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A Day In The Life Of: Elissa

After a few days of watching the entire house from afar, it is now time for me to once again focus on an individual. This is going to be tough viewing for me in some respects, but could also be an easy day as the person in question has a habit of disappearing for hours and hours at a time. What could she possibly be doing during these times? Is she getting her lines prepared by production? Is she getting more botox? Or just working on finally dislodging the poop from her intestines?

I should probably throw out a little disclaimer before I begin my day’s viewing. One aspect of this season that I’m not enjoying is the simple fact that any minor criticism of a Reilly results in a hailstorm of complaints. In fact, even giving another person praise usually leads into these kinds of replies.

With that in mind, I will again disclose that I don’t believe it is fair that Elissa is in the house. MVP was designed to ensure her safety, almost like a yearlong Diamond Power of Veto. She’s not receiving these victories for any reason other than the fact that she has name recognition.

I would feel the same way no matter whose relative was on the show, and that’s where I have my difficulties with the Reilly Army. I’d LOVE to see their opinions if the stunt cast for this season was somebody they hated. What if it was a relative of the Hantz family? Or Matt Hoffman’s wife? Or somebody with a connection to Boogie? I don’t think they’d love the twist quite as much.

So let’s get on with the day. Yesterday was an up and down day for Ms. Elissa. She spent the day knowing she was going on the block, and dealing with the already-mentioned stomach issue. A couple of hours after she was nominated, productions “accidentally” allowed us to see the announcement that she has again won MVP. Shocker!

A couple of people have questioned why she was told of this win last night instead of shortly before the selection of veto players, as was announced. That’s easy to explain. Everybody noted last week that Elissa was called into the diary room twice before that meeting, so that cat was immediately out of the bag. Sure, everybody is assuming she will win every week she is in the house, but doing it the night before is designed to raise questions as to who it could be besides her.

Today actually starts earlier than expected, as Big Brother wakes everybody shortly before 8 am. Elissa is first seen in the kitchen area, and I notice a sly little trick of hers. Instead of polite greetings to everybody as they first come into the kitchen area, she pulls them aside for short little conversations. Nothing of substance is said, but it is clearly designed to raise suspicions in the other house mates.

This morning, she does this with a couple of people, most notably Spencer and Judd. It also works perfectly, as Aaryn is watching upstairs on the spy cam and freaks out. Judd is called up to the HOH to report on what was said. Mission accomplished!

We then see a little bit of her talking to Candice while putting on makeup before the feeds go to fish. It’s time to announce Elissa’s nominee, and pick veto players!

When the feeds come back, Elissa has done the expected and used that third nomination on Jeremy. She is shown lecturing Nick about the lack of maturity on the younger half of the house. “500 thousand dollars is going to go down the drain to some guy who wants to buy a new pair of dockers for his boat. Work with the mature people in the house. The people  who want to play the game, who want to play strategic and not bully people.” She says she wants to work with him, but he has already backstabbed her twice. She supposedly loved David, and was way less of a threat than him. There’s also a bit of weirdness where Elissa claims that working with Jeremy is advocating violence against women. I just don’t know where that came from.

Nick’s response is that he’s screwed either way, but eventually he shakes on a deal with her to throw the veto competition in return for not going up as a replacement nominee. The conversation is almost broken up by Andy, who continues his annoying trait of interrupting almost every chat.

With that conversation concluded, Howard comes in and hugs her. They pray together in hopes of Elissa’s success in the veto competition. Oh yeah, and that her “stomach feels better”. Judd also comes in for a hug, and she tells him about her conversation with Nick. Oh yeah, and Andy again walks in on the conversation. At least this time, she acknowledges him, and they also rehash the Nick conversation. Candice then comes into the room, and they have a little small talk about veto comp outfits before Elissa leaves the room.

Since she’s the focus of the days events, the cameras follow her around much more than usual today. She wanders around the house, into the kitchen, back to the have-not room, and in and out of the bathroom. Eventually the camera moves on to dumb conversations from the “Blondetourage”, and we don’t see her for a bit.

A bit later, she is seen again in the bathroom before heading into the have-not room to prepare for the veto comp and again complain about the bullies to Candice. “They’re always attacking meeeeee.” After a few minutes alone, Helen comes in to give her a pep talk. Helen also plans on throwing it, but for some reason thinks it’s going to be an endurance-type competition. “It’s not going to be a puzzle this early.” Elissa’s main concern is that if she wears shorts the cameras may pick up body parts she doesn’t want to show. If Nick doesn’t end up throwing the competition, though, they will know not to ever trust him again. He gets a two-week deal if he correctly follow through. The camera again follows her as she wanders around the house for last-minute preparations, including another attempt to excise her built-up you know what.

When the feeds returned a couple of hours later, it was clear that neither Helen or Elissa had won. “It sucks so bad.” Yes, their worst enemy, Jeremy, had won, and it’s beyond obvious that he was going to save himself. This means Kaitlin is Elissa’s obvious choice for a replacement.

Candice also walks in, and they continue to talk as Helen does jumping jacks and other exercises for no apparent reason. Spencer also wanders in for some encouraging words.

While Helen continues to stomp around doing her exercise routine, Elissa goes into full Rachel mode. “I’ve never even done anything to become a target.” Candice’s big issue is that girls never win on Big Brother (say what?), mainly because guy’s band together. When Candice says she can’t walk into a room without girls talking about other girls, Elissa immediately pipes up. “Do they talk about other people beside me?” Yes, Elissa, you are not the center of the universe. When everybody leaves the room, she rids herself of some frustration with some yoga poses.

The feeds go off her for a bit, but quickly return. She’s still doing some yoga moves while talking to Candice. She tells her that her game is screwed by being Rachel’s sister, and she should “lay low and not anybody see you crack”. Elissa is convinced that Jeremy’s “fire” isn’t for the money, but to get her out. Candice disagrees.

Helen also returns, but thankfully is done working out. “The game is not over”, says Helen. “So chop chop.” They believe Spencer is working with Jeremy and the rest of the guys, and he needs to go after Jeremy. “Choose a side, dude.” Elissa again (dumbly) asks if they think Jeremy will take himself off the block, and says she’s offended by the arrogance. “I don’t think he’s socially savvy. He’s just a good competitor. Kaitlin’s going up. I’m not happy, because she’s nice. But this game is not about being nice.” GinaMarie’s name is also brought out, and Elissa laughs at her two-faced nature. “Yo yo yo, we gotta get the bitch out”, she likes to say just moments after befriending her.

The conversation with Candice continues on and on about how mean everybody is to her, and Candice mentions that Elissa has remained pretty calm. Elissa says she’s happy to have played in these competitions, even if she hasn’t won anything, but Candice says it’s not over yet. Candice finally leaves, and Elissa mopes around the room a bit cleaning up.

A bit later, Jeremy sees Elissa in the kitchen, and goes down to chat with her. They have a pretty civil conversation about how much fun they had on the competition, and Elissa tells him it proved he’d be great kids. She’s not entirely enthusiastic about talking to him, and who can blame her? A minute or so later, he wanders off to insert himself into one of Andy’s dumb topics.

Others come and go into the kitchen area, but only Amanda hangs around as Elissa bakes. Nothing of substance comes out of their conversation. Elissa has a sly smile on her face as she references some inside joke that she refuses to reveal to Amanda.

Her buddy Helen returns to eat the slop muffins, which, of course, are delicious. Elissa’s response? “If only we were having a cleanliness and baking cook-off. Shit, Jeremy would probably step it up for that.” Andy joins them, and they all agree that slop and the have-not room are getting easier to deal with. He also asks the question we all want the answer - “how did you come about being on the show?” Of course, production steps in and we go right to the fish.

A bit later, Elissa disappears from the cams, and we’re forced to endure Aaryn giving relationship advice to GinaMarie, or Amanda and McCrae’s weird coupling. When the backyard is opened, she returns to do some yoga. She eventually sits next to Amanda, and starts feeling her out as to who she could put up that would save her. McCrae is brought into the conversation, and Elissa’s main point is that Jeremy’s crowd needs to be broken up. The conversation ends before he can answer as Judd sits with them. Elissa heads inside.

Not long afterwards, something stunning happens. Helen advises Elissa to break her deal with Nick. Candice adds that personally she would never break her word. BUT, and this is a big but, she thinks that Nick may have been trying to win veto. There’s the loophole!

Helen goes on, saying there is no way Kaitlin will be evicted over Elissa, mainly because they’re scared of Jeremy. She wants to go feel the mood of the house about Nick. Candice promises to do the same. If this works, maybe grrrrl power will work after all! Candice isn’t so sure of that idea, and reminds them that Amanda is a “guy’s girl” who isn’t comfortable with other women.

Operation Save Elissa goes into effect. Candice heads upstairs to try to put some doubt in the minds of Aaryn and Jeremy about the MVP winner. They’re not buying it, but it does bring out an hour or so of bickering from them.

Elissa floats in and out of the feeds. It’s by far the most social she’s been this season. She has a long chat with Spencer about her family, and how she wants to open a wellness center. She has numerous conversations with Helen, although I’m not sure they do any good as Helen is quickly being discovered as not the brightest bulb in reading people. At various points of the night, Elissa switches between Kaitlin and Nick as her substitute nominee. Surprisingly, Howard also throws out Nick’s name.

There’s one person that actually gives her a bit of hope, although her boyfriend doesn’t agree. Amanda wants to keep Elissa, with the longstanding theory that Elissa will always have a target. You know, the one that saved her last week. Unfortunately for Elissa, McCrae doesn’t agree.

There’s so much wheeling and dealing, and alliance and sub-alliance arguing, that we don’t see much of Elissa for the rest of the night. There’s a few segments where Helen is giving her a pep talk, along with shoutouts to Brendon and Rachel, but the night is all about the louder portioins of the house.

Until the end of the night. Elissa and NIck are in the backyard. Nick tells her that she should be up against a so-called “floater...someone who people won’t care about sending home”. When pressed for names, he throws out Jessie and Candice. Elissa isn’t so sure about the idea, and asks why people would keep Kaitlin. Nick wants a bit more time to think about the situation, and Elissa heads up to bed.

I did it. I followed a Reilly for an entire day on the feeds. To be fair, thanks to the recording of the Big Brother Gossip Show, I was able to scan some flashback for those last few hours. During the day, though, I didn’t take my feeds off her. I’m a dedicated craftsman!

What did you think of this profile? Was I fair to Elissa? Or to the rest of the house? Do you think she will be saved this week? Comment it out!

Reader Comments (13)

I think you were totally fair. Honestly, I don't have a problem with Elissa but think that BB just needs to start fresh. If you are going to bring someone's sibling in, bring all siblings in. Part of me wishes they do send her home so they can just start fresh with a clean slate and not obsess about Rachel's sister in the house.
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEmily
Thanks, Emily! :)
July 7, 2013 | Registered CommenterScott
I totally agree with you Emily....I was really excited at the beginning of the season until I found out Rachel's sister was going to be there. It almost made me not want to watch at all this season...but sticking it out.

Scott...I commend you for watching her a whole day HAHA I can't do it!
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKatie
I totally agree with you Emily....I was really excited at the beginning of the season until I found out Rachel's sister was going to be there. It almost made me not want to watch at all this season...but sticking it out.

Scott...I commend you for watching her a whole day HAHA I can't do it!
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKatie
This is a great insightful article! I was so excited to finally have an all new cast and then they go and ruin it by adding the completely unfair advantage of bringing in a player with a pre-existing large fan base. So now, with a vast amount of manipulation by production, the integrity of what could have been a great season is completely gone with the addition of Alissa.
It could have been an amazing season with the variety of characters/idiots/fans playing this year and instead we get the tired old "Reilly Redo". I also just heard about the "Radon" (My own personal name for RAchel and brenDON - which is also a radioactive gas) joining/ruining another season of Amazing Race. YIKES! Is there really NO ONE else CBS could find for these shows.
Anyway, I loved your article!
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterHugopetty
I totally agree with you Emily....I was really excited at the beginning of the season until I found out Rachel's sister was going to be there. It almost made me not want to watch at all this season...but sticking it out.

Scott...I commend you for watching her a whole day HAHA I can't do it!
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKatie
Great job Scott. Thanks for taking the time and having the fortitude to do something I cannot bring myself to do. That is watch the feeds. I hardly ever turn them on this Season, I had such high hopes as stated by Emily, Katie and Hugopetty for a fresh exciting Season with all nobodies. Instead they load the house with bigots, homophobes, misogynists, and throw in a Reilly. I can't get behind any of these people. I still kinda like McCrae, Amanda, and Nick, and can tolerate Howard,JU double D, Candice and Helen. But Andy and Helen are getting on my last nerve by not opening their eyes and ears to the existence of the MC. NOBODY listens to Candice, the most astute person in the house IMHO . They all cut her off or discount anything she has to say about the all male alliance. I quickly see this as a repeat of Season 12, the worst after 9 IMHO. So even though I think it is totally unfair that Elissa is in the house, I don't want her to leave yet due to the fact that I believe once she is gone the MC is going to steamroll over the rest of the HG and that would be totally boring.
I think the best ending to this season would be for Howard, Candice, Helen, or Andy winning it to rub it in the face of all the bigots, homophobes ,racists face at the finally. Out of those 4, I am rooting for Candice at this time.
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKimG
Could not have said it better myself! And coo doo's to you for making it through it with your sanity intact. Or is it? With all the goings on in the house I sometimes doubt my own.
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterShirly
Never was a fan of Rachel and really can't stand Brendon. Wouldn't want to spend a half a day with Elissa but call it "Revenge of the Nerds", I just love the fact that that tiny little, constipated yoga instructor has all the "cool kids"/bigots worked up into a frenzy. When I first saw Aaryn, I thought blonde, southern, MAYB POSSIBLY another Britney - instead she is the anti-Briney. Brit loved Ragen, this bitch hates Andy and all the other "queers" that America loves. I could go on. Kaitlin, I actually voted for as MVP 10 times and then she attches her self to mr 1/16th Nativ American who talks about teepees. Sorry Kaitlin, whatever you did on national TV with that loser, if you have to say "Sorry Daddy" - you're a slut and you might as well do a Playboy shoot and make some money off it because you will be tagged with that just like Aaryn will always be known as a bigot. So I could care less if CBS had the fix in , I'm just praying that Elissa listens to her own counsel and puts up Kaitlin and then Amanda convinces McCrae, and Nick realizes it's the strategic thing to do, so Spence and Howard will stop trying to protect Jeremy's sex live and the moving comapny with or without Jeremy's vote will go along with Andy, Amanda, Candace and Judd to evict Kaitlin and send the message - bieng close to Aaryn is LETHAL and she will be shunned by the house and treated the same way she's treated other's all her life. And when she comes back to the world to never again be a model, she can go to Vegas and be a street hooker where people will pay her for her looks and tell her to keep her mouth shut.
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKenny D
Personally I'm not against the Reilly factor. I think it's going to be interesting to see how she does given the fact that she has her sisters reputation haunting her name. Currently I think that a Reilly sister is the least of the worries in the house. If I was in the house I would be more concerned about my safety around Jeremy. He's crazy. I must have missed the turn where everyone started hating Elissa. Keep in mind she is related to someone who was en extreme competitior in the game. While annoying, she pulled her weight and Brendons weight through the who game. I would use her to my advantage. And nice job following her, I agree it's definitely hard to follow such a character.
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlex
Honestly, if it wasn't for the MVP thing I wouldn't have such a problem with Elissa being in the house. Having one person with a family member with a fanbase taints the results of that twist. If she was truly just another person in the house, I'd have no complaints, but she basically has co-HOH power each week.
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Love the single-day-single-person perspective. Hey, you know what day/person would make a good "day in the life of"? How about Jessie the day she was following around Nick in not-so-subtle stalker fashion and irritating him and GM? Would love to know more of those details couched in your lyrical prose!
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
Yes, I picked the wrong day to follow Jessie around. That day would have been perfect. lol
July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott

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