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The Night Owl

Well, it was 4th of July night so I was going to make this short and sweet anyway, but given the level of confusion and "wtf" moments that have gone on in the house, I have no choice but to make it short anyway.  I'm not sure I could explain any of this if I tried.


Here is what you basically need to know:


Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Aaryn, and Jeremy are all running a 4 person HOH.  They have flip flopped to literally wanting to nominate every single person in the house multiple times today.  This includes members of their own alliance.  It changes from second to second but usually always comes back around to Elissa and Helen with Elissa being the target in their mind. They have ousted Nick from their alliance after GinaMarie conveniently went through his belongings and found his "vote card" from the vote rehearsals that had David's initials on it (meaning he voted against David in rehearsal).  They are not telling him they know though.  Since he is a fake member of their alliance and pretty much on top of the whole thing anyway, I don't think he is worried or cares. 


Amanda and Andy are running some kind of HOH mission of their own.  They seem to think they are controlling everything no matter what happens, so they ran around and talked tons of shit about everyone within every single alliance with the intention of saving Elissa and trying to get Nick put on the block. Amanda still believes she and McCrae are working as one, but he is still working with the MC and helping them get Elissa out if they can.


There were LOTS of tiffs and confrontations between every single pair of girls you could possibly match up. There is no way I could explain them all..but they all had to do with mostly the same thing.  Catty catty catty CATTY bullshit.  It was all about "my man, my boyfriend, her looks"  blah blah blah.  This was only intensified when the feeds were cut for the HGs to have a 4th of July party.  When the feeds returned Amanda was sobbing to Aaryn about how she thinks Jessie is after McCrae and in between sobs throwing out that she voted Elissa out and how everyone else are devious liars with Nick being the worst. Jessie was telling Judd that she was quitting the game (which of course she didn't) after having some kind of confrontation with Elissa while the feeds were down.  Jessie and Aaryn also fought later on in the night because Aaryn doesn't like that Jessie was nice to Elissa.


The MC crew had a few seconds to talk here and there and their target IF they are able to pull it off is Elissa.  This is barring her winning veto after she is nominated of course.  It also depends on who Amanda and her big fat ass mouth are able to sway this week. She has Andy working overtime for her infiltrating every side of the house whenever possible and running back to her with every piece of information.  I'm almost ready to take back every nice thing I ever said about that guy.


Outside of that they all talked over each other constantly to the point that you could only catch what they were saying here and there.  The whole day was basically scrambling and flip flopping.  Jeremy and Aaryn think nominations will be "next week after the comp" *head desk*.  I just can't with those two.  People have tried telling them that Nominations happen on Friday, but they think they know better. Aaryn also thinks there is no way Elissa will get MVP again. 


That's pretty much it. I can't really even explain anymore until after the nominations happen.  Even watching the whole thing real time is super confusing.  There are FAR too many people and way too many voices and alliances still in the house. Hopefully I will have more clear things to tell you all after nominations tomorrow.  I can't express enough that this really and truly has to be the DUMBEST HOH I have ever...ever...EVER seen IQ wise.  The drama is interesting to watch though.  If you want to know more about the highlights you can follow my twitter updates @ashes2ashes13 .   Until tomorrow night...

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Reader Comments (2)

Good job Ash!!
July 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJames
Can't wait for this HOH to be over. They hate everyone. How dare they evict someone she likes. The people that should be evicted are the ones she doesn't like. This bumbling racist has no concept of the game or life. I like that she thinks viewers like her. Like to be the fly on the wall when the game is over and she is informed about her career and the affects of her actions. Maybe she can move in with David in his moms basement.
July 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIrishcurse

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