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The Night Owl

Paranoia, tiffs, fights, and whisper meetings still went on like crazy tonight in the house, but nothing that really all that different than what has been happening the last few nights.

Amanda, Helen, Andy, and McCrae still spent most of their time talking about a plan to backdoor Judd this week because they still believe he is trying to evict Amanda/flip the house/working with Spencer/is MVP/working with Howard/working for jury/working with Jessie/lying to them about his HOH stuff/has an elaborate and diabolical plan to get them all out.

Judd didn't help himself much by snapping on Andy again today when he felt like Andy was interrogating him in the bathroom at one point.  After the argument (which was over whether Howard's name came up or not in a conversation Andy had with Jessie) Judd pulled Andy aside and tried to squash it pretty quick, but by that point Amanda, Helen, and Andy were all certain that the whole thing was about Judd trying to frame Andy for something.  In actuality it was more like anxiety/being locked down/not being able to smoke/being a have-not for the third time/paranoia.  Judd feels that Helen and maybe some of the others don't trust him because of the whole Jessie thing and how they are viewed.  He has no idea that Amanda has had the house talking about him the entire week.  So, he tried to do some damage control by talking to Andy and Helen separately to let them know he wasn't that close to Jessie and that he was still loyal to them no matter what.  Both were dismissive though and later told each other that they feel the conversations just confirmed that he is the MVP.  *giant freaking FACEPALM*

Outside of the high paranoia, the HGs came together to all do a makeshift Harlem Shake dance in each room of the house, and they all hung out and specualated what the HOH will be tomorrow etc.. Oh, and Amanda and McCrae got BB married.  Andy was every bit as disturbing as trash bag wedding.

As of now, Howard is still going. I don't think anything will change that.  The HOH looks like endurance because they have been locked down for a long time now.  If I had to take a guess I would say it was the "hang on to a wall" endurance they usually do right about this time.  I'm hoping and PRAYING this will be the end of the twist since BB usually ends the twist right before the big Wall endurance comp. Whatever it is, Judd and his bear shirt better hang on for dear life or he is likely out the door if no one can stop Amanda and Helen's mouths.  Sorry this is another short blog. Silly real life keeps getting in the way.  Hopefully tonight will be an interesting one depending on who gets HOH.  I'm trying to imagine their faces if Spencer won (even though we all know he would never win endurance.). Until tomorrow night..

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