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The Night Owl

Surprise! Your new HOH is the cinnamon eating, FroYo guzzling, not able to digest water, GinaMarie.



So what happens when you keep evicting all the boys and then you add alcohol?  A really interesting fight night!

When GinaMarie first came back into the house after winning her HOH, she and Aaryn immediately started talking about who the nominations would be and it was between Candice and either Spencer or Jessie with Candice being the target.  We all knew that though.  In the other room, Amanda and McCrae started to talk about how they wanted to get Aaryn to get in GinaMarie's ear to try and go through with their backdoor Judd plan, but both agreed that they may not be able to push their agenda this week and might just have to lose Candice or Spencer.



Everybody did the go see GinaMarie's HOH room thing.  Spencer talked through his bullhorn (he got a punishment that requires him to only talk through it  until after noms).  GinaMarie got her desired picture of Nick as part of her HOH, Helen debated on who to take to her BBQ party she won by falling early in the HOH comp, and the have-nots got to eat.

Shortly after the have-nots started eating, alcohol arrived.  Candice, Amanda, Elissa, and Helen were all drinking wine of course.  Right after the drinking began, Jessie joined Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Judd in the cockpit. She started crying because she did not understand why Helen had invited Aaryn to her BBQ party instead of Jessie.  She started getting really snappy with Andy who later said he felt like it was another "it's the ultimate disrespect to sit on a Texan's hat" moments.   Judd tried to calm her down and asked her if there was anything he could do for her.  She snapped at  him with "Maybe if I could take pills I would be happy TOO!" (talking about the meds he takes for anxiety).  She then exited the cockpit saying "I don't even want to be int his house anymore!".

While my brain was still trying to figure out what crazy train Jessie was riding, all of the sudden a fight erupted in the kitchen and Amanda and Candice started screaming at each other about Howard leaving.  Amanda was yelling about her being sad about it and telling her why he had to go, THEN she yelled out what Howard supposedly said to her in the kitchen (which cut to fish of course).  When the feeds returned from fish, they went several more rounds about Howard and alliances etc...   Amanda yelled at Candice about trying to flip the house and told her that she made Judd look shady and Jessie look shady etc.. etc..  Candice snapped back with a lot of replies and also implied that Jessie was the one that came to THEM with the idea to flip the house. Not the other way around.  After the fight had gone on for a while, Helen of course felt the need to jump in with her two cents also.  When the yelling was finally over, Amanda, Helen, and Elissa marched up to the HOH room while Judd and Andy stayed in the kitchen to comfort Candice.



While Andy and Judd comforted Candice, a hen fest of bitching started up in the HOH room with Amanda, Helen, Elissa, GinaMarie, McCrae, and Aaryn.  They were all re-telling the stories at once and basically sealing the deal to put up Candice and Jessie tomorrow for nominations.



This HOH bash session went on for quite a while, and then it SEEMED like things were calming down a little when Helen and Elissa went down to the kitchen to drunkenly talk to Candice about how bad they felt evicting Howard and how they are not all working together etc..

Then the feeds went to fish for a while for BB to re-open the backyard.  When the feeds came back, Amanda and Jessie were screaming at each other, and it was dirty!!  Jessie accused Amanda of being a bully, Amanda called Jessie a slut and told her to close her legs as well as accusing her of being after McCrae.  Jessie told Amanda she wasn't the one sitting outside in her freaking underwear all the time.

Then the feeds cut to fish again. Only audio was coming through on a lot of the fights, so unfortunately I don't have many screen caps to show you.  When the feeds returned, instead of being on the backyard fight with Jessie and Amanda, they were on the bedroom where Candice was again sobbing about what Amanda told Candice Howard had said to her.

Then feeds cut again for probably 20 minutes.  When they came back all 4 feeds were on the HOH with GinaMarie and Helen talking about the fact that Jessie and Amanda were still apparently screaming at each other in the back yard, but no one wants to be out there.  I WANT TO SEE IT!!

The fight between Jessie and Amanda has been going on for over 30 minutes now but ou only hear glimpses now and then when someone opens the door to the BY because for SOME reason they will not show the BY and instead keep cutting to fish or all 4 feeds on Helen eating in the HOH room etc..   I am giving up out of frustration. The last thing I heard was about 10 minutes ago when Amanda yelled "You are acting like a psychopath!" to Jessie.

I know one thing.  Guess who is sitting pretty again compared to this past week?  This guy:



Spencer is situated pretty good now as well.  The crazy known as Candice and Jessie are sinking themselves, and Amanda seems to be on a mission to take herself down with them.

If the feeds turn to what is actually happening and I get to see anything more, I will post a follow-up, but for now I'm going to give up and just post what I have.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.   I expect to see Jessie and Candice nominated sometime this morning.  Until tomorrow night... 

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Reader Comments (6)

Why wont they show the fights? Why are they censoring?
August 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commentersygnature
hi ash,

this is the first time in BIG BROTHER HISTORY, that I have barely commented on this season. I have been trying to figure it out since the 1st house guest walked out the door.

but can someone/anyone answer a few questions.

was howard really that much of a dick?

why does andy not get much screen time? i know he never shuts up.

is there a "fan" favorite this year?

as always ash, i love reading your posts.
August 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermjude
Ty for reading, and for the complement! xo
As for your questions:

Howard was not a dick in general in the house. He usually behaved really nicely. I do believe he said something to Amanda trying to rattle her though. I don't know exactly what he said because none of us actually heard it. We just heard her re-tell, but I think it must have been similar at least to what she said because they now cut to fish every single time it's mentioned on the feeds. So, does that make him a dick? I mean I liked Howard and everything, but I could never be in favor of someone making a woman feel threatened that way.

I do not know why they don't show Andy on the show much unless they are just as annoyed with him as all of us are. lol. He is playing a really good social game (as much as I hate to admit it) because everyone trusts him and no one should.

I have no idea who the fan favorite would be this year. There are a lot of Elissa fans that like her based on her being Rachel's sister, but outside of that they all seem to have a lot more haters.

Hopefully that answers or at least helps to answer some of your questions? I miss your comments this year. Come back and express your opinion more often. =)
August 2, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh
This crop is really in need of large (pallets) of medication this year. And I hate to think what would happen if the ladies cycles synchonise before the end of the season.

I know I don't have a favorite this year (wish BB had a "none of the above" choice). Really just relying on you, ash, for your nightly updates and a pity there is not a dailtime update (guessing IndyMike is getting time with the family which is a good thing :) ). Shows are such a crock now that I almost fast forward to the commercials because they are more interesting.
August 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterlmb02
The funny thing is that a lot of them ARE on meds. lol. They are not working maybe? Also, at the risk of being gross, the girls actually are all in synch right now. That could be a cause of a lot of the drama going on. That and the fact that a lot of them are just really catty and outspoken.

I like Judd a lot (obviously). He is my favorite, but it's not like I can claim he is playing a perfect game or anything. I just find him very entertaining, so I hope he lasts a while so the feeds remain entertaining for me watch.

I agree with you about the shows. This year has been SO bad about not only just editing things out, but pretty much blatantly lying about what happened. For instance: Jeremy never voted against the MC. His vote against Elissa the first week was planned, but they made it seem like he betrayed them, and the show watchers still think that happened. Also, Amanda came up with the deal with Aaryn and told her to present it to Elissa. I'm not a fan of Amanda, but she does come up with a lot of the plans that they give Helen credit for. In last night's show they made it look as if Judd considered turning on McCrae, Amanda, and Andy. That never happened (although it probably would have been smart for him to at least consider it). I think they painted it that way to foreshadow all of Amanda's paranoia and wanting to get him out because she now thinks he is against them. The editing really sucks this year so I've mostly just been watching comps and the feeds. =)
August 2, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh
Demanda had the fucking gall to tell someone they need to keep their legs closed?! Bizarro land!
August 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterChire

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