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The Night Owl

For the most part the feeds were really boring yesterday and tonight.  There were a few tidbits here and there that are worth mentioning though.

Jessie and Spencer are nominated as predicted.  While Andy was the one to put the keys in, this is of course another Amanda/Helen HOH...mostly Amanda this time.  When the feeds returned from the nomination ceremony, Amanda was telling McCrae "Helen MUST GO next week."  and that she must be backdoored.  This is typical for Amanda at this point. As soon as the nomination ceremony happens each week, by the end of it she is pushing for the next week's target.

Earlier in the day, Helen had given a gentle push to Andy about possibly getting Amanda out this week, but as he is more loyal to Amanda than Helen, this of course did not fly.  She continued to question it off and on a little tonight through stealth whispers, but each time Andy just told her "it's not time to make a move like that yet."

I'm honestly not sure what exactly it is that Aaryn is up to.  She is supposed to be in a final 4 alliance with Amanda, McCrae, and Andy, but they all want Jessie gone this week, and Aaryn is suddenly pushing to keep Jessie and evict Spencer.  She only dropped subtle hints about it to Andy and Helen, but she spent a good portion of her night coaching Jessie on various veto comps and how to win them as well as how to manipulate the HGs into thinking they need you to stay. 

While Aaryn was coaching Jessie, Amanda and McCrae talked about who they are taking to the final 3 with them.  Amanda has become very comfortable with the idea (or fact as it is in her mind) that she will be in the final 2.  She and McCrae talked about taking Elissa "because she can't win anything"...I guess Amanda forgot Elissa has won one more comp than she has.  They talked about other people too, but never came to a conclusion.  When Judd was still in tight with Amanda, he told her several times not to get comfortable because if you do, the next week you'll go home.  I've never ever wished for a prediction to come true so hard in my life...although Helen going out would be great too.

Veto should pbe played sometime today.  Most of the HGs are pretty sure it will be either the "count until an hour" comp or the "count things and play poker" comp.  I have no idea what it will actually be.  With Andy being HOH this week and the MVP twist gone, I don't expect anything crazy to happen.  Even if Jessie or Spencer wins Veto, it will just mean that GinaMarie will go up and likely go home instead of Jessie (although Amanda says Jessie must still go even if GM goes up).  The most exciting thing we will probably see this week is whether Amanda or Helen is a better schemer since the two are now ready to go after each other next week. As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates. Until tomorrow night...

Reader Comments (4)

When Judd left, it sucked the life out of the game. I think that production will take a page from BB Canada and we will see a jury member return to the game. I think that "America" (production) will choose Judd to return. As a long time fan of the show, I do not like a jury member returning to the game, but if Judd were to return, I feel it would shake up the game and make it fun to watch, so I do not have a problem with it...this time.
August 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMisterMac56
What is wrong with these people! Why dont they go after Amanda and McCrae!
August 10, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertim
As I've stated before, I believe McCrae is the quiet-as-a-mouse genius in the house who is the brains of the house and has had Amanda & Helen get all the blood on their hands. I think he comes up with the name of who goes next & how....then Helen & Amanda take it to the next level and get their 'alliances' to vote for McCrae's choice. I also believe those were only crocodile tears on McCrae's part when Judd left to snag Judd's jury vote (the jury gets to see some footage in the Jury House; you never know what production will choose for them to see...).

And WHY OH WHY didn't Julie Chen tell the HG's that America was MVP the last 3 weeks? It could have really done some damage even if she had told them AFTER Judd was evicted. It would have made all of the power players re-think the last few weeks and how messed up & paranoid they became of one another and FINALLY realize that Judd was NOT some evil genius mastermind MVP.

As for Helen & Amanda's bloody hands, I think McCrae is going to let THEM pick each other off. Sooner rather than later, I hope. Once they are gone, McC will continue to vote with the 'house' (himself) and pick off the remaining people until it's him, Andy & Aaryn left. Of COURSE he wants Andy gone because Andy would get more jury votes, and who wouldn't want Aaryn at their side at the end?? The girls hate her and wouldn't EVER give her the half mil.

These are just some guesses, and ideally I would love to see Andy & McCrae in the F2 (I'm from Chicago and just ADORE Andy), and McCrae should be there because he has earned it...again, I believe HE is the silent mastermind behind who has been evicted and in which order. There could be a wild card in Aaryn, because when that chick wants and NEEDS to win comps, she does. She'll absolutely, positively need to be back-doored to avoid her inevitable veto win.

Now, as for who gets to come back (from the jury I believe Julie hinted around about...) into the house.......that is an 'it depends' answer. I don't think it will be until there are only 4-5 people left in the house. If it is Andy, McCrae, Aaryn, (maybe) Amanda and/or Helen if they don't pick each other off, and (maybe) Spencer if he lies low enough, I have a feeling it could possibly be Candice or Judd coming back. Candice could start all over because GM will be gone; she would definitely shake things up. Plus, Candice was in the Jury House 1st and will have a little inside info about who the jury wants to win and get a feeling about HOW they'll vote (some vote for game play, some vote for revenge, etc), so she could make new alliances and win comps as well. She would need to be quiet, though, and that's hard for Candice (no offense here, she just talked game with way too many people). If Judd returned (boy, wouldn't THAT be something?!), he should wear the bear shirt back in and light up the house with his likeable self and also have the advantage of being 2nd in the Jury House & privy to information that nobody else in the house will have. He will also need to keep quiet, make new alliances, and win win win the comps. I realize these 2 are the only ones in the Jury House now, and that more are coming soon (hopefully Helen next), but Candice and Judd would shake things up more. The HG's should now be talking about someone's re-entry and agree/pinkie swear to get that person out asap. They have already gotten him/her out & shouldn't EVER re-think that. This person will come in guns blazing, and the HG's should start preparing themselves. No matter WHO it is!!!

I'm rooting for Andy to win the whole dang thing! I believe Andy will need to stick with McCrae, though. Helen will NOT let Andy get to the F4 with her, no way; while I do believe McCrae WOULD since Andy has been most loyal to him all season long. It'll be smart for Andy to play it safe this week & take out a floater, but McCrae may think that NOW is the time to back-door Helen. This will be tough for him, but if McCrae says Helen, it'll be Helen. Which, at this point, should definitely happen. Let's see if ANY of my thoughts come to fruition!!

Andy/McCrae all the way!!!!!!
August 10, 2013 | Unregistered Commenter•~catty~•
I don't like or respect any of these HG's. After a great season last year, Dan was magical, this year is a joke, it's like a different game. If McCrae cuts Amanda he will gain my respect and be the one HG I'll root for!
August 10, 2013 | Unregistered Commentercormega supreme

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