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The Night Owl

Scramble scramble scramble.  That's what has been happening all day and night long in the BB house.  Earlier today Jeremy won veto giving himself the ability to pull himself off the block and Elissa the chance to nominate someone else. Who didn't see that coming?  As if there were any question in the matter, Jeremy decided to wear the veto at all times just to prove it.



Prior to the veto meeting, Duck Face Part Deux pulled Nick into the Have Not room and tried to strike a deal with him.  She asked him to throw the POV comp in exchange for her not putting him up as a replacement if Jeremy came off the block.  He didn't really give her an answer, and whether or not he threw it is anyone's guess until we see the DRs, but he didn't win so at first Elissa was going to honor the deal.



Then happenings in the house started trickling back to Elissa's biggest supporter, Helen, via Andy's diarrhea mouth.  He told her how people were thinking about voting out Elissa this week instead of Kaitlin to appease Jeremy so that next week if he wins HOH he will go after Candice or Amanda instead of the rest of their alliance.  Helen immediately started crying and then ran to Elissa of course.  She told her that she couldn't put up Kaitlin, it just HAS to be Nick because they will vote him out over her.  She may be right, which is annoying.



Elissa agreed that she would hate to break her deal with Nick, but that she would put him up since she needs to.  she is still kind of wavering on it, but if Helen keeps pushing he will likely be the one nominated at the veto ceremony.

There were several different meetings over people inside the MC alliance tonight.  In each one of them the various members discussed how they have the votes to keep either Kaitlin or Nick, but that they need to reel in some of the other faux members of their other alliances so that they are not so obvious when the vote comes down.  This SOUNDS easy and everything, but McCrae now has a BIG BIG job on his hands since he has people like Amanda, Andy, and Judd to deal with...All people who are chomping at the bit to vote Nick out.





Jeremy and several others from the MC alliance also told Nick that his name was being thrown around to go up to which he responded "Let her put me up. I put blind faith in an alliance and if I go home because of it, I don't care.".   I am glad he is so confident.  I'm still scared that the evil Reilly creature is just never going to leave and one of my favorite players is going to go in her place this week.



During all of this Kaitlin has been freaking out and campaigning already even though she is not on the block and not likely to even go on the block.  She has been telling everyone and anyone who will listen to her the reasons she thinks she should stay and she is driving people crazy.  She made her own alliance angry enough to yell at her to try and calm her down.  According to her she also got a warning from big brother about a penalty nom if she didn't start listening to them when they tell her to put on her mic etc...



McCrae, Howard, and Spencer all tried to argue Amanda and Andy into understanding why it would be better to get rid of Elissa over Nick, but Amanda and her loud ass mouth were having none of it and Andy of course was agreeing with the only other person in the human race that can compete with him in a talking contest.  They both consistently poo poo'd the idea until they all finally went to their separate corners and Spencer and Howard went to work on Helen some more. (not that she has a vote).  After a while Helen SAID that she conceded and decided that she could not save Elissa.  What that really means I don't know since she can't vote?  Maybe she will talk to Elissa about putting up Kaitlin again instead since that is a much less risky move.  I'm never that lucky though..



There were a few more conversations here and there about game and also some non-game related crying melt downs had by GinaMarie of course.  McCrae has a HUGE job on his hands this week. It is his girlfriend and closest allies that are completely against what he needs to do for his alliance (voting Elissa out and keeping a member of his true alliance.).  I'm not sure he will ever reel Amanda in. She gets angry every time he brings it up.  I just hope he doesn't change his own vote for her.



Later on in the night Amanda and Andy had a secret hammock meeting where they agreed with each other that they would still vote out Nick or Kaitlin and just lie about their votes to their alliance. I'm so over both of them.  I need a double eviction where the people who talk the most get evicted..and fast.



For anyone curious, here is where the votes lay as of now (this is if Nick goes on the block. If it's Kaitlin you can switch their votes as they would be the same.). : Votes against Elissa: Jeremy, McCrae, Howard, Spencer, GM, Kaitlin.   Against Nick: Andy, Judd, Amanda  Not Sure Yet Votes: Candice, Jessie


The veto ceremony has not even happened yet so the MVP nomination is still up in the air. Plus Thursday is a long way away. There will be many many MANY flip flops on who they are voting for between now and then, but I just really hope the Duck Face makes her exit.  I would hate to see a player that is playing with no production interference leave instead of the twist toy getting the boot this week. That's about it for tonight.  As always you can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night....

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Reader Comments (3)

I'd like to see who will win MVP if Elissa is out of the running - - and the only way for that to happen is for her to be evicted. She hasn't annoyed me like her sister does (except when she throws out the stupid lines her sister memorialized), so I feel bad she's getting evicted because of her sister-related fame, but them's the price that Grodner has to pay for using semi-recycled guests and giving them powers that make them that much more of a target. I'm waiting for the secret reveal that Nick is Dan's fraternal twin brother separated at birth . . .
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
I'm a psychic? Is it a coincidence that an hour ago (and two hours after my post above) Elissa suggested to Helen that Nick is somehow related to Dan? And am I just cynical to think that if there were a connection that revealing this connection at this time via diary room suggestion to Elissa from production would help her out and muddle things up a bit? And what if Aaryn turns out to be related to Russell Hantz? Jeremy has Donato blood, fer sure. In fact, everyone has a secret connection that they don't want revealed.
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
lol. I hate hate HATE that Helen and Elissa are trying to make people think he is related to Dan. I'm glad it's not sticking so far. It makes him a big target if they believe it. In his pre-season interviews he also mentioned not being very fond of Dan as a player a few times. Respected, but not a favorite.

I do think you may be psychic though. It's funny that you mentioned that RIGHT before it happened on the feeds. =)
July 7, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh

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