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The Night Owl


Loose lips sink ships, and Helen talks a LOT!  At some point during the night a conversation happened (that I missed) in which Helen talked in front of both Aaryn and Jessie about Jessie trying to flip the house last week.  This offended Jessie.

Next thing you know, Jessie marched herself downstairs to confront Helen at the pool table about saying that in front of Aaryn who is a known ally of Amanda.  Helen told Jessie it was common knowledge that she tried to flip the house last week. Jessie called Helen out by telling her it wasn't just HER trying to flip the house. Helen and Elissa were in on it too.  Helen responded to this by saying "Well, that's a lie!" (it isn't) and marching back inside to try to find someone to victimize herself to.


Then the re-tells began! Helen ran and started re-telling her version of the story to Amanda and Andy.  Helen's version was of course far from the truth and made it sound like Jessie might as well have been running after her with a butcher knife. 

While Helen was upstairs rattling on about what a victim she was, Jessie was downstairs in the cockpit with McCrae telling him EVERYTHING.  She told him about the plan to get Amanda out. She told him she was in on it.  She told him that the reason it crumbled was because Helen and Elissa needed her to make out with Judd and try to get his vote, but they were not able to get Judd or Andy, so the plan failed.  This of course was validation to McCrae that everything Judd told he and Amanda about Helen and Elissa was actually true.  A little late, but he gets it now.  Unfortunately, Amanda came along and like some bellowing over protective freak yanked him from the cockpit and wouldn't let him talk to Jessie anymore.

Jessie followed McCrae and Amanda outside and started to tell Amanda the exact same information, but as people started filing in and out of the house, the conversation kind of stopped.  Amanda however, was in favor of calling a house meeting to get everything straightened out.  The house meeting never happened, but Helen confronted Jessie in the bathroom in front of Amanda and McCrae as soon as they came inside.  Helen accused Jessie of being a liar, and Jessie basically just said "yeah, okay Helen" and off stomped Helen to the HOH to complain and victimize herself some more.  She only stopped on the way to announce "That's okay, she's going HOME on Thursday!" to the entire house.

After Helen had begun her 3rd or 4th re-tell of the night to Andy, Jessie came upstairs and round 3 began Jessie vs Helen.  Jessie was calling Helen on everything! She was on point too.  All of this happened right in front of Andy.  All Helen could really do was keep saying "Okay, I'm DONE with this!" and "No I didn't"  in a very non-convincing manner.  Jessie sucks at competitions and at Big Brother for the most part, but she OWNED Helen in this fight. 

During the middle of the fight, Elissa felt the need to lean in the HOH door and ask Jessie if she was on any new drugs from the DR.  Jessie told her she was offended that Elissa would ask that.  Elissa told her that she was acting so crazy, she just thinks she is on some kind of new medication. I'm not kidding you guys, this is how Elissa acts.  I can't tell if she is bat-shit crazy, a passive aggressive shit stirrer, or both.  Whatever it is, I'm so amused!

Eventually the fight between Jessie and Helen ended and Jessie was called to the DR.  Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, and Andy were then subjected to Helen's thousandth re-tell of the night in the HOH room.  Each re-tell of course being even MORE ridiculous than before, and Helen of course still not admitting that she DID in fact try to get Amanda out last week and even celebrated when she got Elissa on board for it.

Amanda and McCrae eventually went downstairs into the bedroom they have to themselves this week and had a small fight where Amanda told McCrae that it was a huge slap in the face to her for him to have been talking to Jessie in the cockpit.  McCrae explained to Amanda that he has to play his game too. They also argued about the fact that McCrae thought Jessie was telling the truth for the most part and that meant that Judd was not the one putting up Amanda and not the one trying to get her out.  Amanda did not agree at the time, BUT, in the middle of their spat, they heard yelling coming from upstairs and decided to go listen.

Helen and Jessie were having round 4 at the chess table!

Amanda and McCrae listened as Jessie and Helen went back and forth again.  This time, THINKING she was more alone, Helen admitted to being in on the plan a little more than she had before.  I guess she didn't realize she was screaming it at megaphone volume though.  Elissa realizing what was happening came running to where Amanda and MCrae could hear what was happening and started talking REALLY loudly about how offended she was that Jessie was offended about the "on drugs" inquiry.  She made sure to talk loud enough that they could no longer hear what Helen was saying, and kept it up until round 4 of the fight was over. 

Elissa then planted herself in McCrae and Amanda's bed with them, so that she could sit and talk shit about how "insane" Jessie is.  Aaryn joined them along with Helen, and it became a free for all talk shit about Jessie session.  Amanda and McCrae were basically just laughing along with what the others were saying, but Helen was still screaming and so was Elissa, and Aaryn was still talking at audible volume.  They laughed about the plan to blindside Jessie this week, and about her going to jury.  They kept talking about how crazy she is etc.. etc..

Jessie was listening at the door to the whole thing.

Everyone scattered to their separate places to chat after a while.  Helen, Elissa, and Aaryn went into the have-not room to continue bashing Jessie, while Amanda and McCrae went into the bathroom to chat.  Amanda and McCrae both agreed that they knew now that Helen was trying to get Amanda out, and that Elissa was likely in on it.  Both stated that this means they HAVE to strike first this week and get Helen gone unless she wins veto in which case they send home Elissa.

While they were in the bathroom talking, Jessie started hiding people's things and then went to her bed to start reading her Bible.  While she was reading, Andy came in the room to ask her what was up.  Jessie told him "I know everything, Andy. I heard them all talking through the door."  Andy asked "What did you hear?"  Jessie said "What do you THINK I heard?!".  Andy then realized he was busted and Joined Amanda and McCrae in the bathroom to talk some more about what was going on.

Andy, McCrae, and Amanda all agreed that Helen and Elissa messed up the plan to just have a drama free week and not have anything happen until they blindsided Jessie.  Andy agrees that Helen or Elissa need to go, and that Jessie was right about Helen trying to get Amand out last week. 

Jessie came out of her room and went to go smoke slamming the door behind her while they were all talking.  Spencer and GinaMarie were outside and played dumb to knowing what was going on.  Both of them knew for the most part what was happening, but had the fortunate luck to have not been in the rainbow room talking shit while Jessie was listening at the door.

Jessie told Spencer and GinaMarie that she is content now and that she doesn't mind going, she is just glad she knows that she wasn't crazy and that all these people really were working together and not with her.  She said she can now go with a clear conscience now that she has called out Helen on all of her bullshit. 

Everyone is starting to wind down now and just talk game in their little corners.  I think the main thing that happened tonight was the beginning of the sinking of the SS Helen.  The only people left that actually trust her now are Aaryn and Elissa, so she should probably start praying now that one of them gets HOH.  A lot of other small conversations and tiffs also happened tonight, but it was really hard to keep up as all of this stuff happened very quickly on all four feeds.  I think you get the general idea though. Jessie is DEFINITELY going home now, but she didn't go down without providing some last minute entertainment for us all.  We still have a few more days before eviction for some blowups to happen (fingers crossed).   The upcoming HOH comp just got a LOT more exciting!! 

As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night... (unless something crazy starts happening again and I need to follow-up.)


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Reader Comments (14)

The Next HOH Comp will decide the Rest of the Game. IT will be Knockout, Before and after or a MIni endurance of some sort.
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAntmanB
Elissa I love you! Jessie was fired up tonight! I wonder if she was taking something?!
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBman
Even though she is a sinking ship and not a good BB game player, kudos to Jessie for calling people out. I do not think we have seen the last of her drama. What a way to go out of the game blazing and hopefully, she will not make a useless eviction speech. Helen and Aaryn, are more than ever, huge targets in the game.

And we thought the feeds would be boring this week!
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermistermac56
If only she had done this one Wednesday she might have convinced McCranda she was totally committed to taking out Helissa, would be scarier to Helissa and therefore a better choice to keep than Spencer. Too soon little girl, go in peace though.
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDanDaMan
I'm betting Amanda and McCray start re-thinking kicking Jessie and taking out Spencer instead. Jessie is now on a tear against Helen and Elissa, where as Amanda is probably scared that if Spencer wins HOH he would put up Amanda. Elissa and Helen would vote to evict Jessie. Amanda and McCray vote to evict Spencer. That leaves GM and Aaryn. Aaryn would finally have to pick a side. Would she go with Helen, or would she go wherever GM goes? At this point I have no idea where GM would go. But this is all speculation.
I have been saying for a while now that Amanda and McCray need to try to pull in Spencer. I'm not sure if he would work with them after Howard, or if he is just really wanting to get in with anyone for safety. I don't know. I'm rambling.
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDalyn
Jessie is an idiot.

Yes, it made for some exciting feeds, but it was too little too late. The girl has done NOTHING this season to further her own game. She's cared more about boys than game play in the early days, and then failed to set up any kind of connections that would help herself. She'll temporarily buddy up to anybody, but she's so flighty that nobody believes any of her bullshit.

She's always had this expectation that she deserves to be carried. Guess what? Maybe if you're in danger, you should win a comp or two. At the very least, pull out a POV win to take yourself down. Nope, this little needy twit just whines and complains that it's not fair that nobody will do what she wants.
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
I Told You!!!!! This is 100% the result of Andy trying to make sweet little lies to Jessie about her staying and then blindsiding her. I said it before I hope it comes back to haunt him and it has,he is thoroughly busted as well is Aaryn! These people are now getting their just desserts not only for the lies about who is going home this week,but because they made the choice to be hateful about Jessie behind her back,which hate and insensitivity between houseguests have been a staple of this entire season. Jessie is the only one that has finally been able to make things interesting,and if she does go home this week not only does she have m y Fan Favorite vote but if America gets to vote for someone to come back into the game,she will have as many votes as I can possibly give,because she would be even more fun to watch then than Judd who never would go along with any big moves!
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertrerob30
Let's just hope that Jessie takes it just a bit further and the house finds out that Andy is playing all sides. I like Andy and I want him to win, but he MUST pick a side this week.
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterZoe
uh Scott - did you forget how Jessie DID win POV and took herself down the week before?

That said - I am grateful to her for stirring everyone up this week and getting Helen on the defensive. But, agree with Scott in that her game play - the social game - has been horrible. And there's a "wacky" element to her that is unsettling. But - I think it's pot/kettle for Elissa and Elissa fans to accuse Jessie of being on something. Elissa is total space cadet and if she hasn't been "on something" this entire season (I'm thinking Prozac) and this is how she acts without drugs, then she's even battier than I thought.
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
Ah yes, she did save herself last week. She really needed an HOH win, though, as her insecurity has hurt her more than anybody in this season.
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Jessie needs to make an attempt to save herself right now. I know she does not like or trust McCrea and Amanda but she could use this situation to try and save herself this week. Go to them and tell them yes I trying to get you out before but since my so called allies in this game have turned on me I am willing to work with you and do whatever you need me to do. I will vote how you want me to and if I win HOH I will promise to not put either of the two of you up. I know you two are wanting to get Helen out and I can help you do that, I may be the extra vote you need to do that. Sell them on the point that this is a chance to get out their strongest opponent out of the house and make a BIG move. She doesn't have to really mean it and just be lying but it just might help her save her butt this week. It probably wouldn't work but it is what I would try if I were her. What does she have to lose?
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEl Lobo
My ideal scenario (other than the fact that it could mean Spencer leaving):

McCrae and Amanda decide, hey, let's keep this girl who all of a sudden is hellbent on going after Helen and Amanda, who we want to take out next week. It's an extra number on our side. besides, if Spencer wins HOH, he may put us up.

Elissa and Helen vote to evict Jessie, and McCrae and Amanda vote to evict Spencer. Aaryn and GM have to pick a side. Aaryn goes with Helen and Elissa since she "trusts Helen more than anyone else in the game", and GM who plays with her emotions and not her head goes with Amanda, McCrae just to spite Aaryn. Honestly, I don't care which side those two go, just as long as they are opposite.

That would leave Andy as the tie-breaker. Mr. I want to play it safe. Mr. stress free week. Mr. No blood on my hands has to be the one to draw a line in the sand, pick a side, and get blood on his hands. Aaryn would have picked her side as well and we can get on with this game.

But really, I just want to see Andy have to make a decision.
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDalyn
Will Helen be able to tell her children lying is acceptable behavior, or will she continue to lie when she finally goes home to Chicago ? (Assuming she's not too busy looking for knife wielding former houseguests.)
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJack
Hellen believes her own lies. She will simply tell her children that she didn't lie about anything! She is super phony. And WHY is Amanda still there!?!
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKia

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