender)? I think it's a big deal and that CBS has a possible problem on their hands (how the media and/or fans will perceive this, especially at Aaryn's hands). Does anybody agree with me? Will CBS find a way to get Howard back in the game, if in fact he does leave tomorrow? I actually like Howard very much, though don't think he's played a great game for whatever reason. I also think he's better off personally being out of that house. Though it seems the racist stuff has significantly lessened, he and Candice (and Helen for that matter) shouldn't have been subjected to that in the first place. Interesting that Aaryn's trying to "save" Howard. Is this manipulation by the Diary Room?
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPat
I'm never bothered by coincidence, and that's all this is. They're not eve Aaryn's picks.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
I'll be happy to see Howard leave. He's a bible thumping hypocrite. Always cool to see the bible thumpers get tossed.

Remember when Amber said...."God bless you God?" That was funny!
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterboptist 23
Well, well, well. Little Miss Know-It-All who likes to go around criticizing and spreading rumors about the vast majority of the house guests (ok she does solely figure out some of the big-time secret alliances; I give her that) must have been feeling über frisky last night, eh???! Did Candice even TRY to stop her ignorant & impulsive XXX-rated comments from "slipping" out and offending all the other 'hamsters' stuck in the BB house?!?! She also blatantly used, 'God da_ _' not once, but twice!

Wait, backtrack a bit...Candice used foul language in order to be sexually explicit and to use God's name in vain, but only AFTER Howard allegedly whispered/boasted, out of nowhere, into Amanda's hair, that once the HG's were all out of the BB house (after a winner is selected), he wanted to, "...[fu_ _ the sh!t out of...." her. Amanda, of course, flipped out (she's no innocent, either...Big Brother has busted her twice for her alleged 'threatening' comments) but if Howie DID actually say that FILTH to her, I don't blame her for heading to the DR to inform production of Howard's vulgarity & sexually inappropriate comments. As of now, nothing has happened to Howard, nor has "Production" warned ANYONE (to my knowledge) about the HG's needing to try a whole lot harder to curb their filthy mouths and/or some of their extremely graphic/sexually explicit language!!! Nada. The show must go on?!

Back to Candice. She told Spencer to, "keep my GD name OUT of your GD mouth!" One of the 10 Holy Commandments broken right there. Twice. Candice's next screw up happened yesterday evening: Howard, Judd, Jessie, Helen & Candice were sitting by the hot tub and, eventually, "...the talk disintegrates into the usual nothingness that revolves around Candice [LOL!!], including her preferences in penis size. Yes, really." My goodness, girl!!! Have you no shame whatsoever?!?! Sources quoted from this blog and another BB Blog that I read on a daily basis...I couldn't make these stories up if I tried!! I wish I could get the live feeds (not available in my area) just so I could have seen Howie's reaction after Candice announced to everyone what size ding dong she prefers. Instead I read that Howard was pretty quiet about Candice's very, very personal revelation. TMI!!! ::shudder::

A very simple solution that CBS should take is to pull BBAD from TVGN & return to Showtime since the censors @ TVGN are quite slow on the uptake and continue to miss bleeping/editing out (educated estimation) more than half of the inappropriate houseguest utterances! I've either heard their constant cuss words live on the air, or I have been able to easily decipher the lips of every filthy word that the HG's "let slip". @CBS, go back to Showtime, asap!

FINALLY, my reply to "Pat's" comment above. I agree that Aaryn made some inappropriate comments related to race, but so has GM (Aaryn & GM both lost their jobs at home, respectively). Besides GM & Aaryn......Amanda, McCrae and Spencer have ALL made derogatory and inappropriate comments involving race, sexual preference, and/or negative remarks toward women.

Who is to judge WHICH kinds of comments hurt more or are more derogatory?!?!
I understand that many wrongs don't make a right, but it isn't only Aaryn shooting her big, ignorant mouth off. Not even close!!!

So that's all I've got today!!! lol sorry such a long post; I had a TON to get out!


Great blog! Keep it up!!!
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenter•~catty~•
Isn't the point of real-time reality TV that it is NOT censored, but real? Can't we just hear curse words and let them roll off instead of forcing other people to block them from ever reaching our ears? Are we that fragile that the mere sound of a curse word reaching our ears is something that other people have to protect us from?!? Love your comments otherwise, Catty - - especially about the righteous God-fearing who reveal themselves to be hypocrites. People who preach rarely swallow their own elixir.

Howard: I want him to stay for no other reason than Aaryn should go first. But she's going to make it to final two. I had higher hopes for Howard but he has disappointed. Lack of game play. If he leaves, there will be no one to carry Candice out of the room when Aryan launches into another of her "southern jokes" that she thinks is funny and not racism.

Candice: I want her to stay for no other reason than Aaryn should go first. (see above).

Don't have particularly strong reasons to want Candice and Howard to stick around. Strongest reason is probably because I want Amanda GONE.

Amanda: I.Want.Her.Gone.Yesterday. Don't know why both she and McCrae don't have huge targets on their back for being such a solid two-person alliance. I like McCrae (even though he is apparently clueless how much pizzas cost) but as long as Amanda remains, he's playing HER game and not his own. I think she is racist, but a smart racist. She knows when to zip it. And I'm sick of looking at her and listening to her on the feeds. She's reminding me of Maggie. Yuck.

Pat - I think it doesn't look good that the Southern White Supremist has nominated two blacks on her watch. I think the fact that the others wanted her to do the nomination is convenient cover for her. Aaryn told the Diary Room that her picks were her own. When she gets evicted and has no job, her family will still pat her on the back for getting rid of the blacks. I also think that Amanda's obsession with evicting Howard was race-based and not game-based.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
I wanted to clarify a few things I was trying to get across in my earlier comment. I know that many of these HGs (who picked these people anyway and what kind of upbringing did most of them have? a subject for another day) have said extremely vile and racist, misogynist and gender offensive comments. As mentioned above, Amanda, GM and Spencer to name a few. But for those fans who only watch the CBS show they might only know about Aaryn. And so for the comments that CBS showed her making, for those viewers to now see that it's during her HOH that Howard gets evicted, well that's why I think CBS has a real problem, or might have one. I agree that this is a "reality" show and things should play out how they're going to. I just think for Howard or Candice to be evicted this week is really bad.

And also on another subject, what exactly is wrong with these HGs that they can't think on their own? They are basically letting Amanda and Helen, but mostly Amanda, run that entire house! This would have been an excellent week for them to get Amanda out, as who knows if they will have another chance. She needs to go soon. Poor McCrae, it's very unfortunate that he's decided to have a showmance and make that more important than playing the game, and playing his own game for that matter. I had high hopes for him and Howard... what a disappointment both of them have turned out to be.

OK, rant over.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPat
CBS, though, has pretty accurately shown that Aaryn's noms were the result of Helen and Amanda's demands. I don't think that many people are going to ignore that and think he's going because Aaryn supposedly hates blacks.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
CBS, though, has pretty accurately shown that Aaryn's noms were the result of Helen and Amanda's demands.

I saw the nomination episode also, and while Aaryn was giving a LOT of lip service to Spencer about how the decision wasn't hers and she has to do what the house wants - that was a convenient way for Aaryn to avoid conflict with those she nominated. Just so happened that she wanted to evict the same peeps that those she was pretending to pander to also wanted evicted. When she was talking to Howard and telling him she made a deal with the rest of the house, she whispered, and it was captioned on the screen, "I don't have anything set in stone yet at all." Then she said she's not going to do anything until she thinks about it 100 times and she thinks about it on her own. She says quite definitely, "I'm not going to let anybody else make my decision." She ended by telling Howard she wouldn't let anyone else tell her what to do.

So - either she was lying THEN or she was lying when she told Spencer (and us from the diary room) that the decision was not up to her. Either way, she is lying. I do NOT think CBS made it clear that the decision was NOT her own. Especially since they captioned her saying exactly the opposite. To Howard. The Black guy she wants out.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
I honestly don't know why Howard is even a big threat to everyone in the house. I'm still puzzled by that. He hasn't won anything and he has no influence over anyone but Candice. So he was part of the moving company. So was Mcrae and Spencer and they are bigger threats than Howard. I think Helen is the one that needs to go though. She is the biggest threat in the house and is basically controlling everyone and no one in there sees it.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertim
Oh please. Do you really think she's laid around plotting how she's going to get the evil black man out? Yes, he was one of her were many others.

It's become such a tired topic. Yes, she has said bad things. Yes, she is going to see real world ramifications. But I"m so over this idea that the reason she put up Howard is because of his skin color.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Given Aaryn's obvious upbringing, where she finds her racist comments are nothing more than "southern jokes," and the fact that she has no sense of remorse for the things she has said or the impact that these things have on others, YES, I think that she has been raised to think that white people are better than blacks. YES, I think she would prefer to live in a house with only whites with blonde hair and blue eyes. YES, I think when she goes home to her racist family she will be patted on the back for putting two blacks on the block this week. YES, I think that she got lucky that the house pics happen to correspond with who she wants on the block.

I also think Amanda is racist but keeps her racist thoughts to herself. I think this because of how rabidly she went after Howard when, as Tim pointed out, he wasn't targeting Amanda, he wasn't winning any contests and he doesn't have any strong power in the house.

Helen wanted Howard out only after listening to Amanda and her non-stop "Howard, Howard, Howard" rants for an entire week. Apparently, everyone (except Judd) wants Amanda to win this game as they keep doing whatever she wants.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
Unless there is something going on between Howard and the house guests that they are not showing, I'm still perplexed as to why he is such a big target. Yes has has big muscles but they ain't helping him win anything. Again his game play sucks and he has no influence over anyone but Candice. Why is Howard such a big target with everyone in the house? He's is certainly not the "angry black man" thats intimidating everyone. And there are far more bigger threats in the house than Howard.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertim
I'm tapping out of this debate, as I don't agree and it's a topic where no minds will ever be changed. It's one thing to rightfully condemn her for saying questionable things. It's another to basically call her a white supremacist.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
I too think Amanda is racist because she was waaaay to anxious to get him out of the house even though he was no threat to her. She just went overboard with her Howard rants to the point where its obvious. What the hell does she have to be worried about anyway since Howard can't win squat?
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertim
I did go back to see what has been posted from the feeds and Amanda has made racist comments which backs up the reason why she wants Howard gone so bad.......

When talking about what the house guests body parts taste like, Amanda says Howard's taste like watermelon.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertim
Why hasn't there been any comments from the family who decided to spell her name Aaryn? A 22-year-old gal doesn't learn such racism without some help from her parents. Yes, I believe she was raised by White Supremacists. I'm a defense attorney and have had many cases over two decades involving this group - both prison based and non-prison based. Is she a white-supremacist? Jury is still out. Maybe she is still in training. But I believe her parents ARE and they will be very proud of their girl. The only thing I've been able to uncover about her family is that her mother has hired a publicist to help Aaryn spin things in her favor once she is released. No public comment from the family. Guessing they don't want to piss off their White Supremacist friends by denying that they are also White Supremacist.

Aaryn's racism made it easier for the others to make such comments. And she's also the most clueless and non-apologetic. Why would she have any idea that what she said was wrong when she and her family exchange such "southern jokes" all the time?

Tim - - thanks for finding examples of Amanda's racism. She knew enough to counsel Aaryn to not make such comments. Too bad she didn't take her own advice.
July 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
Amanda wants Howard evicted because he tried to turn McRae against her in the beginning. Telling McRae he was "going to have to cut her loose". The only members of the original "Moving Company" left are Howard, Spencer, & McRae. She has also said because "I can't manipulate him". I expect she will set the house against Spencer next week. I don't believe race was a factor in the nominations for any of them.
August 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPaula
I'm not at all sure whether Aaryn is just ignorant or what. Also not sure if she's a white supremacist. It's just wrong that Howard or Candice would go out on her HOH week, after not only her racist comments, but also flipping over Candice's mattress, etc. It's possible she may not realize how racist her comments have been. It's the perception she has put out there about herself, not only to the other HGs, but also the viewers. And the fact that on her HOH, whether Howard and Candice were her choices to be on the block or not, it's that irony that really bothers me. I'd feel the same if GM was HOH, or if Amanda was and if she put Andy up and he got evicted. Leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, that's all.
August 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPat
So the new rule is that you can only be evicted by a member of the same race or sexual identity? Welcome to F2 Helen and Andy!
August 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Scott - that's not a fair syllogism. Neither Pat nor myself is suggesting that white people can't nominate Black people. But when the white person who has both the black people on the block is the one who has said and done as many ignorant things as Aaryn, she is no longer "just" a white girl. But, then again, the only white girls left in the house who haven't said racist things are Jessie and Elissa. Anyone can nominate anyone. She's already lost her job and labeled a racist, so why not go the extra mile, make mom and dad proud and put both remaining blacks on the block? I'm with Pat that it's weird and awkward and doesn't pass the smell test. But it was her choice, just like it was her choice to say and do all the other racist things she has done but then claimed were just harmless "southern jokes."

Glad you've gotten around to forgiving her and minimizing the harm that she has done and the ignorance that she projects. She has absolutely no remorse. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's hard to just not call it a duck because you are bored with all the hoopla and apparently not personally offended by her behavior. I am, and until she has a genuine mea culpa, if she EVER does, that belief will persist.
August 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
I don't know where I said anything about forgiving her, but whatever.
August 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott

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