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The Night Owl

Wow, where do I begin?  I knew there would be a lot happening tonight, but it's so convoluted and crazy I just hope I am able to write it out clearly enough to be understood.  So here we go...


After David was evicted tonight the HGs went out to the backyard to play the "fill the jug" endurance comp they do every year.  However, this time, since there were too many HGs to provide lanes for, they were paired up into teams. The teams who filled their jug and got the ball out first got to choose between the two of them which one would be HOH.  Aaryn was paired up with Jeremy and to the dismay of a good portion of the viewers, the two of them won the competition.  Jeremy allowed Aaryn to become HOH.  As HOH Aaryn got to pick the have nots for the week and she chose Elissa, Helen, Andy, and Candice.


After they went inside all the arguing about who voted for who began.  Aaryn was sobbing and saying how she missed David and didn't know who to trust.  Judd told her outright that he voted for David to leave.  Andy also came and apologized and said that he was working with no one and had no choice but to just go with the house and vote out David.  Spencer told her that he voted to oust Elissa.  Candice told her the entire story about what happened to her. She told her how she was originally told to vote David out but then Spencer told her to vote out Elissa last minute.  Aaryn was of course confused and cried some more.



For a while Aaryn questioned whether members of her own alliance, specifically Nick and GinaMarie had voted David out, but after a while enough people were in her ear that she came back around to thinking that the other side of the house were all lying again. However, Andy and Amanda plan to continue to blame the weird votes on Nick for the rest of the week in hopes that Duck Face Part Deux will nominate him and get him out. (instead of getting Elissa out *screams and tears out hair*!!



Candice then talked to Helen about the votes. She told Helen the same thing she told Aaryn and the two of them started to put pieces together.  Candice told Helen that she thought there was a large boy alliance working together and that it was definitely Jeremy, Nick, probably Spencer, and Howard.  They mostly figured out how the boys would have voted with a few exceptions they didn't get right. Overall they understood it though.



 I don't think Helen completely bought it, but her interest was peaked.  She went and talked to Spencer in the Cockpit room and dropped a lot of hints to him like "Don't you think we should try to get Jeremy out?" etc..  To see what his reaction would be.  After she talked to him about what Candice had said she said that she believed his explanation, but whether she does or not is a total question mark. 


Aaryn eventually got her HOH room and decided to hold mean girls court up there after the other half of the house had left. As of now her nomination plans are to nominate Elissa and Helen or Candice with Elissa as the target, but that could be subject to change.  Also, I think the nomination that will actually matter this week is going to be Duck Face Part Deux's MVP nomination.  It will likely be either Nick or Jeremy.  I would be cool seeing Jeremy walk out the door, but will be annoyed if Nick leaves before Elissa or Aaryn or GinaMarie etc.. 


I agree with everyone else in the whole world that Aaryn is stupid and vile and a terrible person, but I will grant her that she has figured some things out.  She knows that McCrae was in on the vote.  She knows that he got Amanda to vote to keep Elissa.  She knows who is in his faux alliance and working with him EXCEPT that she thinks Andy is still with the BlondeTourage. 



Speaking of really STUPID things that Aaryn thinks and does, she does not think that Elissa will be MVP again  because she thinks that since they hate her America probably hates her too...sigh.  She also allows Andy to sit in on all the BlondeTourage's conversations and says things that should never be revealed in front of him.  Because she has given him this advantage, he told his alliance members that he was going to separate from them for the week so that he could get all the info they needed from BlondeTourage and feed it back to them.



In other news, I am ready to punch Amanda in the face.  She is on some kind of "Save Elissa" mission from hell and it's really starting to annoy me.  We all know that as long as Elissa is in the house she will have MVP every single week.  Production might as well say "well we put Rachel's sister in here and told her in addition to the actual HOH, she would also get a nomination every week so that it's harder for you guys to get her out.".  I'm really disgusted with Amanda constantly wanting to keep her.  Plus she just talks nonsense shit ALL the time about everyone.  The only time I ever like Amanda is when she is in the Diary Room, and well, that's editing.  Please stop sucking, Amanda! Right now she is determined to turn the votes on the BlondeTourage so that Elissa stays in the house and they get someone else out.



Anyway, lots of discussions going on amongst the various real and faux alliances.  I have no idea where TMC's head is at since none of them have been able to catch a minute together to chat yet.  I'm afraid this week might be the end for one of them (instead of Elissa ugh!).  All of that remains to be seen though.  A lot more things have said and are happening but I honestly couldn't keep up if I tried.   We still have 15 different people with each having several real and faux alliances and all of them up at different hours of the day and night. Hell, it's 5am here and they just got an alcohol delivery.  I'm just waiting to see what happens after nominations and veto. 

The great thing about this week is that as  horrible as Aayrn is, I think the drama she will cause being the HOH might make for interesting feeds.  Now if I could just get someone to stuff a sock in Amanda I might be slightly content.  Until tomorrow night...

Reader Comments (1)

Wow. Aaryn chose four have nots and three of them were minorities. I can't wait until she leaves the house and sees what she has done to her reputation.

Ash, I know you don't like Elissa, BUT one argument for keeping her around is that KKKAaryn will suffer another week.
July 4, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterpsychodrew

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