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The Night Owl 

Well, when the feeds came back from trivia this afternoon, Nick was indeed nominated as the replacement for Jeremy who took himself off the block.  After this all the flip flopping began all over again.


Amanda is still on a crusade to keep Elissa.  She talked to everyone who would listen to her again today. She threatened Spencer that if he voted to keep Nick she would know it was him and would have everyone turn on him. Pretty much everyone in the house outside of Elissa, Andy, and McCrae have decided they do not trust her now and would like her gone next week since she cannot stop running back and forth and talking so much.  Admittedly from the side of the MC alliance, the reason they need her gone is because she has figured them out a little bit and may cause a problem for them if she turns the other girls against them.  The others in the house just find her to be untrustworthy based on the running back and forth and not letting anyone speak to McCrae as well as not letting McCrae speak for himself.



Aaryn decided she is over Kaitlin now.  She really wants Kaitlin to go so that she can have Jeremy back focused on protecting her.  It's interesting watching the BlondeTourage implode on itself.  All the girls in that alliance are crazy and blaming each other for being the more psychotic one. Fun stuff.  Jeremy also made the comment to some of the other girls and guys tonight that he wishes that he "could just screw anyone he wanted whenever he wanted so that he could do all the girls in the house".  I think this entire side of the house is about to blow up.



Nick spent most of his night campaigning to the people who he doesn't have votes from and fake campaigning/catching up with the members of the MC.  The ones voting against him still told him what he wanted to hear while the MC told him who he did and didn't have as far as votes, and he now realizes there will be a very very close margin for error.  All the members of the alliance besides McCrae really want Amanda to leave next week.  They know that she will be the end of them if she doesn't go.  The real question is how McCrae will react if she doesn't win HOH and gets put up on the block by one of his alliance members.  Then again, that's assuming that there actually still IS an alliance and Elissa actually leaves. Nick included Helen in his campaign talks and told her that he was not after her if he stayed. They made an agreement not to campaign against each other or get nasty about things.   He still has not talked to Amanda or McCrae which is driving Amanda crazy.  She "doesn't understand why he doesn't trust her and come to her".  I can't imagine that it might have something to do with her leading the charge to get him out.  He intends to still talk to her tomorrow though as well as attempting to get McCrae away from her long enough to actually have a discussion.



All of the strategy talks tonight were super in depth and interesting both the campaigning from Nick and the talks between the other side of the house about where they stand and what they want to happen.  If you do have the feeds and have time, I would suggest going back and watching some of the chats as I haven't had time tonight to cover them all or many of the details here.


That's about it for tonight.  Now it's just a wait and watch the scramble until Thursday. That seems like such a a long long time away.  This really is probably going to be a very close vote if something big doesn't change in the next few days.   Until tomorrow night...



Reader Comments (2)

Just want to take the time to thank you for posting all these updates from BB15. I so appreciate it very much. Keep up the good work and I am sure it is exhausting. Thanks again.
July 9, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDanita
Thank you so much for reading!! I have fun with it. This season is a bit difficult to cover overnights on because there are SO many HGs and so many fake and real alliances. You add that to the fact that many of them are young and gaming super hard, and it's very hard to articulate what is actually happening in the house. I just hope I get it across well enough for people to understand and possibly get some humor out of it. =)
July 9, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh

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