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Big Brother Season 15, Episode 22 Recap

Tonight is a super important episode. Not because of the eviction of either Jessie or Spencer, though. It really doesn’t matter which of them leaves, although feed watchers do know which one is going.

No, the importance of tonight’s episode is due to the HOH competition at the end of the show. This should finally set in stone exactly who is running the house. Will it be Helen and Elissa? Amanda and Spencer? Is 3 A.M. a real alliance, or are those chats that Aaryn and Andy have been having with Helen the REAL alliance? Unless Spencer or GinaMarie pull out an upset, the next couple of days should be wild.

There’s lots to get to before we get some answers, though, so let’s hurry through the reactions to Andy not using the veto on either Spencer or Jessie. Andy explains that everybody but Jessie is in on the plan to get out Jessie, who does verify she believes she’s safe.

Wow, we don’t hear any other reactions. We go right out to Jessie asking Amanda and McCrae is she is still the pawn for the week. McCrae answers to the affirmative. “Cool.” Jessie adds that she’s scared because Andy said he was going to tell Spencer the exact same thing. “What if he’s lying to me?”

It’s now night, and Jessie wanders into the house. Helen and Elissa watch her walk in, and Jessie complains that recently they’ve been ignoring her. She takes Andy into the bedroom to ask him why this is happening. “Helen literally won’t look me in the eye. She’s spending so much time with Spencer.” Andy explains that he instructed Helen to make Spencer feel safe. Jessie continues to whine, and Andy promises to find out what’s happening.

Andy then pulls Helen and Elissa into the storage room, and says they “need to get better poker faces with Jessie. She’s like on to us.” Helen complains that Jessie “needs so much affirmation”. Andy wants them to ask like they’re “besties”, as Elissa calls it.

Jump to the HOH room, where Helen and Aaryn say they’ve been talking about Judd when Jessie walks in. Elissa also walks in as Helen complains that all Judd had to do was not talk to survive. Oh boy. Jessie doesn’t say much as the hens continue, until Helen complains that Judd was “using” Jessie. She’s now pissed, and complains outside that Helen just “threw me under the bus”. Helen doesn’t do a good job saving herself, and Jessie complains that she is hurting her game. We get a flashback from Jessie’s efforts last week to save Candice, and Helen gets defensive. Jessie unloads on her, and Helen walks away in a huff. How dare anybody challenge Helen’s word! “It’s time to blow up her game”, says Jessie.

Helen is then seen racing up to the HOH as Jessie sits next to Amanda and McCrae. Jessie then spills the beans on how last week she worked with Helen and Elissa to try to backdoor Amanda. Andy and Spencer join them as Amanda presses for more details. Amanda already knows this, but would love a “Gettin’ Real with Mandy”segment.

Amanda heads upstairs and tells Helen and Elissa about Jessie’s allegations. They reluctantly head downstairs, and Helen asks Jessie for an explanation. “Because you were”, she replies. Helen says that she’s not going to fight with her, and why is she saying this? “Because it’s true.” Helen again stomps off, saying “she’s leaving Thursday”.

Well, she storms away for a second, as she now wants to talk to her again. Jessie wants an agreement on the truth about last week, but Helen continues to deny. “I think you must have misunderstood me.” She also claims to not remembering having this conversation, and we get a flashback of the exact conversation. POW!!! “I don’t remember that!” Again, Helen attempts to walk away, but Jessie says she doesn’t need to walk away. Everybody is listening in, and Andy verifies that Jessie is spot on. Finally, Helen does walk away again.

After commercials, Jessie’s revenge continues. She’s in the bathroom with Aaryn, and says, “Helen just fucked me”. Aaryn says they could hear what went on while in the HOH room, and Jessie bitches how “Miss Mom” doesn’t want anybody to doubt her.

Helen then walks into the bedroom where Amanda and McCrae are camped out. She’s followed by Aaryn, and Elissa, and Aaryn reports about their bathroom conversation. What they don’t know is that Jessie is listening outside the door as they all giggle about Jessie now knowing that everybody has been lying to her. “If I’m going out, it’s Operation Bring Down the House time”, she proclaims.

Sitting on the bed reading the Bible, Andy walks in. Jessie informs him that she was listening outside the door, and, of course, Andy wants to know what she heard. “What do you think, Andy? Take a guess.” Andy walks out, and lets everybody know she heard all. “That makes me look like the world’s biggest asshole”, he says. Aaryn is also pissed as Jessie can also now “blow up her game”.

Now Jessie heads outside and informs Spencer and GinaMarie what just happened. “This house is full of liars”, says Jessie. “It’s a Liar’s Den.” Spencer says that while he feels bad for Jessie, he at least gets to feel some relief for knowing he’s safe.

She then goes on to inform GinaMarie that Aaryn is always talking about her, and that she’s going to “blow everybody out of the water this week. Sit back and watch the show!”

Aaryn is now seen walking into the HOH, and Andy informs her that “Jessie is going to raise hell”. GinaMarie then walks in, and both her and Spencer claim that Jessie is “going to act very ladylike”. Yeah, right. Andy asks what she said to her, and out it comes. GinaMarie bitches that she was told “Aaryn talks shit” about her, but somehow she also “didn’t say anything negative about anybody”. Wait, what? Aaryn tells her to stop, but the two continue to bicker. “I’m cool”, claims GinaMarie. “I’m not saying nothing.”

“I don’t know why you’re still talking”, complains Aaryn as she gets up to leave the room. GinaMarie responds with some “check yourself” cliche, and chases her out the door. She then follows her down the stairs, and we get a quick shot of Jessie smiling in bed. GinaMarie continues to follow Aaryn around, saying that she just wants to talk. Finally, GinaMarie yells out to the entire house to wake up. “I’m awake!”, yells Jessie with a smile.

Almost everybody heads up to the HOH (not Helen and Elissa), and Aaryn yells at her to drop it. GinaMarie continues to talk, saying that she’s just “trying to be cool but you’re snapping like a little chihauhau”.

That’s the end of the segment, sadly. There were a lot better moments that happened not only that night, but the next day. We’ll have some of it on Saturday’s Big Brother Gossip Show!

Instead, we have the insipid segment of Julie talking to the house. She asks Aaryn why “tempers are running so high”, and Aaryn says “it’s getting scary”. Andy is asked about the tears from last week’s double eviction, and he says “Judd is awesome!” Amanda is then asked if anybody is safe, and she says that nobody should ever feel safe. Ugh, Helen is then asked about the unanimous voting. When are people going to start making big moves? Her response is that the Judd eviction proved that they have made big moves...and she goes on and on about it.

Time for the eviction! We start off with Jessie’s final plea, and after flashing her panties she says she loves her family. She talks about things she “tried” to do, but nothing worked out. If saved, she will be “loyal” to them. Spencer’s 45th final plea starts off with a happy birthday to his brother, and then that he loves everybody in the house.

Voting then starts with Amanda, who votes to evict Jessie, as does McCrae, Aaryn, Helen, Elissa, and GinaMarie. Yes, it is once again anonymous!

We have to endure another set of commercials before Julie reads the results to the house. She calmly hugs everybody, and is quickly out the door. For some reason, Andy is in tears as we wait for the interview, but otherwise the house is low-key.

The interview then begins with her outbursts from the last couple of days. She says that she needed to “make an impression in some way”. She wanted to “try to blow some people’s games up”, and that she believes there is now some doubt in people like Helen. “Maybe we’ll see Helen versus Amanda in the next few weeks”. The next question is about being an outsider, and Jessie says that she thought she’d have a “buddy” or a “showmance”. We know, Jessie. We know. “I just ended up always struggling to fit in.” Judd is then brought up, and she says that it is going to be awkward to see him in the jury house, especially since she heard he was working against her.

Goodbye messages then end the segment, with Amanda complaining about her trying to “flip the house”. Aaryn says she doesn’t like seeing her go, and that she is sorry. Andy says that he carried her as far as he could go, and it was just a game play. Helen then talks in Helen-speak, and hopes that they can be friends. Jessie then ends it by saying she did the best she could. “No regrets.”

As predicted by the house, tonight’s competition is “knock out”. Two people face each other, and after hearing a song that describes an earlier competition, they have to be the first to answer what type it is (HOH, Veto, Have-Not). If they’re wrong, they’re out. Otherwise, the opponent is out. If nobody buzzes in, then both are eliminated

GinaMarie is up first against Helen, and shockingly GinaMarie beats her!!! She then picks Spencer and Elissa for the next round, and Spencer ran in first with the correct answer. He then picks McCrae and Gina. McCrae buzzes in with veto, and he is also correct! He picks Spencer and Aaryn, and Aaryn wins this time.

Amanda and McCrae then have to play, and McCrae answers with veto. He’s incorrect, though, and probably threw it because we all know how much Amanda wants a HOH win. So it is Amanda versus Aaryn for the win. Aaryn punches in first with veto, and takes her fourth HOH win!!!

Ooooh, before the show is over, Julie has a “game-changing twist”! Before that, though, Julie chats with the house, and asks Aaryn if she is actually happy to win another HOH. Aaryn’s response is that she loves everybody so much that this is going to be a hard week to nominate.

The big twist is that next week a juror will compete to return to the game. Either Candice, Judd, or Jessie will be coming back!

So that’s it. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you happy Jessie is gone, even if it’s temporary? How about Aaryn’s HOH win? Or the big twist next week? Leave us some comments!


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Reader Comments (6)

Candice, Judd, Jessie, or next week's evictee will come back, right? Thought they said it would be a four-way competition. So next week's evictee has a chance to not leave at all. I think it would be priceless if they don't even tell the house guests until after the juror competition is over and the winner walks back into the house.
August 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTarget John
This is the first recap I've read here and I LOVE IT!!
Can I just say that I'm just disgusted with this season's house guests? These people all suck in my opinion. There really isn't anyone in that house that I'd want to win the money. NOT ONE of them deserve it!! Maybe Elissa, but that's pushing it. I swear if Amanda or Aaryn win this season, I'll quit watching Big Brother FOREVER!!
August 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTrish
Okay, so Jessie is gone(maybe). No big deal. I seriously think this BB crew are morons. Why didn't they back door Helen when they had the chance. And do these idiots realize there are two people running the show. Amanda and Helen. Meanwhile when these idiots are casting out all the wrong people Aaryon is quietly creating a stronghold. This could be any morons game with strategies like this game is played.
August 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDenyse
Thank God I Found You....and your Bitchy Blog podcast sidekick. As was discussed on your podcast, there's so much BB bullshit insanity on social media sites/blogs it gives me an ulcer. Anyway, thought I'd send you this link to an interview with Elissa's hubby...he says she has a contract w CBS and to me it sounded like it was separate from the BB show. What do you think?
Thanks again, my health will greatly improve now!
August 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLori from Canada
Good job Scott. Can't wait for the podcast tomorrow night. You guys always entertain me and that what we're paying you the big bucks for. LMAO .... ok ... I'll leave now. LoL
August 16, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLumina
Is it just me or does it seem like Julie is wearing a wig?
August 16, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAnne

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