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The Night Owl

Well it was nominations/find out the MVP (for us anyway) night.  Early in the evening after much scrambling by every member of the house except for Nick and Howard who were stoic as ever, Helen and Elissa were nominated as predicted.  As they were both expecting it, there really wasn't any drama involved there.


Shortly after nominations there was another big cry for attention from GinaMarie. This time instead of being sure that Jessie was after "her man", she was sure that "her man" was after Kaitlin.  The whole scene was kind of hysterical.  Meanwhile Jeremy and Kaitlin were getting very ..very close up in the HOH room. *grabs vomit bucket*  This season of showmances is killing me slowly but surely.


After the melt downs and make outs, Elissa was called to the DR which leaked her getting the MVP. Are you shocked? Me neither.  She happily ran right out to tell Helen so that they could start plotting the demise of one of the other members of the house.  They originally decided to put up Jeremy tomorrow before the veto comp and then if he wins veto put up Nick.  That is still the plan at this point, but Helen has started to waver a little asking old duckface part deux if she wouldn't rather take Jeremy's girlfriend away from him instead.  But the veto comp hasn't even been played yet, and the veto ceremony is a long way away, so nothing is set in stone yet.  The only thing we know will probably happen is Jeremy going up for the MVP nomination.


There was a booze delivery at some point and most of them aside from the have nots got a little buzz. This time instead of fighting they had a kind of hang out together dance party type of thing where they all did silly dance moves etc.. 


Instead of participating in the fun, Amanda decided to have a meltdown about McCrae talking to Jess yesterday and so she spent most of the night yelling at him and basically commanding him not to talk to Jess anymore. Have I mentioned how annoying this bitch is?  After she left the room, McCrae broke the 4th wall for a while and spoke to us about his plans.  He admitted that he really does like Amanda, but said it is best for his game right now to stick with TMC.  He is hoping to bring her in with TMC after a while though.  I am personally hoping she will be long evicted before he can try that.  This week he may lose a member of TMC over her big mouth.  She has been yap yap yapping to Judd, Andy, and Helen about saving Elissa and how that's the most important thing this week. She sends them out as her spies to bring back information to her, and if you ask me, even though McCrae THINKS he can control her vote this week, I am doubting it.


Howard and Spencer chatted for a bit in secret about TMC.  They discussed how dangerous people like Judd, Amanda, and Andy are right now and how they might need to go even before people like Aaryn and Candice.   For the most part they think they are solid this week, and they could be right, though I don't trust that Elissa will go home. 


Everything is going to come down to who wins Veto and what happens after that.  Until tomorrow night....

Reader Comments (4)

I wonder if the HOH can be nom'd by the MVP? I know, wishful thinking.
July 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJoJo
Now that would make for an interesting twist, especially with the current HOH!! Kinda like that idea.
July 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterShirly
First and foremost - Thank You Thank You Thank You for these nightly recaps. They always so informative and a pleasure to read.

So far, I absolutely love this twist. It breathes a whole new life into the game on every level. It pains me that they took it one step too far by bringing in Elissa. It ruins the twist. I wasn't a Rachel fan but I actually like Elissa. Its too bad I cant root for her because I really want to see this twist played on a level playing field.
July 6, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterguynamedjohnny
The stupid MVP twist: This is how felt during season 8, when Dick was being kept alive by America's Player. I want to like Nick, but I really hate this stupid Moving Company alliance. This season is going to a snoozefest if this ends up being the Brigade 2.0. I don't like the whole bring back old players and family members thing, but I really hate seeing the bigot alliance win anything. And Elissa leaving is a victory for the plastics.

Did you catch the late night convo in bed lights off with Jeremy, KKKaitlin, and Aryan. They were talking about how they keep forgetting that they are being watched and recorded 24-7. In the next breath, Jeremy talks about his lavender outfit for the Veto Comp. He says that he got "jewed" having to wear a "gay" outfit. Aryan concurs, saying that he looked like a queer. This was after Jeremy called both Amanda a "dyke" earlier in the conversation.

These people are un-fucking-believeable and I can only hope that they lose at every turn. And this week, that means Elissa NOT being evicted.
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterpsychodrew

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