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The Night Owl

I don't have much time to make an overnight post tonight, so this will be short and you all can read my twitter timeline for a little more if you want (ashes2ashes13), but here is basically all you need to know:

There was a house meeting early in the day led by Candice.  Candice called out Spencer and told people that Spencer said he wanted Amanda to die blah blah blah.  Howard also said a bunch of stuff, but most of it didn't make a lot of sense to any of the people in the house.  It basically came down to him saying that he wanted to be evicted because he didn't want to play a game where everyone was scared to vote against the 4 controlling the house.

After the house meeting broke up, everyone went their separate ways to talk shit.  Judd talked about how much he hates Howard while most of the rest of the house talked about how they have to get rid of Judd because he probably staged the whole house meeting.  Spencer ended up hanging out in the HOH most of the day and night with Aaryn because she was one of the few people not shunning him.

Then in the middle of the night there was another huge blowup in the house when Candice came to Helen and Elissa and told them that she was positive that Jessie, Judd, GinaMarie, and Spencer were voting her out and Aaryn was breaking the tie to send her home.  Helen of course said "I gotta go talk to Andy and Amanda. I gotta save you" and off she went.  The next thing you know there are 25 freaking people crammed into the cockpit trying to convince Helen that it isn't true (sans Judd and Jessie of course.  They were out of the loop and talking in Jessie's bed).   Once word finally trickled out to them, Judd tried to go and do damage control with Amanda and McCrae and also with Helen.  All of them talked with him and nodded their heads that they believed him, but then immediately started talking about how "shady" he is and how they have to backdoor him this week if they can as soon as he walked away...sigh.  Eventually they all ended up in the HOH room hashing the Candice vote out with Aaryn, but the whole house was there except for the outer 3 and they were all talking at once and chomping chips too, so it's hard to say if anything was actually accomplished or not. 

That's about all I have time for. Sorry guys, I will try to get a better more detailed blog up tomorrow night.

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