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Big Brother Season 15, Episode 16 Recap

It’s an important night in the Big Brother house. The actual eviction may be nothing special, as it’s pretty clear it is going to be Howard, but the show is rumored to conclude with an endurance competition. This week’s winner should set the tone for what happens throughout the start of the second half of the season.

Before we begin, though, it should be noted that we had some weirdness on the feeds today. In previous weeks the feeds have been live through most of the day. In fact, quite often they’ve gone up to fifteen minutes before showtime before taking them down.

Not today, though. They woke everybody earlier than normal, and then Big Brother made an announcement while they were preparing for the day. Shortly after, the feeds went to trivia, and we haven’t seen them the rest of the day. What gives? Nobody knows, but there’s been lots of rumors floating around.

So let’s get going with the reaction to Spencer taking himself off the block, with Aaryn replacing him with Candice. Spencer is still bummed that Howard is up. “I’ve got to save him and make sure that Amanda runs out that door on Thursday.” Do you think Candice is happy about this? Of course not. She’s pissed the “redneck girl” put her up. Amanda, though, doesn’t feel so bad being up because Howard is still on the block. Howard, meanwhile, is hoping somebody “has the guts” to save both him and Candice.

Howard is now shown on the elliptical telling Candice neither of them are going home. Candice replies, “grab your rebel flag. Black people on the block.” She continues on saying that Aaryn is scary, but he’s adamant neither are going home.

We jump to Spencer talking about getting five votes to get Amanda out. He talks to GinaMarie for a bit, and they both want to “keep that dude”. GinaMarie seems open to voting out Amanda. He then moves on, along with Howard, to Judd and Andy. Their message is that people don’t have to obey the plans of “certain people”. Andy says it all “makes total sense”. Spencer also talks to Candice, saying he wants to be on her side to take out Amanda.

Andy runs to Amanda to tell her about Spencer’s plan. “Of course it’s not going to happen, but they think they have me and Judd.” Amanda is paranoid, and is worried that Andy was MVP. They hug, and she walks out of the storage room.

We’re now outside, and Spencer sits down next to Amanda. They make some small talk, before Amanda says “I know what you’re doing, but it’s not going to work”. Spencer denies that he’s working against her, but Amanda presses him. Spencer claims that his wish is to get rid of Candice, but he’s “not about to kiss her ass”. Amanda says she’s confident that she has the votes to stay, and if he stops the plan that maybe he won’t be the “main target”.

He goes on to complain about how she pushes her weight around, but “I’m not some punk bitch that’s going to kiss your ass”. Finally, he tells her to shut up, and she calls him to quit bullying her. “Who tells a woman to shut up?”

Helen, who was working out, goes inside and reports on the whole story to Candice. “Anything I can do to hurt Spencer’s game, I’m going to do”, Helen explains in the diary room. “Maybe I’ll have a ‘keep it real with Candy’ moment”. She’s pissed that Spencer has promised her to keep her safe this week, so she wants to “put the bullseye smack dab on (his) forehead”.

She goes outside and announces a meeting, leading Amanda to say “house meeting always go really well”. Candice then lays into Spencer, who says that he only said “my personal preference is for Howard to stay”. She responds that she heard that Spencer had said he wanted Amanda to “choke on her saliva”, which he also denies. “Stop being a liar.” She ends it by saying that she hopes that “everybody uses their own mind” when they vote, and that Spencer needs to keep his name out of his mouth.

Jessie is now inside whining to Aaryn and GinaMarie on how Candice is treating her. For some reason, she is afraid of her “fierce social game”. Say what? “That’s scary to me.” Aaryn replies that maybe Candice should be the real target, and GinaMarie agrees. All they need is four votes, after all, and Aaryn is certainly willing. Too bad it won’t do anything but create a false hope for CBS-only viewers.

It’s now time for Julie to talk to the house. She congratulates them for making it to almost the halfway mark, and then informs them of Britney’s baby. Oh yeah, and the stupid Kardashian baby. Ugh, who cares. Baby news over, and Julie asks what Jessie misses from home. It’s her dog. God, this is a waste of time. Judd is asked the same question, and he misses his family, friends, and dog.

Speaking of Judd, it’s now time to meet his family. They’re exactly as you’d expect. Good for them, but I see way too many of those types of folks in my area.

It’s now time for the final pleas. Amanda goes up first, and she says hi to her family and then says “I’m not ready to go home next”. She is grateful for McCrae, and thanks GinaMarie for calming her down. She’s hoping for a Jewish wedding in the house.

Candice then says hi to “both my moms out there”, and babbles and babbles and babbles. “Vote with your heart. Howie, you’re my best friend in the house, and we’re both on the block because of it.”

Howard is last, and he thanks God before thanking his family and his church. He says he loves his castmates, and can’t wait to be friends outside of the house. He wants to people to vote with their heart, not because of what they’ve been told to do.

Voting then starts with Helen, who votes to evict Howard, as does Elissa. Spencer votes to evict his “besty boo” Candice. McCrae goes back to the house choice, and votes against Howard, as does Andy, Judd, GinaMarie, and Jessie. Howard is out, 7-1!

After commercials, Julie announces the news. He hugs everybody, saving Candice for last. She gives him a peck, and is out the door. Everybody gathers to watch his name go dark (why, I  don’t get as I have never understood this ritual). Julie asks why he was seen as a threat, and he goes on about the “power in the house”. Julie wants to know who the power belongs to, and he says Helen, Amanda, and McCrae. He adds that he tried to get in with them, but the Moving Company lie screwed his game. Julie pushes on the Movers and his lie to Helen. Who cares, really?

Julie then brings up the racism in the house. Howard says that outside of the house, “it’s easy to walk away from it”. When you’re in the house, you can’t walk away but he was thankful that Candice was there. He didn’t confront it because he was afraid of his temper, and he gets applause for that answer.

For final goodbyes, Spencer says he’s upset that he’s gone. Amanda bitches that getting him out has been “exhausting”. Helen kisses ass, as she always does. She sucks. Speaking of suck, we get Candice’s baby talk to end the segment. Goodbye, Howard, you were a good guy on the wrong season. Oh wait, we’re not done. Julie asks about Candice’s comments about being “friends”, and that leads Howard to go on and on.

It’s now HOH comp time...and it is indeed endurance. It’s called “Bull in the China Shop”. They’re on a barrel, holding a “bull” as long as possible. When they drop off, their china shatters. Last person standing is the new HOH.

Cue the ultra-cheesy music, and we’re off. Elissa almost falls right away,, but saves herself. She’s not doing well on this comp. Others are acting like this is the easiest game ever, and cheer when Julie announces there are no Have-Nots this week. Before we end the show, Julie announces that the first three to drop will get to open a box...and one of them contains five grand. Nobody falls for it...yet.

So after the announcement that next week is a double eviction evening, that’s it for this week. Jump on the feeds to find out who is the next HOH!

What did you think? Did the right person go? Should Candice or Amanda have gone? Who do you think will win HOH? Let us know!


Reader Comments (7)

Amanda should have gone! I was cheering when Spencer called her on her bullshit. She really is a bully and needs to go. I keep worrying she will suffocate McCrae, although II think he is beginning to catch on. That girl is nasty.

Helen should go up next week for sure! The lying and manipulating is just too much. There have been winners of BB in the past who did so without lying about what others have said. I used to be cheering for her but now I think she is smarmy and doesn't deserve to win.
August 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPam
The worst moment of the season for me (outside of the racial stuff) is Helen's over-the-top asskissing goodbye message.
August 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Wouldn't it be ironic if GM was the one to put up the floaters?
August 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermichelle
Wanted to gag on Helen and Elissa feeling so "sad" about voting Howard and then Helen's message. Wanted to take a shower. Helen DOES realise Howard is NOT on the jury, so no need to suck up now.

Yes, Howard was classy in accepting those fake hugs. Would have told them all to stay seated and be honest for at least 30 seconds. And Helen did her jig on camera right after he walked out, so Howard may not buy her message if he watches this show.
August 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterlmb02
Such is the game of Big Brother. Amanda's master-level manipulation, her ability to influence others, as well as her intelligence (& of course her alliance with McCrae) have all served her well. She's a liar and a racist who has used everyone in the house, you say?!'s certainly worked in her favor thus far, hasn't it? I also have read that she "used" to be an aspiring actress/comedianne (USED to be? Riiiiiight.) as well as having past jobs in "reality" TV, shocker!! Many viewers, season after season, "accuse" Production of influencing them in the DR. Hmmmmmm....what is the name of the show again? Oh yeah, BIG BROTHER. Look up that definition, and really think hard about the underlying "between the lines" meaning of the phrase. Is the winner pre-determined? I'm not so sure about that. I believe Production changes it's mind quite often depending on who seems to exhibit excellent leadership qualities...and Amanda seems adept at locating weaknesses within each and every person around her, probably outside the BB house as well as inside. BB is a giant social experiment; I'm SURE sociologists who watch certainly witness excellent examples of people living/coping with the stress of being isolated from friends/family, living in 1 residence with 15 strangers, and seeing firsthand the ever-changing dynamics of the HG's AND what types of personalities exhibit leadership and others who are followers......along with "Big Brother" (the ultimate authority) attempting to influence them with every twist & turn. I love sociology, have been a BB fan since Season 1, and I'm almost ALWAYS surprised by who ends up being the top 3-4 at the end! I truly believe having the ability to both manipulate and easily fool others are THE most important qualities a person must have to make it to the end. A strong psyche and the ability to NOT crumble under pressure (ie, not playing for revenge &/or not letting fear/paranoia/emotions become a factor) plus the ability to think ahead and plan what people will do in the future are of utmost importance with present, past & future BB winners.

Amanda, McCray, Aaryn, and yes little ole Andy ALL seem to exhibit some if not all of these qualities. Amanda especially. Everyone knows she is basically running the show, everyone runs to her & rats out everyone else, and she's going to laugh about it in the DR, yet convincingly "cry" about it with the other HG's. Besides last year with Ian and Dan, BB's outcome continues to surprise me, but I'll be a loyal "armchair" sociologist & BB fanatic for as long as it is on TV.

Glad Howie is gone. He was a nice enough person, and LOL to poor Aaryn who was unlucky enough to have to put him up there, as it was his turn to go (suggested by Amanda 😇😈---how ironic did THAT turn out to be!) I'm glad that people left in the house are getting it and are (for the most part) refraining from using words like "racism" and "unfair" and "liar" anymore in the house because, after all, this IS the game of Big Brother!!!!! You can't take anything personally, ever, and if you do, you have to be able to see through your hurt pride, hurt feelings and the manipulation in the house; you need the ability to lead, manipulate, shake things off, and mostly, look ahead and predict what everyone's next move will be.

Also, thanks for the well-written blogs....I read every day!
Off to work & happy Friday, y'all!!!
August 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commenter•~catty~•
Who won the $5000? What was in the other two boxes
August 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRon K
Candice won the money, Helen won a BBQ, and Spencer has to talk through a megaphone for a day.
August 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott

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