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The Night Owl

So, I didn't watch a lot of the feeds tonight, but not that much really changed from what I can tell. 

Early in the day Jessie gave Andy her usually "let's get Amanda out" speech.  The problem with this of course is that it only makes sense for Jessie's game.  This is probably what put the final nail in Jessie's coffin for the upcoming eviction.  Until now, Aaryn had been pushing for Spencer (she still is) and Andy was really thinking about keeping Jessie, but now that he knows she is still after Amanda, and told Amanda as much, there is probably no chance of her staying.

Amanda and McCrae whispered in bed for a good while about who they want out next week.  Amanda still wants to backdoor Helen.  McCrae and Andy have both tried expressing to Amanda that Helen is after here.  Amanda says she does not believe Helen would put her up, but still wants to backdoor her if she can.  If not she will get rid of GinaMarie or Spencer. 

After leaving their downstairs bed, Amanda and McCrae headed to the HOH bed to talk to Andy and Aaryn aobut next week's plans.  They continued to talk about getting rid of Helen or Elissa.  Andy seems more up for getting rid of Elissa, while the rest are all about getting rid of Helen..except for Aaryn who wants to get rid of Spencer. Amanda feels the four of them have everything worked out perfectly so that even if Helen won and nominated them, they still are untouchable.

Andy spent a good while talking to Spencer in the hammock.  They discussed the fact that they don't really think Judd was MVP. They think it was America.  They talked about the upcoming weeks and Andy told him how much he wants to keep him.  Spencer was pretty candid with him about most of his thoughts (although he never rats out the game he talks with GinaMarie).  When Andy talks with Spencer, it's the one person I cannot tell if he is being sincere with or not.  Part of me thinks he IS sincere about wanting to keep Spencer for a while, but just doesn't want the others to know he is close with him.  He could just be playing the same old "friendly with everyone" social game though.  It will be interesting to see if he has a hand in cutting him soon.

Eventually everyone but Spencer and GinaMarie moved up to the HOH to talk.  Helen wanted to talk about how they need to get Aaryn out so that she doesn't "HOH her way" to the end, but Amanda was not having it.  Amanda left the room shortly after Helen's comments were made, and the rest of the group agreed that Aaryn needs to go soon.  While that group was talking in the HOH, Spencer and GinaMarie talked on the patio about how unsafe they are going to feel unless something changes to get rid of one of the powerful 4 running the house.  I don't really think getting rid of Elissa is a power move. I think she is just included because she is close with Helen, but I guess they include her and call it a "foursome".

Also worth noting (although I didn't hear the full conversation) was a talk McCrae had with Andy much earlier in the evening about how he isn't really sure he trusts Amanda.  He mentioned that the DR really makes him not trust her, and that he thinks she may cut him loose soon.  He also talked about a girl he has back home for a little while.  I'm not sure if Amanda or McCrae will ever actually break from each other outside of one of them being evicted, but it would be very interesting to watch if it happened.

They are all still paranoid about one of the jurors coming back into the house, but no one really has a set plan in mind at this point.  Yesterday McCrae had mentioned wanting to get Elissa out so that she would be voted back in over Judd, but he seems to have either changed his mind today, or is just not willing to argue with Amanda and Helen about it.  They all pretty much came to the conclusion that they should stop worrying about the twist for now since there is nothing they can do about it.

The rest of the night was spent just drinking alcohol and having general chit-chat along with playing a few games.  They talked a lot about "this movie or that movie" etc..   But nothing really worth mentioning.

As I have mentioned before, I expect this week to be extremely boring as there are no real surprises happening.  The veto meeting will happen this morning, but for the first time this season, the veto will not be used.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more of my feed update silliness. Until tomorrow night...

Reader Comments (5)

Ok,I'm going to be flat out honest about Andy's HOH and McCrae,both seem to be playing a poor game as far as this week is concerned. It's a waste of a HOH to get out Jessie. Andy is only being Amanda's little puppet and getting Jessie out because Amanda tells him to do so,and the only reason Amanda wants Jessie out is cause she doesn't like Jessie,so already it is nothing but a personal move with a total lack of strategey or of anyone else thinking for themselves,especially McCrae!

Which is whom I am getting onto now. If McCrae is as paranoid about Amanda as he says he is,then it is absolutely stupid of him to want to get rid of Jessie,who is someone that would be a for sure vote to get Amanda out,or that would put Amanda up should the time come that McCrae needs to get rid of Amanda before she can cut him!

It would seem to me that since these people have a brain they should have the common sense to think for themselves,instead of doing what Amanda says to do all the time. That's why this season is so boring because it seems like there is only one person in that house that is not scared to make a big move,and that's Jessie! Everyone else in the house says Jessie is not interested in playing the game. Hellllooooooo! Wake up and smell the hypocrisy! cause Jessie is the only one that is wanting to do anything to shake things up and make a big move to get Amanda out of the house. If Jessie does go home this week then I am offically dubbing this week as the most stupid week in Big Brother History,and Andy the worst HOH of all time,and I sincerly hope that his waste of time move to get out Jessie is what seals his own fate in this game before long!
August 12, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertrerob30
I think Andy putting up Jessie has less to do with that's what Amanda wants him to do, and more to do with Andy's "not wanting blood on his hands". Getting Jessie or Spencer out will have the least blow back from the other HGs. You should know from the rest of this season that Andy is all about being everybody's friend. He's just less annoying about it than Helen. If Amanda tried to convince Andy to put up Helen this week, he wouldn't have done it. This is Andy's strategy. Be nice to everybody. I don't necessarily agree with it. I think it will look good in jury if you were the one to make a big move, as long as the jury isn't a bunch of assholes that hold grudges. But I think he's less concerned with that than he is going up on the block next week, if whoever he oust's partner get's the next HOH.

I would rather he had gone after Helen, but I knew he wouldn't have the sack. But honestly I don't mind that he's taking out Jessie. When you keep letting these side people go, that's how floaters win the game.
August 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDalyn
It actually wasn't a bad move on Andy's part to put up Jessie and Spencer. He's in a pretty sweet place right now, being aligned with both of the main powers of the house. However, he's the #3 person in both groups. By going the safe route, he's still fine with both groups, and can just follow whichever one gains power in the next couple of weeks. If he had put up Helen (I wish!) or Amanda, it could have backfired and his entire game would be screwed.

Now if Helen/Elissa or Amanda/McCrae win the next HOH and elect to put up GinaMarie and Spencer (or Jessie if she pulls an upset) instead of going after the "other side", I'll be pissed.
August 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
I know the response to what i just wrote will be that he's the low man of both groups, which makes him the expendable one. Well, that's where he has to do what whiney Jessie (and Candice and Howard) failed to do. He has to win again at that point. Get rid of one side and then make a power move to become the big man.
August 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Well, he probably figures he's number 3 in both groups, but all you need to do is make it to final 3. From there he can just try to win that final HOH. At this point there probably really isn't anyone who would take him to final 2 anyways. But with his two alliances he has a better chance of making final 3. He just need a to know the right time to pick a side.

But yeah, this is good for his game. Feed watchers are just getting grumpy because it is boring to watch and want someone, anyone to shake things up.
August 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDalyn

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